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Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
Rogue in that price range. You’ll never tire of the sound.  
Has anyone dealt with Lamm Industries recently?
BTW, it’s an ML 1.1 , the push pull amp and the sound is spectacular   
Has anyone dealt with Lamm Industries recently?
Okay, I’ll try calling. Thanks for the help.  
Re: streaming recommendations for newbie
Another vote for Bluesound. Great for the money and they bent over backwards to help me with a problem I had with setup.  
“Center” of soundstage is left of center…
I think I’ve found the answer. I screwed up how I adjusted the tube bias Dow the mono locks. I had it totally wrong. Now all is well. Thanks everyone for humoring me.  
“Center” of soundstage is left of center…
I’m reversing the power amp inputs now. I played some cds and the problem was still there so the phone pre doesn’t seem to be the issue. If the proble migrates to the right side after I’ve reversed the power amp inputs then it must be the pre(?).  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
No way. Audio preferences are very personal. There is no universal standard. Reviews can steer you but thee is no substitute for how your own ears react to the sound.   
I have an odd problem with microphony...
I'll try that. hope it's that simple  
I have an odd problem with microphony...
Thanks, Jerry. I'll try tapping tubes  
I have an odd problem with microphony...
I should have mentioned that I've already replaced tubes with no effect  
what kind of grease do I use for my SOTA Sapphire bearing?
Loudspeaker sensitivity and dynamics: are the two inexorably linked?
Yes, it is real. High efficiency speakers have a special liveliness all there own. Robert Harley commented on this characteristic in TAS a couple of issues ago in his letter from the editor. Matching these speakers with an SET maximizes this quali... 
Amp repair
Try Vu Deja in NJ. I’ve had work done by them and they’re excellent.  
Power cable from wall socket to power strip
Go to the Nordost website. They have a presentation explaining what they believe is the order of importance of each cable in a system. The power cable out of the wall socket is number one, more important than connectors. I believe that was part of... 
4 8 or 16 ohms.
It does matter. I had an amp with two sets of red binding posts. The manual made no mention of the purpose so I connected black to black and red to the post nearest to black. Long afterwards someone suggested one may be 4 Ohms and the other8. Via ...