I am planning to upgrade my speaker cable and interconnect to the HIJIRI cables but budget is a constraint I can do one cable at a time.

So my friends which cable should be my first purchase the speaker cable or the interconnect.



@jasbirnandra Honestly I think @geauxaudio gave you the best answer you could hope to find. As he suggested contact Colin at Gestalt for his opinion on the matter. 

If you get 20 more responses here and half say IC's and half say speaker cables how much more helpful will that be? 


No not both for that price, the Tron ended up being direct through the distributor who was much easier to deal after the trust deficit Colin created, a much more ethical person to deal with IMO. I paid the freight on that one and those expectations were very clearly set up front. Glad I got to hear the Tron, but it didn’t live up to the hype Gestalt created over it.

Getting back on topic is fine, I’ve made my point..I don’t challenge dealers like this, and I pride myself on good relationships with dealers and I have many. This situation could have absolutely been handled differently than it was and it most certainly rubbed me the wrong way. He made his choice and ultimately I am just expressing my dissatisfaction.

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The Tron Was average...The Phono with the issue was a different one, Konus. Sounded great, but couldn't resolve the issue it had. 

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That is not true...My first post details the issue and how he gave me a hard time about the unit sent. The amount of the shipping wasn’t the primary issue, it was the way he handled the situation and wanted to charge me for a unit that didn’t work and he couldn’t solve the issue.

I paid return shipping, then asked him nicely not to impose anymore charges, and he did anyway. All in, I lost over $60 on a unit that he sent that was either defective or flawed in it’s design in how it worked with the ground on my TT.

Im not asking you to absorb this entire post here, since Facten derailed it, but the crux of the issue is his handling of the problem, then how I was treated and made to feel like it was my fault because I owned a Rega P10, which was beneath him and what he sells. And yes he tried to upsell me into a TT he sells to replace the P10. 

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No this is a disagreement in principle that he sent me a unit that was either defective or incompatible with my TT and then blamed my TT and became difficult when I decided I want to return it. 

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@jl35 yes i paid for the return shipping, he tried to charge me for the shipping to me and a fee, I was mistaken in what I said above. The issue surrounded the charge for shipping back and a fee which was predicated on the fact the unit did not work in my system and it was a result of the Konus design, not my Turntable. 


Again, he didn't do the right thing, why should I have to pay for a unit he was unable to troubleshoot and didn't work with my system when 5 other phono stages worked flawlessly. If you sent a phono stage that didn't work with my Turntable it's on the dealer to know that, he didn't. And if he doesn't know it and can't fix it you don't charge the customer for something you're gear is the cause of. 

Then he sung the praises of a Tron phono as the second coming of Christ and when I listened to it is was average and bested by a Lejonklou at half the price by a large margin. 



I have a version of you invoice that does NOT state anything about minus shipping, so you produced another invoice-crafty..And I have a full credit back from my bank and screenshot of them ruling in my favor..Once I figure out how to upload the images I will put it up. 



I always assume that return costs are on the buyer, unless told otherwise...

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They were..I was told it was no obligation, invoice had ZERO terms on it that would suggest I’d be on the hook for these chanrges. Then the product didn’t work, then he got salty and blamed my Turntable, instead of the Geppetto manufacturer who makes the phono stage who couldn’t figure it out either, at which point I politely said I am sending it back. It wasn’t until he received it back he credited me and deducted the charges. The expectation was NEVER set, not verbally, or on the invoice. Hence why he lost the dispute.

Not sure why it ever got to the point it did, but he complicated alot of other parts of the transaction as well. Too many good dealers to deal with rather than one who doesn’t have policies in place and doesn’t set expectations and ultimately alienates a customer. 

I ultimately took my business elsewhere, sitting in front of a $40K plus system. End of the day that business could have been his. 

I think that the terms of in home trial should be set before shipping...I have found that shipping costs are often negotiable...certainly many direct sale manufacturers and online stores offer free shipping both ways and no restock fee...


 so I returned it..Not before he gave me a hard time, and then tried to charge me a restock fee and charge me for return shipping. 

Your expectation for in home trials is that the distributor or manufacturer should pay for all shipping costs? 

