New Tweak --- Its Fantastic


Over the good part of this past year I’ve been beta testing a new tweak, the name of which is "Total Contact." Its a hi-bred graphene contact enhancer that is different from all other contact enhancers that have come and gone for one reason or another. I’m not new to these contact enhancers, having had quite a bit of experience with a product developed by the late Brian Kyle and his "Quick Silver" contact enhancer. The "Total Contact" is different ... a LOT different.

"Total Contact" is graphene based and is not a vibration control. It eliminates micro-arching between two contacts. Micro-arching, much like Micro-vibration smears the sound in our stereo systems. Its the type of distortion that we don’t know is there .... until we eliminate it. There is no break-in as we know it. The sound is improved right off the bat, but what you hear is only a smidgen of what’s to come.

I tested three generations of "TC," each of which was an improvement over the previous incarnation. The final mix was cryogenitically treated and made for a more effective, much smoother application. It comes in a large hypodermic needle type plunger containing 1.5 ml of product and includes a instructional DVD and an application brush.

The application should be applied with a very thin coat to all of your electrical connections .... from your cartridge pins to your power cords. I did my entire system, including the ends of my fuses.

Upon initial application, you will notice an improvement in clarity, correctness of tonal balance and a more overall organic sound. But ... that is just scratching the surface of what this magic paste does. As it cures, the improvements become more apparent. Much more!

There are two real break-through events that happen almost to the day with "Total Contact," one at four weeks and another at eight weeks . At four weeks, you’ll get a real jump in clarity and overall improvement. That’s only a taste though of what’s to come at eight weeks. At eight weeks your system’s focus will make a jump in SQ that is so real - its surreal.

After 40 years in the hobby, and a total tweak nut, I have never heard anything that does what this graphene paste does. The see-through clarity at eight weeks becomes simply amazing. The "paste" eventually cures into a kind of polymer plastic and it seems that the sound improves with each listening session. So, its important that you leave your contacts alone for the duration. If you’re the type of person that continually switches wires in and out, you’ll have to re paste until enough time has elapsed to get "the cure."

The only problem I had was with the first batch and that had to do with shorting out a tube pin in the line stage. Use the "TC" very sparingly on tube pins, if at all. I only had problems with the line stage tube pins. The Amp, CD Player and Phono Stage has had no tube pin problems at all.

Tim Mrock, one of our fellow A’goners, is the developer of the product. Its taken Tim 15 years and several patents to get it right. Tim has "pasted" every electrical contact he can find in his audio system, all of the switches in his circuit breaker box, every contact in his car ... and has used it in commercial applications such as hospital circuit breakers, surgical lights ... and other places where efficiency and long life of electrical components are deemed important.

This product is highly recommended to anyone who truly wants to get the most out of his/her audio systems. There’s enough product in each tube to do at least two audio systems as it just takes a very thin coat on each application to be effective. The last tube was enough to do my system twice and then a friend’s system this past weekend.


PS: There were a couple of other A’goner beta testers of this product as well. Hopefully, they will chime in here with their experiences for comparison. I "pasted" both of Steve Fleschler’s systems a few days ago, perhaps he will comment on his results too. We forgot to paste Steve’s power cords though, so there’s a lot more to be had from Steve’s two fantastic systems.

Or magnets as I use. Sounds like the application to the entire magnet will apply to my use only. On a standard fuse do the fuse holder and the endcaps only. 
Do it have the fuse that many use. Tom
Question, there's a graphene contact enhancer presently being sold on-line by -. Is this one and the same as the tweak being spoken of here? The price point is significantly different.

I see that Frank only mentioned the 2 original patents..and as you stated, neither mention graphene as a content in the mix. The primary difference between those 2 patents was being more precise on what and how many different products and uses this mixture can benefit.

I can tell you that after the application of Total Contact to the posts of my deep cell marine battery that powers my dac..that the time to reach a full re-charge  has been reduced as much as 25%..I plan on doing an application to my wife's hybrid when the weather permits.

