This following idea/concept was deleted in a previous recent thread, but I thought that it might be fun to follow up with it.

Hardly a new concept, but with computers and the Internet it's easy enough for most to try their hand @ it.

My previous post linked  these 2 YouTube videos with the instructions to hit PLAY on both videos and then listen to the combined results.

Listen to the result of the two videos I've linked and then decide if you want to play.  








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It was intended to be enlightening - soix - as we all have basic (really basic in this case) mix options @ our hands whether we are musically inclined, or not.

I am musically inclined, but still get a kick out of simple YT computer stuff/tricks like this. 

Hopefully others will contribute with their own "mixes".



If I understand correctly, the output from the two videos in this case is the song playing along with sheep noises? Is there more to this than I’m getting?

"Is there more to this than I’m getting?"

Yes and no.

That is what it is and I have invited members here to do what I have done by simply posting two videos/sound bites to intermix and play upon one other.

I did not expect this to be a BIG DEAL and had thought that the regulars here might have some fun with it - as I have.


Sorry, I read your post quickly and didn’t realize we were supposed to combine the two clips — my bad.  I always appreciate any attempt at humor here.


Click on both links and they will play @ the same time.

With NR's videos you have to cue the first video @ 4:10 - then click on both to play.

I'm going to sleep on it and see if I can come up with another combo that works together.

I used to do something like this in the 70's/80's when I had a dub cassette deck with synchro, but I was sourcing original music from my guitars and keyboards.

My first recording of this type involved different revolving/inter-lapping time signatures used for self hypnosis/meditation.

All of my musical cassette recordings (including these experimental ones) were stolen from the back of my car when I was moving house in 1991.



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@boxcarman - didn't I once see something about playing Sabbath at 16rpm, drinking a bottle of Nyquil, and seeing god? 🤣

Dumb question — how do you get links to show up with pictures and not just a line of text as with waytoomuchstuff?

I copy the YT video address @ the top of the screen and then paste it to the A'Gon post.

I put the 2nd video on favorites, open it to copy the address, then go back to the post to paste it below the first video.

I have little interest in computers, so there's probably an easier way to do it.



didn't I once see something about playing Sabbath at 16rpm, drinking a bottle of Nyquil, and seeing god?

I am not sure that it would be God that you would see under those circumstances.

@larsman.... Yes, but I do not remember the Nyquil.  Some other substance, perhaps.

Crazy stuff! I am amazed that people can find stuff like this. Shine on you crazy diamonds!! Just one question... "Any illicits helping matters?"🤣

.... @dekay one who'd like to see your continued presence here...I suggest you 'get out 'n about more'.... ;)  @boxcarman has the valid excuse for being 'new-ish' around the 'Gon, and may not have had the 'night when all connections failed to score any preferred illegal lightweight luxuries' and one or more had to fall back into OTC items that were tentatively 'better' than just a beer buzz or kraft bag inhalants......

Trying times, yes.... 😏🙄

( 'copy and paste' gets the image up easy....the 'link' allows for a tad of 'Surprise!' and a 'loaded' comment....😎 )

@immatthewj, agreed *fist bump*...any hallucinations visiting one should not be counted upon to instill any advice that should be acted upon in any circumstance....

Unless the potential of waking up to find a 'lifeform' next to you that you might avoid normally.....*sick giggle* of some interest....🤨

...I used to call 'mash-ups' like the above 'Brute Force Dubs'.

"...'mixing with hammers"....*Laugh*

"I suggest you 'get out 'n about more'.... ;)"

I'm good - I can sit here and listen to "Quadrophenia" while watching old film clips of "Punch and Judy".



Maybe the humor is in the technical support required to perform this task.

@dekay thanks for your kind effort to amuse us

@asvjerry (returning fistbump). This does remind me of the early spring of ’81 when I was in the USAF . . . I had ordered a mushroom growing kit from the back of "High Times’ . . . I was living in a trailer off of highway 50 between O’Fallon, Il. and Lebanon, Il. and I ate my entire first crop of six mushrooms. I still have vivid memories of a terrible/wonderful experience . . . but where religeon enters the picture . . . everyone had pretty much cleared out of my trailer because I was going through some pretty severe introspection and I think my appearance and the vibes I was giving off must have indicated that I wasn’t into having company at the time . . . I was laying on the couch, and I remember that this ratty old orange carpet I had started glowing and the glow was increasing in intensity . . . then I began to feel this incredibly strong religeous presence and I realized it was God and that He was right on top of my trailer and I also realized that he was pissed off . . . I used all my powers(?) of concentration to talk Him out of coming down into the living room . . . then the experience subsided and I got to feeling a lot better and I found my buddy in the trailer park who had cleared out on me and I was back in a fun mode . . . but I always wondered what would have happened if I would have been more receptive to actually meeting God that night.

I can sit here and listen to "Quadrophenia" while watching old film clips of "Punch and Judy".

@dekay , I remember back in the early ’80s we used to get together & do that a lot. Not necessarily Punch And Judy with Quarophenia , but maybe like hours spent watching All In The Family followed by network news followed by something else with the sound turned off and Who’s Next or Dark Side or The Wall or what have you blasting from the rack system. For hours on hours we would do that.



@immatthewj ....hmmm...2 ways to look @ that question.... ;)

...there's the audioholics' approach.....

and then, by the same f'n artist...

....the latter being the atheist version, a complex neuron argument that the 'srooms turned loose in your head...

But, since flying unaided is not SOP for any of your way free.... 😎👍

@dekay ....used to have that QMS lp.....back in my NoCal~Eureka! era....

..some assh*le stole it.....

....but I've got woke in the meanwhile....(Full screen, sub up, 85...please...)


"used to have that QMS lp"

Off the same Quicksilver album, the song Mona tops my list of vocals you can successfully belt out while under various stages of intoxication, chemically altered states, etc. I introduced this topic a while back and got some "very interesting" posts.


Thanks for introducing a topic that was pure fun.  No styli, voice coils, or egos were harmed in the process.

@waytoomuchstuff ....and doesn't have to be totally intelligible either... 👍

The line after "....tell you Mona, what I wanna do..." has given rise to more obscene (some physically unlikely, but...) variants in those altered states than one can shake a rehab contract at....
....but I'm digressing as per usual....

"....but I don't know what you mean, @waytoomuchstuff ....Aren't ALL the posts on A'gon 'interesting' and compelling?"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>= blatant suck up=<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                                                 ;) 🙄

Yeah, @dekay ....A pleasant deviancy diversion from the hardware wars....*S*

Of course, being off-course and off-topic draws a certain level of ire from some, but in the long run or shorter....

Aren't we supposed to be having 'Fun'?

Granted, anytime a loose collective of 'umans is drawn like moths, there will be the dust-ups', misinterprets, and the rest of the range of big-horn brain bumps seen within these 'lectric lairs.....

Backing into the blatant....

"My styli is Bigger than Your styli....😝🥴"....and multi-page PC, IC, SpkrC, ' sig other tripped on my speaker cables and broke both wrists. Should I help her with her bathroom activities?' purge-atory posts....

...and some twit like yours unruly will flac back

"Divorce?  Put her in The Home for an undisclosed interval?"

If y'all couldn't put up with the unlike of moi'....*sigh* to another desolation on the row, yo'

If I be troll....I aspire to be a Good Troll, optimistic cynic tho' I be....


"Aren't ALL the posts on A'gon 'interesting' and compelling?""

I tend to stay clear of generalized statements, but I can't disagree with your "logic" here.