High Efficiency Wall Mount Speakers and 300B

I am currently using a pair of Audio Note ANK/L speakers which are a 2 way bookshelf design with an 8" woofer and the usual dome tweeter. Very nice speakers but rather large for my required wall mount application. They never fail to draw a negative comment from The Wife; pity. So, I am looking for some smaller speakers of similar quality that will work correctly with a single ended 300B tube amplifier that makes the usual 8 watts.

I know wall mounting is not optimal; few things in life are. I was thinking of LS3/5A but my recollection is that they like a fair amount of power to sing as do most small speakers.
Carl, LS35A are not really a good option, because they need to be well out into the room for proper sound. For a similar sized speaker that is intended to be placed against the wall, you might consider Linn Kans. They are not high-efficiency either(I think about 88db), but at least will be placed right.

You should really have an efficiency of at least 92db for the 300B.

If you wanted to do some in-wall work, you could make a pair of single-driver Voigt Pipes built into the areas between 2 studs in your wall, and place the vents near the baseboard. That would require some wall tear-out and construction.

It's going to be hard to properly satisfy the requirements you have, without some serious drawbacks.
Keep the 300B, forget the LS3/5A as T notes. Again as he suggests, a single-driver would be a good idea. Maybe something like a cornu is the ticket. Apparently it can be hung against the wall! Usefully, the waf should be better...:)
Caveat: never heard this design.

Benny from diyparadiso (.com), a knowledgeable diyer/ component dealer has, and offers some comments on his site. FWIW!
How about the 47 Labs speaker. It is a single driver config and is quite small. I don't know if they are ported though?
These are based on EJ Jordan divers. If you are really motivated, buy a pair of Jordan drivers and build their own box. These like very small parameters..... I believe that a pair of the drivers are less than $200. Do a google search.