Check this out.


Interesting. 24.XX each.


If the filament wire separates in the center, doesn't the copper powder still conduct?

Hay you got me. It's show and tell. I just happened across it. Interesting I thought.

Must be superb because has nano-copper. I hope the casing is airtight. Else the copper dust will oxidize and that wouldn’t be good. Assuming the copper dust (aka nano particles) does anything good in the first place.

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Very interesting... Thanks to the old mechanic man.... 😊

I created a product for my electrical device in my gear and in my house...

I called it "the golden plate"...

I used Shungite plate with copper sheet and Herkimer quartz crystal diamond...

I even used it on my grid of Schumann generators...

it seems Gustard had read my post of some years ago... Shungite is not in their product yet though....But quartz and copper are....

But my device did not work as a connector...i used that to filter the field or the sound...Anyway i dont know why it work exactly but it worked i made near fifty golden plates and put them even on my electrical central panel...

Cost : peanuts...


Post removed 

Nice that someone opened up the mystery a "premium" fuse, so you can at least see what is in it. I like to see the innards of all gear before buying. "it sounds good or better" alone means nothing. It still may or may not "sound better" or even be a good value.  Or do what fuses are made to do in the first place and self-destruct when needed. It always depends. Just the facts maam...

Hay guys I’m just nosey. There was a guy that chimed in a while back and had some really good input. He/She was and had been tinkering with different fuse concoctions.. I find it amazing, the time and effort that goes into some of these things... BUT I’m a born tinker.

ebm I’ll try a little harder on the entertainment, if you’ll expand beyond 3 lines.
I suspect all of the words, in ALL your post would add up to: Two of Master M. 3 of MC and depending on my meds, I could be ahead or behind them both but still exceed all the words ever written by Mr. ebm with just 4-5 post max. The 14th apostle, man of few word. His written works were written on the last page at the bottom.

The 67th book of the Bible "ebm"

Chapter 1 verse 1: Another STUPID thread. Get a life!!


PS I think there are 5 verses maybe 6.

Get a life

oldhvymec OP



So, the fuse ’looks like’ it is coiled wire, meaning it will introduce a small series inductance, which we do not usually want on high current drawing mains lines, unless it is the mains transformer, which actually DOES SOMETHING USEFUL.

So much for snake oil.

Looks like like a slow blow. I might have gotten the wrap a little tighter, if you look there is space between the center and the wrap. It dissipates the heat quicker and the filament is stabilized. I would have put a silver cap on one end and a copper with gold plate on the other end. Things I noticed, things I might have changed. :-)

It also relieves your pocket book of 125.00-175.00 less than a lot of others. I'll make my own goop! Thank you.


I suppose you think the earth is round? I believe in the hollow earth theory too. :-)
Volcanos are overrated, you know that they really are, that's right middle earths sewage back up, why do you think they smell that way. YUK! Clean up tectonic plate # 8 Vesuvius. Serious bean eaters I hear..



👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 That surely is a world class old f**t comment🤣🤣🤣

I dont throw my ignorance in few words to insult people...Like some a...

And when someone attack a friend with no reason i dont like it...

I made audio experiments for myself and contrary to those who throw their money BELIEVING in the flat earth audio theory that what they listen to is their costly gear, i never bought NOTHING save basic vintage gear (500 bucks), i created my audiophile experience with junk materials at no cost ,discarded materials from my basement and PURE ACOUSTIC science...My system is so good i can smile at idiots consumers and their ignorant consumerism hysteria especially when they laugh at those who are open mind to experiment at low cost like the one here...

Because what we hear at the end, dear "flat audio earther" is not the amplifier, the dac, or the speakers ALONE mainly, nevermind their price tag, but THE ROOM between our ears and the gear and way more other things like vibrations or resonance, interference, etc...And yes i experimented with success with quartz copper and and shungite for peanuts with S.Q. results..

Then when a horse owning blinders and throwing his money in consumerism call me a flat earther because i learned BY MYSELF ONLY and very lost cost products... I return to him the compliment...With interest...

Anyway it take a brain to learn acoustic by ourself like i did and experimenting with quartz before speaking...


Flat Earth Science.

