New Tweak --- Its Fantastic


Over the good part of this past year I’ve been beta testing a new tweak, the name of which is "Total Contact." Its a hi-bred graphene contact enhancer that is different from all other contact enhancers that have come and gone for one reason or another. I’m not new to these contact enhancers, having had quite a bit of experience with a product developed by the late Brian Kyle and his "Quick Silver" contact enhancer. The "Total Contact" is different ... a LOT different.

"Total Contact" is graphene based and is not a vibration control. It eliminates micro-arching between two contacts. Micro-arching, much like Micro-vibration smears the sound in our stereo systems. Its the type of distortion that we don’t know is there .... until we eliminate it. There is no break-in as we know it. The sound is improved right off the bat, but what you hear is only a smidgen of what’s to come.

I tested three generations of "TC," each of which was an improvement over the previous incarnation. The final mix was cryogenitically treated and made for a more effective, much smoother application. It comes in a large hypodermic needle type plunger containing 1.5 ml of product and includes a instructional DVD and an application brush.

The application should be applied with a very thin coat to all of your electrical connections .... from your cartridge pins to your power cords. I did my entire system, including the ends of my fuses.

Upon initial application, you will notice an improvement in clarity, correctness of tonal balance and a more overall organic sound. But ... that is just scratching the surface of what this magic paste does. As it cures, the improvements become more apparent. Much more!

There are two real break-through events that happen almost to the day with "Total Contact," one at four weeks and another at eight weeks . At four weeks, you’ll get a real jump in clarity and overall improvement. That’s only a taste though of what’s to come at eight weeks. At eight weeks your system’s focus will make a jump in SQ that is so real - its surreal.

After 40 years in the hobby, and a total tweak nut, I have never heard anything that does what this graphene paste does. The see-through clarity at eight weeks becomes simply amazing. The "paste" eventually cures into a kind of polymer plastic and it seems that the sound improves with each listening session. So, its important that you leave your contacts alone for the duration. If you’re the type of person that continually switches wires in and out, you’ll have to re paste until enough time has elapsed to get "the cure."

The only problem I had was with the first batch and that had to do with shorting out a tube pin in the line stage. Use the "TC" very sparingly on tube pins, if at all. I only had problems with the line stage tube pins. The Amp, CD Player and Phono Stage has had no tube pin problems at all.

Tim Mrock, one of our fellow A’goners, is the developer of the product. Its taken Tim 15 years and several patents to get it right. Tim has "pasted" every electrical contact he can find in his audio system, all of the switches in his circuit breaker box, every contact in his car ... and has used it in commercial applications such as hospital circuit breakers, surgical lights ... and other places where efficiency and long life of electrical components are deemed important.

This product is highly recommended to anyone who truly wants to get the most out of his/her audio systems. There’s enough product in each tube to do at least two audio systems as it just takes a very thin coat on each application to be effective. The last tube was enough to do my system twice and then a friend’s system this past weekend.


PS: There were a couple of other A’goner beta testers of this product as well. Hopefully, they will chime in here with their experiences for comparison. I "pasted" both of Steve Fleschler’s systems a few days ago, perhaps he will comment on his results too. We forgot to paste Steve’s power cords though, so there’s a lot more to be had from Steve’s two fantastic systems.

I had to hit pause to respond to this thread. Can we please just look at this objectively? A couple of guys develop a new product and the beta testers tout its advantages. I say congratulations and good for them. But I'm not going to buy it until it proves itself in the marketplace. I know this is not what some may want to hear but that's what marketing is about. Why so much criticism? If you don't think it's a valid product then move on. If you do and want to try it then it will cost you $300.00. That's it! Take it or leave it or wait until you're convinced that it's a valid product that you really should try. I have been in sales for years and have told people that if you want your electrical connections (not audio products) to repel moisture and act as though moisture were not an issue then give the connection a short blast with LPS-1. It displaces water. You know what convinced me? A demo, where the Rep. placed a running drill motor that he was holding in his hands into a container full of water. The drill motor kept running and the Rep. didn't die. Believe me or not, that's a fact. There were maintenance people who actually jumped backward when they saw this demonstration (please don't do this at home).

