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Leaving my amplifier on ok?
1) Valve amps should not be left on since the life dependancy of the tubes is affected. 2) Class A amps should not be left on due to the wasted energy and heat that they generate. 3) The rest depends on whether your amp has an inrush current lim... 
Favorite Guitar Solo
Try these, they make almost all others look like amateurs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKB595FUWvA&t=2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeNnY7cts7k&t=52s (start listening at the 52nd second mark) https://www.youtube.com/watc... 
Update on good Ethernet switch
@rjmcinnis  Please save your breath.  I understand your frustration.  I have also worked with networking 20+ years and you are trying to teach calculus to crocodiles here. Save your breath. I only visit this site to have a good laugh these days... 
Modern Turkish music
INCREDIBLE saz solo:   https://youtu.be/S1o966gfmSU  
Favorite Guitar Solo
This is not a guitar but a very similar string instrument.  The lady is simply INCREDIBLE, world class. Meet Yeliz Pasa, Turkish "saz" player: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1o966gfmSU    
Amp question with size constraints
Try these class D amps. They are EXCELLENT and may fit side by side since their power supplies are external and can be placed a bit further away. https://orchardaudio.com/starkrimson_monoblock_amplifier/ Add a Schiit Audio Freya preamp and you w... 
I was happy with my system for 30 years; now I need a new amp...and more?
Schiits are very good. In addition, try one of the BEST class D amps ever produced: Orchard Audio StarKrimson Ultra:   https://orchardaudio.com/product/starkrismon_stereo_ultra_500w_stereo_amp/  
Power supply successfully powered up. Here is my Orchard Audio StarKrimson project
The transformer is Avel Lindberg Y236950, 1000VA, 120+120 primary, 25+25 secondary. It just about fits in the enclosure which is specifically made for the StarKrimson. I still need to add a rubber pad to the top of it just in case it forms a turn ... 
Analyzing DACs
The RME ADI-2 DAC FS Desktop DAC & Headphone Amp DAC provides a lot of features which eliminate the use of a preamp, as long as you only listen to digital sources. It is also actually made in Germany & not China. Here is one of many revi... 
Modern Turkish music
Just today, I discovered another beautiful song by Ziynet Sali:    
A perfect song? What are your choices?
Modern Turkish music
I discovered this the other day.  I could listen to it over & over again:    
solid core VS stranded for inside speaker cabinet
Solid wire has ever so slightly more cross sectional area than the equivalent multi strand wire since it does not have the miniscule air gaps in between the individual strands, and hence is capable of carrying slightly more current. The downside ... 
Combination streamer and music server…without DAC
Use an Apple iphone with its lightning port as output.  Just get a lightning to USB adapter but make ABSOLUTELY sure it is Apple's own or certified.  MOST el cheapo ones from Amazon do NOT work. The iphone runs all apps, over wifi and over cellul... 
Ethernet cables
@mrskeptic ​​​​@kgbspy  Careful, since you also do not seem to believe in magic, you may be excommunicated from the thread too :-)