@mahgister , your last post seemed out of place for you? Little harsh and judgmental based on your posting history. Differing routes to enjoying music with no single or best way to go about it. Room treatments and tweaks are great as I am a big fan of them. However, in some rooms they don’t help as much. I, as well as others I know, spent big money on room treatments and such to only pull it all out later realizing the untreated room sounded better. Yes, it happens. I am talking about paying industry professionals to measure and treat the room. Pulled it all out!


Point is it just depends on so many factors. If one is relentless about proper speaker placement, then that goes a long, long way to getting great sound.

I use this fuse.

Took copper caps from a cheaper fuse, took the ones on this off, refilled cylinder with carbon based Heatsink paste (Arctic mx-5), put new endcaps back on with epoxy glue. 

The cheaper fuse I sourced for parts is the Aucharm fuse from aliexpress, goes for about $2. 


Resolution and distortion are miles ahead of the stock Gustard fuse.

To consider the Earth round, well it’s just a little bit two dimensional for me.
Oddly spherical, that’s more my speed.

@oldhvymec - mate, you’re funnier than a hat full of tits and bums.
Funnier than my bird and vagrant jokes, that’s for sure.


If the filament wire separates in the center, doesn’t the copper powder still conduct?

Possibly, but were it to still carry sufficient current, I would expect it to continue to melt and fail over the quartz anyway?! Any electrical engineers in this forum?

@yuviarora - well you sure as hades have my attention.
Seems we have another clever tinkerer among us. +1

Answering three words insulting posts is not being harsh especially if one of my friend is target sorry.. . I am no saint...

And you misunderstood my post about acoustic...

First: i ever and always say that all my room tuning, the passive treatment and the mechanical active control part were always NO COST and made by discarded materials from one dollar store or my basement..With many months of listening experiments...

Second: all room varied in the passive material treatment needed, the balance needed for each specific room between absorption, reflection and diffusion is NEVER the same...There is NO RECIPE here contrary of what is said everywhere... Acoustic method work with specific speakers, specific acoustic content, specific geometry and specific topology of the room and specific different ears history and structure...No ready made recipe work save acoustic hearing experiment... I dont sell panels i give information...I sell creativity...

And the active mechanical control in a dedicated room is ALWAYS necessary... Why?

Because the speakers and the room MUST be bent to one another, the specficity of the room must be bent to the speakers specific demands and your specific ears... the the speakers must be controlled to accomodate the room acoustic settings...I use Helmholtz resonators and diffusers around my speakers.... And remember that it takes me months and months of listening experiments to tune it correctly... Mechanical active control is impossible in a living room.. In a living room onlt a balance esthetical treatment is possible alas! But when done right passive treatment and mechanical control make all upgrade of gear seems useless if you already own a basic good audio system to begin with for sure...

The fact that you spend BIG MONEY about your room and you were not completely satisfied reflected only that acoustic panels sellers sells first and last... not one could tune your room save yourself... It takes time to do it... not one sellers i know use mechanical active control, they mostly sells panels and bass traps... At high costs...Anyway like i repeat everywhere: the only luxury in audio is not the price tag of gear but a dedicated room...

Then your experience dit not result from reading my advice at all...Save for the fact that acoustic matter the most and you interpret it in the wrong way by spending big money in acoustic products which i never recommend to do ever...

Untreated room cannot sound better they sound better ONLY if they are optimally treated and controlled.... They dont sound better generally because people put an inadequate treatment, too much absorption, too much diffusion, too much reflections or not enough of those in the wrong balance...... Simple...No room is perfect geometrically, topologically, and with his various acoustic content, and with his specific speakers... All SMALL room need acoustic...

i am sorry if i put you without knowing it in an expansive course of buying acoustic treatment , it is not what i recommended  AT ALL because i never bought anything which will cost more than peanuts....


@mahgister , your last post seemed out of place for you? Little harsh and judgmental based on your posting history. Differing routes to enjoying music with no single or best way to go about it. Room treatments and tweaks are great as I am a big fan of them. However, in some rooms they don’t help as much. I as well as others I know spent big money on room treatments and such to only pull it all out later realizing the untreated room sounded better. Yes, it happens. I am talking about paying industry professional to measure and treat the room. Pulled it all out!