For you naysayers.....move on. So what if you think it's snake oil.....we don't care. For those promoting the product, don't argue with the naysayers because it makes you (and the product) look bad. In my mind the best way to market this product is to post a youtube video demonstrating how to apply it and the sonic benefits of it (not necessarily an audio demonstration because well, we know why). Perhaps then people will understand it better. All this bickering back and forth is completely useless and I can tell you that I wouldn't want my product discussed in this manner. I have been in sales for too many years and quite frankly based on this thread I would just walk away. Let's have some civility here. Graphene is becoming a very interesting product. I think it would benefit us all to learn more about its properties and benefits. We have certainly learned nothing from this thread other than this product will soon be available so please, let's move to a higher level here. Geez almighty already! Ok, now I'm hitting "play". 
.....and another thing. :-) I work with engineers all the time that tell me what they want instead of allowing me to evaluate and they come off as being the experts. Well guess what? Once I start asking a few questions they scratch their head and admit that they never thought of that.....or they just get pissed off and won't respond because I just made them look like a dummy. Just because you have an engineering degree doesn't mean you know everything. I'm an expert in my field and see stupid things happen all the time......and I'm not an engineer. Now back to the music...
Wow. It’s only a couple of days into the new year and this thread promises to be epic.

There's already one self-professed "song and dance man" here - that fellow who is channeling, wittingly or unwittingly, Mr. Zimmerman- let’s hear from some more.

If this tweak does what OP purports it to do, count me in. It’s highly likely that the marketplace will rule.
I'm getting a real kick out of this thread (kind of sick that way). I'll give oregonpapa a lot of credit for taking the abuse he has (from the apparently well educated) so graciously. I'll hold off on buying this product until some more pioneers (non-engineers I suspect) try it & weigh in. 

thecarpashian " there MUST be a scientifically verifiable explanation and data as to why"... You would think so but apparently science has not in all cases caught up to our little hobby yet. Case in point / Aftermarket high quality Power cords & IC's make an audible improvement in sound quality. I've been told this simply can't be true because it can't be scientifically measured. My ears (& many others) strongly disagree. 
Can anyone rationally explain  Shakti Hallographs or any number of small tuning devises from Harmonix, SR and the like? I can't but I believe in the reports of a large number of reputable people who say they use them and can hear a difference. And I do think there are scientific explanations for how they work even if I can't quite put my finger on it. Just like break in time on my tubed audio equipment. It should not exist, but it does and it is not my imagination that my system sounds better after about 1/2 hour, it's my ears.
Frank is not a shill. Graphene is being used in loudspeaker drivers  by Magico and cables by Bob Grost. There may be some merit to that use. There may also be some merit to nanoparticles in a paste form that cause a better connection between things that I use deoxIT to clean.
I will probably pass on it because I'd rather keep the connections clean than put a substance between them to aid in conductivity. But I would not criticize anyone who thinks it may help with the sound of their system. If enough people rave, I might even give it a try myself. I love to hear about new tweaks that are not completely devoid of any potential scientific explanation. In this case, I am hard pressed to understand the criticism. 

oregonpapa OP wrote,

“There is a simple solution to relieve the fears of the Nay-Sayers ... don’t buy the product. Stay home. Let other’s make their own decisions .... and you go about your destructive activities elsewhere.

The free market will decide if Total Contact will be successful or not. For those who DO make the jump, they will find that all of the "hype" was the truth. Their positive experiences will be posted here and on other forums. Word of mouth will cause others to buy the product and success will be attained. That, of course, depends upon whether the consumers feel they got good results for the money spent, or even far surpassing the money spent. Conversely, if the product is bunk, it will fall out of favor (Tice Clock) and will be unsuccessful.”

>>>>>I hate judge before all the facts are in but it looks like Papa San is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 🐑 This is the oldest tweak marketing ploy on the books - Promote the bejessus out of the tweak you’re hawking and disparage all other competing tweaks, you know, like Quicksilver Gold and the Tice Clock. Frank, didn’t you get the memo that the Tice Clock works?! Hel-loo! I know what you’re thinking, but I read it on an audio forum. 😛 It was just all-thumbs audiophiles who gave it a bad rap.