As expected, time to man up and you fell on your face. Find something new to whine about

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Comprehension is your problem, stating something as having occurred doesn't prove that it occurred, so back it up tough guy

I know this is dificult for you to accept and maybe even struggle with comprehension..But I am not in the habit of repeating myself..Srcoll up about 8 posts and you will have all the details you need. JACK!

You made this public so post your facts on here for everyone to see. Put up or shut up. Just the facts jack!

Paid full price for the cables & the B2s - all brand new.  Got a discount on the Neodio Origine S2 as I bought his demo model. Easy peasy. Sorry to disappoint your agenda

lol...Rationalize much? What are you the Judge and Jury? You want my credit card investigation results? Tell you what since this seems incredibly important to you, send me a PM with your information and I will gladly share whatever details I can..But you have to fess-up and tell me how much gear he put in your home for a discount so you can advertise for him like he does with other customers on here.  

The only thing that went by anyone's head is the fact that you don't understand the difference between making an accusation and providing proof to support an accusation. It's easy to state whatever one wants it's another thing if one is willing to back it up with evidence.

Yes I did, I made an exception in this case, a point that clearly went over your head..I’ve been in this hobby longer than he’s been in business and never been treated by a dealer the way he behaved. So I do it with good reason so there is a counterpoint experience to all the customers who basically are acting as reviewers for him, Grannyring being one of them. First post was deleted for whatever reason. I am sure GR reported it.

Colin had an opportunity to do the right thing, he chose not to and act like a child about it and take money that wasn’t his. In my experience he can’t be trusted and I wouldn’t deal with him again.

"I’m not one to leave negative reviews on a dealer" , but yet you did; in fact this is the 2nd time you posted this. In the 1st (Tron thread) you also simultaneously attacked grannyring with no knowledge of why he decided, or maybe needed to sell the gear he previously spoke of as keepers.

Folks come on here from time to time with their side of the story which isn’t proof of anything in and of itself. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen as portrayed, but it also doesn’t prove that it did. So while you called him out I provided the opposite experience. Others can make their own decisions on purchasing from him.

There is no other side to the story..Im not one to post negative reviews on a dealer and I’ve been in hifi for more years than I care to share...Good on your for your positive experience. He was blatantly in the wrong and that was proven to be the case and I am sharing my experience..You wouldn’t say what you said above if I shared a positive experience, so no need to shill for your buddy.

Yeah well, no one knows the potential other side of the story. I’ve purchased 3 sets of Tchnerov cables, 4 sets of Neodio B2 , as well as, a Neodio Origine S2 CD player from Colin/Gestalt Audio and there was no high pressure sales and he was a pleasure to interact with.

I wouldn’t recommend Gestalt Audio..I bought from them and Colin gave me an in home audition with the expectation if I don’t want the product I return to with no string attached. The product had a loud buzzing incompatibility with my TT so I returned it..Not before he gave me a hard time, and then tried to charge me a restock fee and charge me for return shipping. I contested it with my CC and of course he lost, but I wouldn’t trust this dealer and have never done business with him again for a multitude of reasons.  Buyer beware.

Good evening.  Thought I'd share that I have Hijiri HCS or both ICs and speaker cables (not called HCS but it's the equivalent quality).  I found the IC had a more profound impact than the speaker cable between my dad and my SET tube receiver from New Audio Frontiers.  I tested multiple scenarios to come to that conclusion. These comparisons include all of Hijiris higher end ICs and speaker cables, the Million line, and a bunch of other cables.  I'm happy to share specifics so feel free to reach out.  Also. Colin King at Gestalt Audio knows these products very well and I highly recommend him and his perspective.

Deciding cable change priority can be a tough one, as there are likely many variables. That said, as ArgentPur.audio for almost three years, I can report that EVERYONE who has demo'ed my speaker cables has remarked re their substantial improvements. (For that I'm grateful.) But maybe only 60% of IC changes were very noticeable...I think due to the inherent impedance mismatch contiuum among front end components. As a result, I recommend getting the amp-speaker transducer dialed in carefully first. If your amps are fine, and you've gotten the loudspeaker/room to play well, you can then decide if improving res and detail upstream via a better source component or DAC is as important as changing out ICs. I am certainly NOT going to suggest that you spring for a premium solid pure silver IC (like mine!) if you're using a low-res DAC or midrange front end.  That's why a careful consult is required, knowing your complete system, speakers, room, budget, and tastes. Good luck.