I had used the Quicksilver products in the past and they made some difference. The Total Contact product makes much more difference out of the gate and is much more linear in progressive improvement over time. The resulting sound is like a reach out and touch it presentation..2chn.. surround sound just much more round and coherent   The Quicksilver product while good was always in a variable sound state it could be 1 step forward and 2 steps back...I never had that negative state in my mind's ear with the Total Contact. My thoughts are,  there is a larger proportion of solids to the binder solution and with the addition of the graphene component makes for even greater conductivity than there ever was in the Quicksilver line of  products.  Tim Mrock of Total Contact is a co patent holder along with the deceased Brian Kyle of the 2 patents posted by Almarg. ...Tom
With the contact enhancer there will be 3 conductive surfaces. The internal magnetic particles as a compressed granular material will have one dispersive shear speed vs. the higher speed nickel plating that acts as protective outer coating from corrosive elements and then the higher conductive material applied on the outside. Just need to remove some covers and magnets and apply the solution.Tom
Tom, I don’t think I believe you. There was no Quicksilver line of products. There was Quicksilver, then the new and improved Quicksilver Gold with Gold content maybe 12 years ago or whatever. If you say you got only modest gains I either don’t believe you or your system needs serious upgrading. Maybe you have too much shear. 😛
2 products 1 line. 

And your reference product is gone. And you have only used one of these products.. So what is your comparison? Geoff I don't believe you have used both products so you have 0000 reference for anything stated here. You only have exposure for 1 product not 2. ( I believe you don't think.) I remixed your  own words for you..and now they read with greater accuracy. 
And while I am at it ...How's your boom box and headphones perform in your condo? Still much too loud for your neighbors? And this was an upgrade from your modest system before? Tom

Quoted for emphasis:

Ha! Just when we thought shysters had milked naive audiophiles of all but their loose change, up comes even better "contact enhancement." I'll now sign off and continue to chuckle.

Good comeback, Tom! Nevertheless, I still don’t believe you. Is that wrong? 😳
Okay, geoffkait, here are the links advertising Quicksilver Gold and a Positive Feedback review
Apparently, it is almost the same as the Total Contact but had to be refrigerated and vacuum sealed after opening.  It also did not sound good upon immediate application but took time to "gel."  Total Contact sounded good immediately and Frank did not refrigerate or vacuum seal his syringe of emulsion.  So, yes, QG was a bargain, but it is no longer available.  The next better thing at higher expense is TC which is why I am buying it.  I have not tried any other of the contact enhancer products. I am satisfied that TC will fill my needs with an ample supply for $300.
Guyz ...

1.  There is no website for Total Contact at this point in time.  Stay tuned. 

2.  While Brian Kyle's Silver based product was good initially, it eventually degraded the sound. "Total Contact" keeps improving the sound. 

3.  Total Contact is a graphene based product. Brian Kyle's was not. 

4.  I have used both Brian Kyle's product, eventually removing all of it because of the eventual degradation in sound quality ... and now the "Total Contact," which is trans formative when applied to audio products. 

5.  I have done my entire system with Tim Mrock's "Total Contact." There has been NO degradation in SQ in any of the three versions I've tried, including the best of all ... the last version. It just continues to improve as time passes ... even after the 4 and 8 week breakthroughs. This is the version that is cryo'd and the one that will be available for sale as the final product. 

6.  Based upon my experience with contact enhancers, "Total Contact," considering the major improvement it brings to one's audio system, is well worth the asking price. For the price of one tube - $299.99 - its like upgrading one's system with much more expensive electronics or speakers. Its worth the money just for the 8 week jump in SQ. Personally, I've never heard anything quite like the super clarity that occurs at that 8 week point. Uncanny, really. 

7.  I tried the SR Black and the SR Blue fuses without the "Total Contact," and with it. With it was clearly the better option. Like the other applications to power cords and IC's for example, the results are the same type of improvement in SQ. So go ahead ... paste the end caps of your fuses and you'll get an improvement there also. It works on every electrical contact from your circuit breakers to your speaker terminals. 