Besides, the closets of audiophiles are filled with tweaks of yore that got replaced or got thumbs down. But that doesn’t mean the discarded tweaks don’t work. The Green Pen, VPI Brick, Shakti Stone, PWB silver rainbow foil, crystals, CD beveler, Mpingo disc. What have you. Audiophiles are a fickle group, always looking for the next bandwagon to jump on. Chasing the Dragon. 🦎 Looking for Audio Nirvana. 😛 Contact enhancers and aftermarket fuses are controversial tweaks, so Papa San should probably reconsider embracing the Tice Clock rather than disparaging it. We all hang together or we hang separately. 😬

In order to debunk something it must be bunk to begin with. - Old audiophile saw

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the naysayers from the believers without a scorecard.

What is the market for contact enhancers? Gotta be at least fifty.

In 1991 the US military used graphite dust particles as a cloaking material to reduce the detection of our invasion or a specific aspect. A similar dust particle was attached to a novel carrier system that was delivered by stealth aircraft to disrupt or destroy both the power grid and communications systems. This was documented in Iraq and Kosovo.

Two reasons graphite was and is used by the defense industry is because of its electromagnetic properties and it’s superior electrical conduction properties.

Now move 30 years forward we have nearly the same particle reapplied by companies such as Tesla in the making of batteries and the parent company of Clarity Cap in the making of Super Caps for electric vehicles. Super caps are soon to be used in audio. Again these materials have both superior conductive and shielding properties. There is a growing list of uses for graphite and now graphene for industrial and consumer use. Tim Mrock has added to that list with Total Contact. Tom

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Graphene for audio applications is hardly new. Cerious graphene cables were introduced more than two years ago. That probably means they were under development for some time prior to that. Mad Scientist graphene contact enhancer came out when, a year ago? Nothing new under the sun. 🌞 How long stealth bombers and fighters have been using graphene is anybody’s guess. My guess is a very long time.
Geoff we

You see it and use it now and it was just the secret sauce before.

Just found This as I was looking to see if graphene could be used as a substitute for copper in the making of circuit boards. Tom

here is This....
Tom, you’re such a drama queen. There is no mystery. Everybody and his brother knows all about Graphene. 
^^^ I  have a brother. He knows zero about Graphene. He seems to know a lot about everything else though. :-)


Yea I asked my very successful and well read brother ..he never heard of graphene.either.  Tom
I am a retired reviewer for who, for the first  time, because of this product, regrets not being able to spread the word on what I consider to be a no-brainer for improving all sound systems which have any electrical contacts that are not hard wired or soldered.
I have to say that this product has produced the greatest improvement in the sound of my system since the addition of my $17,000 Vacuum State tube amps many years ago.

I first met Tim through a local audiophile group several years ago while still reviewing. Tim had applied his original paste to just a few of the ac contacts, and even that made an improvement to the sound. Thus, I had him paint up my system and my house ac from the service contacts, the result of which can be found at . 
He worked for several years on tweaking the paste and each time there was an improvement in reducing the noise floor of the system and, as another advantage, appearing to drop by about 10%, my electric bill after painting my service and most ac contacts in the house.
The present iteration is the best to date, and is in my opinion the least expensive way of significantly improving the sound (and for the videophiles, the video) of your system, while saving the environment by lower electricity usage. Also, for those who live on the ocean or in high ozone environments, it does help to prevent corrosion at ac contacts. Thus I used the original paste several years ago on my Caribbean house which used to need replacing every five years or so.
While the quantity appears to be low for the cost, the equivalent amount was enough to paint all of the contacts from ac to speaker of my 7.9 surround system with active crossovers and 22 amplifier channels. A very thin coating, just enough to make a smooth even  contact surface to produce a smooth even surface, which probably works by stoping  the microarcing and ionization which occurs in any metal connection.

