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Cool running, low powered power amp
Another vote for the Schiit Audio Aegir. Runs very cool and possess amazing sonic attributes without breaking the bank. I also own a Pass Labs Class A amplifier and it definitely substitutes as a room heater.  
Does anyone know where to get a Rega P8/P10-style dustcover?
This seems to be more like what you were referencing. Turntable Classics Design Dust cover • Turntable Classics Dust Cover (turntable-classics-dustcover.com)  
Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?
I guess I could be termed a Luddite since I do not stream. Three FM tuners in daily use a McIntosh MR71, Linn Pekin and Mitsubishi DA-F20. FM programming in my area is not exactly stellar, so listening is relegated to one classic rock station and ... 
Pass Aleph 30 and 60
I have owned an Aleph 30 amplifier for years and love it. It's been paired extensively with Audio Physic Virgo III speakers rated at 89db sensitivity. The pair are in a 14' x 18' room. I do not listen at levels much above 90db. No issue with power... 
Tung-Sol kt170 tube started glowing brighter
Your amplifier is rated for use with either 6550C or KT88 output tubes. It is not designed to handle the current draw of the KT170 output tube. In addition, as previously mentioned, your amplifier requires re-biasing when changing output tubes. I ... 
Steely Dan UHQR
+1 tablejockey, recommending AB 1006 stamper.  
Platter mats for a Rega Planar 2
I can heartily recommend the Herbie's Audio Lab Way Excellent II mat. Order it in the 2mm thickness and it will be the same as the stock Rega felt mat. No tonearm height to adjust. No sticking to you valued records. Improved music fundamentals and... 
Herbies tube dampers
@tattooedtrackman After trying them several times they went into storage, where they still reside. As mentioned, no positive examples in this case to report. They're well made, etc. but are just not as effective versus the stock ARC dampers. Just... 
Herbies tube dampers
Let me start by saying I am a strong supporter of Herbie’s Audio Lab products. All that I have purchased deliver as promised and without insane pricing. And now, the one related exception. I have not had good success with their small signal tube d... 
Tube arch
Keep in mind there are many factors that can possibly affect output tube life; correct bias settings, thermal temperatures, speaker load, how hard the amplifiers are regularly driven, and yes, even the quality of the AC they're being feed.   
Tube arch
In general Audio Research recommends changing/replacing output tubes in their amplifiers every 2000 hours. Assuming you have the owner's manual, you should be able to confirm same. Another suggestion would be to periodically check the individual o... 
Audio Research REF 750 pre July 4 FIRE WORKS. TUBE ARC.
So, my take on this might deviate slightly from what has been contributed so far. I have owned many Audio Research amplifiers over the years. On two occasions, with two separate amplifiers (D70MKII and VS110); the same pyrotechnics you experienced... 
Tube Preamp, uses 6sn7/6sl7. With or Without Phono; With or Without Remote Volume,
deHavilland Ultraverve III ($2,995 when new) Upside: Produced in a remote version, including volume Excellent sonically, in all respects High build quality Very responsive to tube rolling Downside: No longer in production, designer on ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill (UHQR) Elvis Costello - King of America (F beat label)  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris - All the Roadrunning (2006)