8.  Over the years I've used Pro Gold contact enhancer and the Red  to clean my contact areas. The "Total Contact" product is clearly night and day better and serves a different purpose. 

Yes, there are other contact enhancers out there. Some are based upon Brian Kyle's work, and others are an attempt to get the graphene technology to work. 

 As I said before, one of the major keys is in the binder. If you don't get the binder right, the graphene won't mix correctly and you end up with an oily mess.  There is no oily mess with the "Total Contact." Its a real break through. 


It just goes to show you how much jibber jabber and misinformation there is out there in the wild blue yonder. I used Quicksilver Gold just this morning on my headphone jack and two AA batteries of my Walkman CD player. Wonderful sound right out of the box, very low in distortion, dynamic and smooth and refined. Sounds like real music! I would even go so far as to call the sound spectacular. You guys don’t seem to have a good handle on what’s going on. You got links for me, I got nothin’ for you. 😛

An ordinary man has no means of deliverance. - old audiophile saw
Sorry to say Frank, and I do hate to be disagreeable, your comments regarding Quicksilver Gold are quite incorrect. As I just posted the QG is very good right out of the box, outstanding really, and continues to improve for a few hundred hours. QG doesn’t degrade or any such thing. I’ve examined joints done with QG years later and they are pristine, dry but like a layer of silver. They are supposed to dry over time. The medium is not the message. The misinformation and disinformation are rampant in this hobby. 

I haven't seen anyone on this tread mention

 (Sil Clear/ silver contact enhancer.)

I've been using this product for some time.Found it faithful to its claims..

Proper connections prep is KEY.Several hour of burn time has been

my experience. Blind test: Treatment ONE CHANNEL ONLY.

All components For instant A/B. Results NO-QUESTION!!

Is it the very BEST. It works 4 ME! Until a different Bus comes along.


Uh, Silclear was mentioned yesterday about 20 posts ago. Silclear is OK, not bad. A better bus came along fifteen years ago as fate would have it. Snooze, you loose. 😴

GQ cost $125/2 grams back in 2014.  It was listed for sale on audiogon (unknown date) for $200/4.5 grams with a very detailed review of it's beneficial properties.

In 2010, an audiogon forum deried the longetivity of Walker and GQ as of that date.  It apparently deteriorated after one year and required reapplication.  Most posters were in accord  Maybe geoffkait had Mr. Kyle's latest GQ batch which was improved over 2010 batch.

Since I don't have access to GQ, it will be TC for me when available.
Sorry, the link you posted was filled with knuckleheads, trolls and the usual misinformation and disinformation from the usual suspects. No wonder the audio hobby is stuck in first gear. 

You’ve got links for me, I’ve got nothing for you. 😬
Tried Sil-Clear years ago. IMO, the minor positive effect wasn't worth the effort/mess.

Got a whole container. Anyone want it?
That may be good but NASA has been using Stabilant  for dome time with a minimum of 12 years before having to reapply 
If not moved. Once cleaned , 99% alcohol  recommrnded
And goid to 450 degrees ,enhances and protects conductivity
On tube pins easy yo hear the difference as well as every contact 
In your system . Graphene may or may not sound slightly better 
Stabilant is non toxic and not messy even comes with applicator brushes.  Cleaning all contacts well is a must for all  contacts.
Cain applicators are great, not so much for the pro gold .
Has anyone tried Walkers Audio E-SST contact enhancer? I don't know anything about these type of products but it seems to be similar with pretty much the same promised sonic improvements. Obviously such claims are easy to make and are pretty much the same claims made by many tweaks. Having said that either the silver based E-SST or Graphene based Total Contact are intriguing. 
Again ... I have used Caig products, both the Pro Gold and the Red contact cleaner. It always sounded a little bright after the initial applications and took maybe half of a listening session to finally calm down. Good stuff overall though. I know people who use Caig Pro Gold about once a month on all of their contacts. 

I used Brian's Gold/Silver paste extensively, eventually having to take it off because of the sound degradation. I really wanted it to work as Brian and I became friends, even hooking up at the CES in Vegas with the two of us going from room to room trying to demonstrate his product to the various dealers, distributors and manufactures. We got one major electronics manufacture to try it out ... and to the delight of all, it made a significant improvement in his room. 