It does take about 6 to 8 weeks to completely break in, probably due to the need for the binding agent to allow the graphene fibers and silver molecules to bridge the gap. But one can immediately hear an improvement which only improves with time. At about the sixth to eighth week there seems to be an overnight significant drop in the noise floor and increased clarity and uniformity in the sound field. 

The only disadvantages I've found are:
1. the need to take several hours to paint the whole system
2. It colors dark gray anything it touches and is difficult to remove, so don't wear a brand new long sleeved shirt while applying
3. The entire system should be done within a few days as the paste does tend to dry out in the syringe over time and is difficult to apply after several months, thus maybe one of the reasons it is supplied in small syringes. 
4. For reviewers or audiophiles who change out equipment frequently, it may not completely mature before breaking contacts.

Notwithstanding the assumed humor in your comment it’s only fair to point out I must be better read than either you or your assumed brother. Frank must be referring to a younger brother, one naturally assumes.
docgaw ...

Thank you for the excellent review and verification of exactly what I’ve been trying to convey here. :-)

Geoff ...

Yes, it must be true that you are more well read than I. After all, you’ve been to my home several times and have checked out my library of books. Oh wait! I forgot ... you just automatically know how well read I am, or lack thereof. Forgive me as I forgot that you read minds.

By the way Geoff .... do you have any comments regarding docgaw’s post?

I didn’t think so ...

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Knowledge is what’s left after you forgot all the stuff from school and your library.
^^^ Geoff

Uhh .... I believe you brought up the subject of "well read," did you not? 

By the way, I just replaced the bulb on my 73" Mitsubishi rear projection TV. I pasted the connectors of the bulb with Total Contact. I'm getting the brightest picture with the best color and blacks its ever had. Close to an LCD but sans the cartoonish look that bugs the heck out of me with the LCD TVs.


I treated one only of my LED ceiling lamps in my audio room. This one now burns brighter so I need to drag my ladder back out so I can treat the others. Dimmer on each set of 3 so that 1 remains brighter at any setting. Tom
LED lamps brighter, rear projection TVs better colors and blacks!! Wow! Amazing that Mitsubishi and GE were never smart enough to think of using this stuff.

And, holy moly, we’re not talking subtle differences like what you achieve with $37K worth of Nordhost Odin connects...we are obviously talking about night and day improvements via any connect that conducts electrical energy or audio signals. Wall Street look out when this paste goes public. It will not be denied!!
dynaquest4 ...

I find it very interesting that when researching your posts here on A’gon, one finds oneself emerged in a cesspool of negativity. According to you, nothing ... no cable, no tweak, no anything can make an improvement .... even those things you have never heard or never even seen before.

Here’s a little recreation of some of your past posts. This record speaks volumes about you:

What’s up with you dynaquest? Do you travel through life spewing crap everywhere you go, or is it just on the Internet? Do you ever have anything positive to say .... to anyone ... about anyone ... or about anything at all?

No pics of your "system" either. Do you have an audio system? If so, why not post pics?

Take a hard look at your above posts ... then try to convince the folks here that you are not a destroyer and a looter of the dreams, the accomplishments and the hard work of others.

Your credibility is zero, shot, kaput, Junior.

Well, of course any cleaning of contacts, especially with Cramolin or Deoxit, even humble rubbing alcohol, but especially with the more advanced stuff like Quicksilver Gold, will have the same or similar results as the LED ceiling lamps. Glad to see someone experimenting.

Holiday Tip: Don’t forget all of the non-audio wall outlet contacts around the entire house, you know, refrigerator, TV, Stove, computer, air purifier, humidifier, microwave, etc. 📺 🖥 🔌🎛 By no small coincidence I just came back with brand new LED FHD TV under my arm.

" By no small coincidence I just came back with brand new LED FHD TV under my arm."  

 Whoa, big fella !!!

 I just scanned the news and found nothing about a riot or looting anywhere in the country. Where do you live again?  :-)

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Come on, Frank. This discussion is not about me it is about the super-goo. It's not about my system, it is about the super-goo.   It is not about how you rate my credibility it is about...get ready...the super-goo.

