Marshall Tucker Re-masters

MT was a band I listened to in the 70's then kind of forgot about. I liked then alright, and they were great in concert, but I never thought they were on par with country rock bands such as the Allman Brothers. I had the album "Where we all Belong" long ago, but don't know where it is now. I came across the re-mastered cd recently and bought it. Well, MT is pretty darn good. Good songs, kind of jazzy at times (how many country bands have a flute or sax). Also the late Toy Caldwell was a hell of a guitar picker. The sound quality is also very good in my opinion, I plan on getting some more.
thanks for the heads up, lots of good memories there, hopefully they'll improve upon the original issue discs.
MTB had a unique sound. They could go from country to jazz to blues to rhythm and blues to rock in the same song. They were one of the early "jam bands". They are/were from my home town of Spartanburg, SC. The earlier work was phenominal. However,Toy Caldwell, the creative force in the band, and two of his brothers, also band members. died within a short time of each other. I believe if I remember correctly that Toy died of heart failure and his two brothers were killed in car accidents exactly one year apart. A writer for Rolling Stone once said that Toy Caldwell "sang the blues like he had been sh** on all his life." And he could play the hell out of that guitar.
The Marshall Tucker Band Remasters "Carolina Dreams" (2004/Shout DK37526) sounds as good as any 'audiophile' CD I have heard.
In fact,besides loving this recording,it is one of the CD's I use for evaluating cables,tubes etc.
The whole CD is awesome.Check out 'Desert Skys'and 'Never Trust A Stranger' for some serious foot tapping.
I initiated a thread on this a week ago, but the Agon moderators never approved ??! Anyway, I issued a WARNING , having just purhasec MTB's first album, re-mastered by Shout. It is absolutely the worst sounding piece of crap I now own. If this re master is an improvement, I cant imagine how bad the original had to sound.There is no bass, and the drums are almost non existent. I was wondering if they all sound this bad...
I'm still playing the Capricorn Vinyl releases of WWAB, Searching For A Rainbow, Long Hard Ride. No complaints here.
As an aside---for anyone who has the vinyl version of "Where We All Belong", the album cover is a work of art---something that the CD format sadly cannot offer on the same scale.