How would one define the difference in sound of  SLC million and HCS speaker cable.

Do no waste money as i some time did - Try for free trial Ice age audio OFC series

speaker cables and interconect before buying expensive stuff.

You will be surprised like i was.

Everybody here who are trying to help thank you.

The cables I currently use are not bad but I am looking for more depth and they are here feeling and more air like phantom images in front of you.

I typically follow the old Transparent Audio advice, unless buying used, then it's whatever comes up first...Transparents' preferred order to upgrade was IC from source to pre first, then speaker cables, and lastly IC from amp to pre...

I think this can be system dependent. Hopefully you can try both out first or return the one that did not perform the best over the other. That being said. Treat your room first. Way more important than those two cables. If you have done that then I am going to suggest power cables too. They say upgrade your sources first. That being said I am a huge proponent of getting your foundation covered first. Room, speakers, amp, preamp and cables for them. Once you have your foundation correct everything can sound good, just different. Like better sound stage, better detail, and last but not least tighter bass. This will help your speakers disappear more easily. I know so many people who gamble with the gear and are not always happy. I will bet you do not have your foundation and room treatments correct. First reflections, front wall between the speakers, and dial in your speaker placement. You will be amazed. If you can have something less attractive try moving blankets from Harbor Freight of drapes from Amazon. I hope this helps. 

@jasbirnandra - Hijiri Cables are among the very finest cables available.

But I would suggest you ask about them on the Hijiri thread. The guys on there can provide some guidance as to which model or combination might suit you the best.

But to your question: Speaker or Interconnect first?

  • I would recommend getting the speaker cables first
  • then, when you get the Interconencts you will really be able to hear the improvements.

I’ve been making my own cables for over 12 years and I was surprised as to how much of an improvement the speaker cables made. Having the best speaker cables is essential for further cable upgrades

Discerning the improvements from the introduction of a new interconnect or power cable was so much easier

Regards - Steve



Cable interaction is for sure real ,

Thats why cables off floor electricity,magnetic fields,

No Ac cable Ever on any interconnect,or speaker cable 

And  if AC cable are near each other alway run at a X 

Across and i keep separate with speaker foam so thsy never touch

Having owned a Audio store my techs taught me many

Things regarding magnetic fields,and noise it can be measured and heard 

Also depending on your cables quality in shielding. 

Another vote for speaker cables first. Got these Kinki Studio Earth Speaker Cables and will keep. HIJIRI great for sure despite a full loom costing as much as some cars.

@audioman58 Hymn. I always wondered if the spider web jumble of wires in back of components causes some electromagnetic interference. No matter how I try to sort it’s messy.

Speaker cable for sure ,it’s the last part of the chain before going to theLoudspeakers ,and make sure they are elevated off the floor or carpeting ,

and they Donot touch any power cords or interconnects . I use industrial Velcro on back of rack it works great to keep everything separated.

I have longish speaker cable requirements caused by amp placement necessities, and I've used various brands of cables over the years...recently decided to try the recently upgraded Kimber 8PR that gets to 10awg at the posts...a GREAT and relatively inexpensive cable. Seriously...500 bucks or something for 14' or so?

Dear Willgolf,

Have you sold your Hijiri speaker cables? Please let me known if you didn't.

Viking's double horn Fella here.

Thanks, Chris.

#1 speaker cable

Do a search on Audiogon for AES48 and see if it applies to your gear.



I tested Inakustic, Tchernov, and Hijiri and a couple of others.  I ended up with Hijiri and they are a great cable.  I would go with speaker cables first.  I have since upgraded to QSA Ultimatum Infinity Speaker cables and they are in another stratosphere in price but well worth it if you can afford them

Hijiri is awesome and I use the RCA interconnects and power cords on my Aries Cerat System 

Unfortunately there’s no universal answer. I would replace the weakest link.