A guy asks a question about high efficiency speakers........

He describes what he heard at an audio show, says he liked it, wants recommendations for high eff. speakers. I post a reply and by the time I hit the back button, moderators have removed the entire thread. What in the absolute hell is going on around this place?


I am wondering if AudiogoN has been hacked. With the hundreds of spam postings in the last few days that keep popping up all day. There doesn't seem to be a remedy for it. It is getting hard to navigate in the recent pages.

I posted that and I have no idea why it was canceled.

Put it up again. The moderaters have been working hard to remove a ton of spam and your thread probably was removed accidentally.



the spam attacks on this site of late have been staggering

really hope tammy et al can get it under control

its awful

Post removed 


  You may have hurt someone's feelings and they flagged you, and a moderator deleted/censored your pist without even reading it. Just saying it is a possibility.

For the past two days I've had a hard time getting A'gon to load and end up getting a "500" error message and have to try a few times to access this site. I really hope it's not the spammers. Gremilins I can deal with, but spammers, no.

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Having html  input on a web site is a security risk. I hope they will fix any problems soon.

The editor also behaves a bit strange when you paste a link to another web site.

The system just got jackhammered. It's been challenging of late, but just now BOOM! Spam bomb for sure.

You've been flagged!!


Don't think so. The OPs thread was removed and mine was the first response, so removed as well.

Cancel culture eating its own. Who coulda seen that one coming?

Stop spamming your own brain. Use Occam's Razor instead.  A hermeneutics of suspicion just clouds thinking.

I was surprised, and suspected it was because they thought it was a sales effort for a specific ......

meanwhile, what the heck is going on with a big box appearing around any link I post?

copy a one line link, post, a big box appears, and a big space above and below the link get’s inserted in the post.

here’s one now

big yellow frame appears, disappears, big spaces result


Moderators shouldn't dump "threads" just because they don't like or don't agree with the content. I have read numersous "acidick" commentary from different so called "audiophiles" that I would have dumped, simply because they are just being nasty rather than informative ! (That's assuming that foul language wasn't used)

If AUDIGON is going to critize every word, and the manner in which it was used, in a thread, then they need to set down a very specific set of rules and regulations.

I just got a row of scantily clad teenage girls to the right wher the audio adds usually pop up.

Millercarbon- I assume the dig at ozzy62, is an attempted insult that implies he is a believer or a participant in the "lefts, Cancel Culture", which I could care less. I'd like to remind you that Einstein, a person that you seem to idolize was a member of the German Democratic Party and a Socialist...

🤣🤣WTF?! No. Not even close. Clue to the clueless- not every post is in response to the one directly above. The world is bigger than your narrow world view.