Shortest Product Demo Ever: Had to Hit the Eject Button and Get the #*@% Out of There?

I recall in the early 80’s an employee of mine was really hot on a speaker line and insisted that I stop by their demo room at an audio show (I’m thinking Conrad Hilton in Chicago?)

I, literally, made it 1 1/2 meters into the room and had to do a full about face and get out of there. The sound was definitely NOT music to my ears.

Later, I finally gave in and reluctantly agreed to bring in the speaker line. The speakers got better over time, as well as the other stuff sending music to them. I developed a fond relationship with the company over many decades, and do performance upgrades on them yet today.


I have had quite a few short auditions like that. Often it will be some young kid in an audio store that says listen to this, and the distortion and high frequency noise chases me out in a couple seconds. Usually a low cost system. But I will walk into a demo room with someone auditioning really good speakers like Magico with inappropriate electronics and the same thing.

I am very sensitive to high frequencies distortion and noise. Lots of detail scraping high end and low cost solutions have lots of trash in the sound and I can’t stand them… my partner as well, she has better hearing and we run from the room quickly.

That's me at most shows.  I'd enter a room where everyone is having a great time, and the room is completely or poorly treated and I'm like "what is this hell noise?"

Also, the guy from Pure Audio Project had crap musical tastes. :D

Why would you tell half a story? You can mention the speaker brand, I’m sure nobody will take away your birthday.

You are one of the rare people who know what they want there’s nothing wrong with that 

I met this really ugly girl. After dinner she looked a little better. The next day she was acceptable. Now we are married and she is wonderful.

@noromance  A buddy eons ago inquired as to what/why I was attracted to my future spouse....."....y'kno, you could do better...:'

Gave him an earful, but kept it short...

I like her 'cause she listens as much as she talks.

She isn't suggesting what I could do for her, but what we could do together.

She was and still is intelligent, lots of shared interests (including 'well-presented music').

Learned quickly how to remove an LP from its' sleeve, give it a 'wobble' w/out a drop, place and destat it. and how to hand-cue...and reverse that at the end.

Liked that I had a cat, my studio at the time was neat, and my bed was made.

Cooked better than I with more variety ( has only blown 3 meals in ourt time,, one
of which a chicken dish that even our cats walked away from....which we both cracked up laughing over....)

We try to fight fair; but not go to bed mad.

Don't call or come by Sunday mornings....we have our own version of 'church'. ;)

I could have done worse. *s*

My old buddy is still single.

Shows are generally fair, you can get good and bad experience both in gear and music, but ultimately i enjoy meeting with friends and have a talk. 

I was at the Florida auto show a couple of years ago when I went into a large room with huge expensive speakers and the dealer had put on a record that made the speakers sound as if they were blown...... I was wondering what he could possibly be thinking.

@ozzy62 "You can mention the speaker brand,"

Okay ... drum roll please ..








I discovered a lot about Klisch a very short time after the delivery truck arrived at my store. Such as don’t remove a Cornwall off the truck by yourself. With a firm grip on the Cornwall, I felt a severe pain in my back. My first impulse was to let go and just drop it. Then, I remembered the purchase order how muchI paid for it. So, I gently eased the speaker carton to the ground and THEN writhed in pain. I was 32, fit, AND injured.

It got better after that. Discovered that Klipsch, in general, are hypersentive, dislike "mid-fi", and will reveal any wart upstream from them. Room included. Eventually, I learned to like them (particually at low volume levels).Years later, the speaker geek in me couldn’t keep my hands off of them, so I begin working on correcting Klipsch's errrors of commission and ommission (most speakers have both). Modded Klipsch’s can’t quite match the comfy feeling of a polite British loudspeaker, but can be quite soothing, musical, and dynamic if stuff is removed/upgraded in the signal path thjat makes them sound worse.


I like to make my wife custom greeting cards for special occassions. Thanks for content suggestions. I might edit it just a bit.

@asvjerry "She isn’t suggesting what I could do for her, but what we could do together." Think I might "borrow" this line for one of those custom cards to my wife. It does fit our relationship (and her) pretty well.

My “demo” has lasted - we were married 30 years ago today. I remember someone told her mom I was a “ love’em and leave’em kinda guy” just after we started dating. I’m a lucky guy.