Master M.

We can only put food in the bowl and ASK the starving man to eat. Most will eat, live and learn. Then there are those that say " I’ve never eaten that before" and push it away. They didn’t live, they didn’t learn and what they passed on, was a good example of what "NOT to be". DEAD! But you know me, live and let live (or die) in this case.

There’s the water, HORSE, drink if you want. I’m not gonna shove it down anyone’s throat.

Time to give the dog a bath.. Messin’ with the skunks again.


I know, spent big money on room treatments and such to only pull it all out later realizing the untreated room sounded better. Yes, it happens. I am talking about paying industry professionals to measure and treat the room. Pulled it all out!


I'm going to say this without reservation, you got the wrong guys.

They were professional in the fact that they took THEIR readings in YOUR room and you let them do what they thought was best. It looks like a lot of work because it is. YOU didn't like what they did to your room and it took you how long AFTER, to figure that out? Unless the gear, speakers, trees, couches, dogs, cats, pigs kids and curtains were up, the JOB was only 1/2 done. You need to approve the sound, not the work. THAT is what they were trying to repair, fix, modify, sell and dazzle you with, "Their Professionalism".

Why did these pros leave you in the wings wanting to tear everything back down.. You lost me all together there.

"realizing the untreated room sounded better."

My point is just like Master M always says. "LISTEN for yourself" You don't call in pros unless you really can't figure it out and are willing to learn how. I don't know maybe you have plenty of money. Why did you call in someone else to do the work to begin with? Why would they leave you anything but a whole lot happier?

The last observation (kinda) did you take it down? I'm chuckling to myself thinking, "If I paid all this money and I take it down and it sounds worse, how am I going to explain that" TO anyone.

First: Why did you let the guys sell you a bunch of stuff that didn't work for you and then let them walk away. You talked yourself into thinking "It sounds better no matter what"?


Second: Your deaf in one ear and going deaf in the other. Hope not.. but it's looking that way.. :-)

The only other thing is going kitty corner, I personally have done it, a few times. That can minimize a lot of unneeded room treatment for that set up. The room has it's own persona to dictate a little less of a studio look and still have a decent amount of control over any music genre. Know your room. Know what a room will do.

I can't stand when a system is limited by "that sounds bad on my system" not because of a bad recording, the room sucks.. :-) 

Fresh repaired C2500 goes back into rotation today.. Love that preamp, love that remote.. 


To add: Both the modded Gustard fuse and the SR Purple have their strengths, some might prefer one over the other, outcomes are probably system dependent. 

So just the way they are? Do they show a bypass arrow in the schematic, too? No goop or contact enhancer? That’s good to know.. I quit using fuses on all my SS amps. Breakers work and I’ve yet to loose an amp behind one. Two breakers, one in the amp one in the 120vac maintainer the circuit breaker and the main. Geez.

I really need a fuse supplying my power amps with a piece of wire smaller than a pubic hair. Makes ZERO since (I think that is the right since). Dumbest idea on the planet. Oh it might hurt the amp.. Blow up for all I care. Pubic fuse amp anyways.

The Gustard fuse with the Arctic MX-5 heatsink compound is DEAD SILENT. It has a very calm acoustic pattern, and has gobs of resolution, voices sound extremely convincing.

I have tried bypassing my fuses altogether, temporarily with copper foil, and these moddded ones sound very close to a bypass. I don’t think I am missing much, but then again a breaker is something I’d like to try out for sure.

The timbre/tonality of the fuse is dependent on the outside cap more than anything else, and there is room to play on that front.

Thanks I have a few pieces I'm very careful with. All the tube stuff and preamps. I just make sure the fuse circuit is sound. I don't cut corners on any of the vintage or a couple of my Carys. I have to much time getting it the way I like. I used SR in three of 5 places in a V12R. They made zero difference before the power supply. Weird thing was the power cable did.. No idea, the wife even said no difference. She can really hear.. 


Time to pick up a few..