Hey, BTW...I went out to my garage and noticed my air compressor.  Think the super-goo on it's contacts (both ends of the power cord) would get me an extra 10PSI in the tank?

The only pot I'm stirring here is a vat of...yep, you got it...super-goo!
Wow. I'm with falconquest and his very wise post. Perhaps certain parties should read and/or re-read it at the top of this page. This thread has degenerated into nothing but petty insults, sophomoric name calling and personal attacks from both detractors and advocates alike. It isn't fazing the detractors, but it is, in my opinion, crushing the credibility of the advocates. I came on here looking for facts about this new product. So far, four pages and counting of nothing but bickering...And as falconquest  said, if I was at all interested in this product, after reading this thread, I too would just walk away...
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^^^ Uh, we (the majority here) decided long ago that there isn't a place for politics here. I love politics and would enjoy the debate, but not here.

This is the greatest tweak ever! 😲 No, wait, THIS is the greatest tweak! Whoa! I take it back! OMG! THIS is the greatest tweak! Three years time compressed for brevity. 🤠

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” - Chicken Little 🐥
Enthusiasts get enthusiastic when they find something that really makes a difference, and they want to share it with other enthusiasts. It's that simple. Do we go over the top a little bit sometimes when sharing our experiences? Sure, but it's because of our genuine passion for music and it's reproduction.

 I've been around enough to know a shill when I see one, and Frank is definitely not one. I'm getting awfully sick of people coming in here for no other apparent reason than to throw around these accusations and disparagements for their own amusement.

When you see someone has a history of making these kinds of posts in numerous other threads, what other conclusion can you draw?
is it better than other less expensive solutions?

how do you know?

show me the listening tests or the very very least comaparisons
For those who are stricken by the banter going back and forth in this thread ... surely you can find a ’safe place’ to hide out until the vapors pass. :-)

By the way, with thousands of dollars invested so far and years of research at stake by the producer of "Total Contact," I find nothing wrong with pointing out who the destroyers and looters are. They need to be called out for what they are, who they are, and what their intentions are.

As far as I’m concerned, they are attempting to destroy those with an entrepreneurial spirit and even the free enterprise system itself. Again, they are destroyers and looters.

This particular thread is not the first time ... they do it every time. Want proof? Go back and reread the Red and Blue fuse threads. These are sick individuals who want to tear down anything positive that comes their way. Why else would they be so vehement in their efforts to knock products they haven’t used, haven’t seen or haven’t heard? Not to mention individuals they haven’t met.

I’ve been around a lot longer than most who post here. Over the years, I’ve seen this same type of yahoo in business ... always knocking the more successful person and continually undermining everything positive in their pathway ... and then being angry about their own lack of success.

It never seems to occur to them that they are being out-worked and out-learned by the more successful. They attribute the success of others to luck or perhaps even something nefarious, while they remain the pathetic victim.

It never occurs to them that money is nothing more than a scoreboard reflection of one’s service to others. They can’t fathom the thought that they would get what THEY want by helping others get what they want FIRST. They sing their "whoa is me" sad song where ever they go and to whomever will listen ... as if anyone really cares.

Oddly enough, upon careful observation, one finds that they usually wear their hats on backwards to boot.

If I make a post, or start a thread, to share my positive experience with a particular product, I pretty much know ahead of time who is going to show up and spew their negativity. I dearly wish this forum had an “ignore list” feature, like some others.
Beta testers should always try to be enthusiastic when they post. Wouldn’t that be understood?  🤑
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"Beta testers should always try to be enthusiastic when they post."  

If the product is bunk, why would they be enthusiastic? How about just being objective? If the product has merit, the enthusiasm will shine through.


Frank wrote:
"As far as I’m concerned, they are attempting to destroy those with an entrepreneurial spirit and even the free enterprise system itself."

Yikes! Things are startin' to get mighty scary around here.
^^^ Yikes what?

This is nothing new. In fact history clearly shows that entire societies have fallen victim to these types.

Where do police states come from?  

With all due respect ... perhaps these are new thoughts for you?