I have used three sets of Tim Mrock's "Total Contact" graphene paste over the past year, each incarnation of which continued improving. No negatives to report except for one shorted tube ... my fault on this one. I don't recommend pasting the tube  pins all the way to the glass. Just about a quarter way up the tube pin should do, if you do the tube pins at all. 

Geofffkiat ...

You can believe it or not believe it ... but as we will find out when it starts getting used by other members here, "Total Contact" blows the rest of what's out there, present or past, including the Quicksilver Gold  into the dust bin of audio history. 

Mac48025 ...

My understanding is that the Walker product is a LOT ... a LOT like Brian Kyle's.  Pretty much the same sound signature. The graphene/binder in"Total Contact" takes the technology to a new planet. Again, the clarity that pops open at the eight week point is incredible. 


is there a "build-up" issue when applying this stuff ? someone mentioned its easy to clean but did he/she consider inside the speaker terminals ? or where the pins make contacts ?  that can't be easy to reach...
Frank, thanks for the purple prose. ☂️ It’s fascinating how someone who gets a free product seems obligated to defend the product to the death. Hail to the Beta testers! If you could hear what I’ve heard with my ears....
Post removed 
oem-wheels ...

The initial application is all you need unless you start removing and reconnecting your contact points. 

Geoffkait ...

"Free"  has nothing to do with my evaluation. If it didn't sound right, or the product degraded the sound, I'd say so. I feel NO obligation to report that something is a positive thing when it is not. 

You realize that you are questioning my honesty, right? Was there anything in my evaluation of the SR fuses .... from the original Red fuse thread, right through the Blue fuse thread, that would  lead you to believe that I'm a dishonest person? If so ... name it. If you cannot name it, then perhaps you should be a little more sensitive and therefore more socially acceptable in your writings. In other words, think before you press the "post your response" button. 

Geoffkait ...

"Free" has nothing to do with my evaluation. If it didn’t sound right, or the product degraded the sound, I’d say so. I feel NO obligation to report that something is a positive thing when it is not.

You realize that you are questioning my honesty, right? Was there anything in my evaluation of the SR fuses .... from the original Red fuse thread, right through the Blue fuse thread, that would lead you to believe that I’m a dishonest person? If so ... name it. If you cannot name it, then perhaps you should be a little more sensitive and therefore more socially acceptable in your writings. In other words, think before you press the "post your response" button.


>>>>>Whoa! Hey, let’s keep this civil! I never said you were dishonest or even intimated it. I said you were incorrect. See the difference? Think of it as a friendly disagreement. Also, as I already intimated, I’d opine you’re going a little bit overboard promotion wise, considering usually the “tit for tat” is supposed to be free product (the Beta Test) in exchange for favorable comments, not some sort of year long crusade. Capish? 
Deer Geoff,

I would love to buy a container of Quicksilver Gold from your private stash as mine some years back turned to lava rock. Tom


I don't know how good SilClear was or wasn't 17 years ago period you mention.

But very few companies " Stand perfectly still for 17 years in today marketplace." They! SilClear has reformulated several times. Is their 2017 offering I purchased a little better, much better, or no better?  My comments where base on the 2017 SilClear Bus ride experience only.



I don't know how good SilClear was or wasn't 17 years ago period you mention.

But very few companies " Stand perfectly still for 17 years in today marketplace." They! SilClear has reformulated several times. Is their 2017 offering I purchased a little better, much better, or no better? My comments where base on the 2017 SilClear Bus ride experience only.


Deer Geoff,

I would love to buy a container of Quicksilver Gold from your private stash as mine some years back turned to lava rock. Tom

>>>>>Dear Tom, sorry to hear it. Sounds like operator error. Geoff
Looks like the OP still has not come forward with info on those alleged patents.

Just a term of endeerment. Even someone of your character status needs very little. Tom
Geoff ....