...boy, cut a fuse in 1/2 around here and some other sort of fuse goes


@mahgister +10  ...enough said. ;)

@rixthetrick ...oblated sphere, with bad acne and heavy drool....why the aliens only pause and look around....😐  And gooey under it all....*eww*

@yuviarora ....nice DIY, and your post just got copied.  👍 Thank you, and do more of that. ;)

@oldhvymec No, my DIY fuses are modded. I took the silica and nano copper out of the fuses, and refilled them with  Arctic MX-5 heatsink paste. 

Resealed the fuses with epoxy glue. 

Stock Gustard is a good fuse, but after the treatments, it plays on a different level. 

This is a previous post of mine :

I use this fuse.

Took copper caps from a cheaper fuse, took the ones on this off, refilled cylinder with carbon based Heatsink paste (Arctic mx-5), put new endcaps back on with epoxy glue. 

The cheaper fuse I sourced for parts is the Aucharm fuse from aliexpress, goes for about $2. 


Resolution and distortion are miles ahead of the stock Gustard fuse


The timbre/tonality of the fuse is dependent on the outside cap more than anything else, and there is room to play on that front.

While I was up at MC audiophile weekend in Washington he applied some contact enhancer on the pins of the valves for a valve amp, I forget the brand.
@danager - do you recall the brand of valve amp the other guy brought over?

Anyway, with the comment yuviarora made about the material in the caps on the ends, and many Agon members having purchased contact enhancers like NPS-1260 Contact Enhancer, has anyone in the forum tried it on fuses?

Contact enhancer. Like paying the spiritual advisor extra? Laying on of hands? Jordi tweaking the sensor array?

Hard to believe manufacturers don't upgrade their fuses. A bridge too far for me.

@jpwarren58 - a Trekkie huh?
Yeah, crazy talk no?

Except when you read from enough credible people that it starts to make you seriously question the notion.
Even I must admit, I understand the skepticism of those who have been in the spiked feet camp for decades, when they first read about isolating speakers on springs. Seems like nonsense too. Until you actually try it.

In primary school a science teacher showed the class mercury, I wanted to pick it up, but was told it was dangerous. I didn’t pick it up, but seriously had my doubts (even though I trusted my teacher), it looks like fun to play with.

All mains power entering the power supply, does so through the fuse, which is a protective device (or is required by law it to protect the building the device is wired to?), the current will pass through the wire into the connector, the fuse, the second connector and the wire into the bridge rectifier and smoothing capacitors etc. before being used as DC.

How can so many seemingly educated and well written audiophiles claim real world experience in the performance of such a small thing as a fuse? Even long time, industry leader’s electrical engineers have been shown to acknowledge that even the humble fuse can alter the final sound of a stereo system.

Or is it the concept of a fluid contact enhancer, that you’re objecting to?
Either way, many many Agon members have written in here about them, many with a great deal of knowledge and credibility, and so I’m not one to simply dismiss it so easily.


I didn't remember BUT I went to Chucks system page and went thru all the Chuxpona 21  pictures.

It was a Bel Canto.

The owner was impressed with the tube pin treatement.


The doubt of a sleeper lie under the pillow and the doubt of those awake  lay over the pillow...

 The question is not to doubt or not.... Even dreamers doubt...

The question is am i awake and able to verify and experiment by myself ?

Audio threads are full of people doubting and prey to consumerism  conditioned superstition...

Their doubt is the expression of a faith or empty opinion...

I would think contact enhancer would be a maintenance item...prevent corrosion, facilitate removal.

Fuses would be an obvious manufacturer marketing tool if what you guys say is true. Or something that could negatively impact their engineering credentials. I am not going there as too many warranty and resell implications. 

Live long and tweak away.

(btw Rick did me a solid not long ago and I appreciate his positive impact on the community.)

People are claiming it actually enhances the sound.
More than once I've come across things in here that seemed strange, perhaps nonsensical and they are used with great success.
For example, a little black box with inductors, transformers and capacitors has entirely transformed my system by lowering the noise floor.
Two big wooden sideways bookshelf looking furniture have cleaned up lower frequencies, widened the sweet spot sitting position and reduced flutter echo.

I heard cable lifters in a friend's system pulled out and replaced, I purchased two packets of them for mine.