If you think something is "free" when you spend a year evaluating a product in three difrferent versions, taking each one off before the other one is applied, then taking copious notes as the product "breaks in," continually being in contact with the person you are doing the testing for, and finally writing about your conclusions, I have a bridge to sell you.

" Frank, thanks for the purple prose. ☂️ It’s fascinating how someone who gets a free product seems obligated to defend the product to the death."

’Whoa! Hey, let’s keep this civil! I never said you were dishonest or even intimated it. I said you were incorrect. See the difference?"

Geoff ...

No, I don’t see where you said I was "incorrect" at all. Obligated to defend the product to the death? You mean even if the product being tested sounds like crap, but because the tester got a sample for "free" it obligates the tester to promote it regardless of sound quality? That’s not accusing someone of being "incorrect" my friend, its calling the person doing the testing a liar. See the difference? In other words Geoff ... Capish?

And by the way Geoff, how would you know that my evaluations are "incorrect," when you haven’t tried the product in question and have no idea of what I, and others are hearing with the product? Or, perhaps you have tried it and have some concrete conclusions of your own. If so, spell it out.

Other than just grabbing at vapors for effect, how about admitting that hey .... you liked Brian’s contact enhancer (as did I), but advancements have been made in this hobby. Maybe these guys are on to something. As good as they were Geoff, we have moved beyond Fisher 500’s.

Lay the cards on the table Son, lay them on the table. :-)


Frank never said this graphene based product was patented..he did make a correction and say Tim Mrock the designer of this new formula is partner of two other granted patents. Not several.Tom

I couldn't agree more.  Me thinks the boyz here were having a bit of whimsy or some other smoke-able or drinkable intake to see which "fish" would take their bait coated heavily with snake oil. 
Tom, I’m a little curious, who appointed you Damage Control Officer? In fact, and I’m not trying to be mean, why are you even here?
Geoff ...

Again, do you consider what you write before hitting the "Post" button?

"Frank, whatever."
 "...why are you even here?"

"I’m not trying to be mean ..."

Really, Geoff? You're not trying to be mean? Then what in hell is your intent? State it Junior.

My intent is to educate and entertain. Think of me as a song and dance man. And I’m not your Junior, Junior.
^^^ "To educate and entertain?" I see. Same delusions as those suffered by that good old boy and laugh a minute  Ted Bundy.

Again, what is your intent? Name it.

And by the way Geoff, at my age most people on the planet are my Junior, Junior ...

Slaw / In both directions of course. 
geoffkait / You seem to be a tweeker. I thought you would be all in with this. 
Boxer, You thought I’d be all in what? The thinly disguised advertising by proxy marketing ploy? 😛
"Marketing Ploy!". Holy moly, Geoff...I didn't think you would recognize one.  I totally respect you know.  Well....kinda, sorta.
What’s weird is nobody among the chosen few, from what I can tell, has used the new product on black or blue or ANY fuse, for that matter. What’s up with that? That’s what we audio insiders refer to as a no brainer. 🧠 I’m mean, come on, people! Get with the program!
So reviewers (like Oregonpapa) can get free or extremely discounted snake oil product (TC, fuses, cables etc) in “tit-for-tat” exchange for making wild ridiculous marketing claims all over the net? (Yup - this TC tweak is better than a whole new set of electronics my boys - trust me I am independent and speak only the truth)

So reviewers can then sell the used discounted cables at a later date close to list price for a tidy profit (when the latest and greatest new model of discounted cable arrives) - the wilder and more widespread the claims the more profit?

Who da thunk it?


Anyone see the film “The Sting”? Anyone heard of how a ponzi scheme or confidence trickster works?
Fairly new here fellas but, I thought I`d distract from the tone of this tread and ask a few questions. A rough date for the official release of this product has been mentioned however, is there any word yet how it may be sold? Direct on-line or through vendors? What makes this graphene contact enhancer fundamentally different to the graphene product presently being sold on-line now? I`m intrigued by the possibilities this enhancer may hold. 
I may have missed it, but does TC come with a 30 day trial money back? Return unused portion?