Keep your mind open, wallet closed, and weigh it all up, go listen if you can and move forward from there. If you're never challenged or surprised in here, I know I often am.

Theodore will be selling them next week and filing a law suit against Gustard.

rixthetrick you have a spirt of "it might work", for that I commend you. My wallet opens like an old creaky door. The folded money may crumble in your hand. Lets put it this way there is no security strip in my cash..

IF someone hadn’t given me a handful of SR fuses I would have never tried them. I did I paid him for the fuses. I used ACMEs and had from their inception. 80-90s. I was also a fan of over capping the crap out of power supplies and using a knife edge switch to charge the caps and then flip on the fused switch let the fuse take over and flip the knife edge back off. WHY?

It doesn’t super heat and add resistance to that itty bitty fuse element. Some of the fuses elements MOVE when you fire up a unit.. You really think that doesn’t affect the SQ?

Then I went to breakers in all my SS power amp. I leave any thermal shut down in place and remove the cheesy fuse circuit.. I use to use Pass design. Adcom 55-5800. Then Threshold. I still have them. Krells had a cheese ball 5 dollar fuses circuit, KRELL. 5-40k amps 5 dollar fuse holder made out of rhodium.. Worst on the planet..

I use Class Ds now first thing to come out is the fuse circuit. 5 dollar fuse holder in 2-4K amps.. stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.. Look at most pro amps they have a circuit breaker and cost 3-700.00 dollars?

Makes you wonder who is in cahoots with who.. Amp guys with the fuse guys or the fuse guys with the amp guys? BOTH. Neither, that would be spooky if they both thought stick fuses were better. Fuse makers and amp builders..

No fuses in a megaphone. :-)


I have some Mad Scientist Audio Graphene contact enhancer.

I use it on every unsoldered metal on metal contact in my audio chain, fuses, speaker cables, USB cable, Interconnects, power cables.

It gets rid of splashy treble and excessive ringing in the playback, increases resolution by suppressing noise. I can vouch for this 1st hand. I have a hunch that it has something to do with suppressing metal on metal micro arcing. It works, and I can hear the difference very clearly. It does not however change timbre/ tonality of the music. Someone here on Audiogon recommended this brand to me, forgot who it was.

i experimented myself with many "tweaks" with success..

Schuman generator modified grid... Ionizers... my "golden plates" etc...

But in my audio experience with these "tweaks" so good they could be, and some are, NOTHING compare to acoustic control of the room and the tuning of the room.. I just created a thread about acoustic... No reactions 😁😊 ... People like what they can see, and touch,  especially any shining object like speakers, dac or amplifiers... 😁😊 acoustic devices  dont have  sex appeal...

i say that because those who mock all "tweaks" users and experimenters, are the most DELUDED consumers there is and ever will be...

They think that most of the sound level quality they listen to come from the gear FIRST AND LAST...

Sorry but acoustic science say the opposite: sound quality mainly come from the SPEAKERS/EARS/room relation FIRST AND LAST... The gear quality and those tweaks are in between this FIRST and this LAST... Acoustic rule...

Then before upgrading know how to control electrical noise floor of the house, control vibration, and control acoustic...

Anything else is consumerism ignorance ...

And before mocking a "tweak", TRY TO replicate it yourself and experiment..

All my knowledge in audio is small yes, but consist of evidences for me coming from years of experiments with no cost products and no buying of any upgrade...

Mainly coming from basic acoustic...Helmholtz know better already about sound than most anyway even BEFORE EDISON invented the phonograph in America or Charles cros in France.... ( Edison invented less than what we think by the way)

And the Greek architect know more about acoustic and the Egyptian priest than the average audio consumer or reviewer...Egytian Priest were using Helmholtz resonators before Helmholtz to increase their control of acoustic for temple cremonial magic...

I have a hunch that it has something to do with suppressing metal on metal micro arcing.


I made mention of nano or micro arching and a seemingly smart fellow thought I was watching to much Star Teck. Then I pointed to a reference in the 2003 EE good book. I didn't write the stuff they did.. One of the main reason for chip failure especially in the nano/tech world.. 

Space is a bad place to have a bad signal.. No cell service.. BAD nano! :-)