New Aurender conductor V4 app

Just downloaded and am trying out the new version of Conductor.I like a few things about it immediately,mostly the added link to Wikipedia for artist info, but am not wild about having to make two actions instead of one to add a new song to the playlist. I get why you need to do that for the new features but Its a bit clunky.I think I,ll probably prefer it long term ,but just getting used to it now.Anyone else have any thoughts?


It looks too much like the iPhone app. I don't like that it doesn't have the Play triangle on the album's song listing showing which track is currently playing. I do like the feature of changing the size of the album covers, making it much easier to read when large and listing more albums in view when small. 

So far so good for me. This is why it is a beta. They are looking for input from users. I would find it hard to believe they will not find this thread.

Thanks , been listening to my new second system a lot and haven't used my N200 for a few weeks .  I'll have to check it out 

Looks like I need a new Tablet.   My Samsung isn't a high enough OS and can't run Conductor 4 .....

"It doesn't have the Play triangle on the album's song listing showing which track is currently playing."

I would consider that a major defect. Does it allow user to select cuts to play from a Qobuz playlist?

Is the entire app beta or just the Internet Radio vTuner? I got the impression it’s just the Radio vTuner.

I’ve always been disappointed that the Aurrender Conductor app doesn’t support Deezer. I use both Qboz and Deezer. In my opinion, Deezer is way more intuitive and easier to use!


Lovin' the Wiki link!

Glad I'm not dealing with this anymore. Replaced an Aurender with a Lumin and bought a lifetime subscription to Roon. Was really hoping that Aurender would have been compatible by this time... But the Lumin is really good anyway.


Now I think after using Roon I won't be able to go back to somebody's quirky interface.

Haven't downloaded yet. Does  the update show song selections on Radio Paradise like BluOS?

I used Conductor 4 last night and it is pretty good   Some new features like being able to choose the size of album art when viewing a grid 

The best feature is being able to render the image landscape.  I think it actually presents better and is easier to use landscape.  I hounded them about that.   

I have had the Beta V Tuner a few months and like it a lot   No album art when using V Tuner but it does show artist and song.  

new user feedback forum link too



Unfortunately older Android users that can’t update to OS 13 are out of luck.  I was long overdue for a new tablet so it was a good excuse to get one.  It’s more powerful than my P.C.  , it’s amazing what it can do .  I do everything on a tablet , I was able to install 4 on an old iPad but I like the Android platform 

Does the new Aurender conductor V4 App provide album sorting options for Qobuz favorites?

For example, can I sort my albums in alphabetical sequence by artist name, date added, alphabetical sequence by album name and date added.

What new features does it have?  What else can it connect to beside Tidal and QoBuz?


Does V4 have the Playlist Editor?  I cannot find it.  Won’t like it if it has been deleted. 

I updated to V4 today but I having trouble adding a song to a Qobuz playlist. If I do a search and find an album and I want to add a song from it to one of my playlists I can’t. When I tap the 3 dots it says add to playlist, but the Qobuz playilst do not appear anymore. Is there a trick?

I used the V3 on my phone. V4 for the phone seems nearly identical. I haven’t used the new version enough on my iPad to have any firm opinions yet. On balance, I find it very simple to use and have been happy. 

I went back to V3. I couldn't add a track to my Qobuz playlists by touching the 3 dots on the right of the track selection on V4.

@fthompson251, Aurender Conductor V4 is a beta version meaning everything might not work as it should.

As a product beta tester, please report your issues back to Aurender using the remote support request, assuming it works. If not, please send them an email.

I suggest send them all your product issues. Thanks

@marco1    No.  I read somewhere that it is a metadata incompatibility between Shoutcast and Radio Paradise.  Artist and song show on other Internet radio stations such as the JazzRadio Premium streams.  I listen to that a lot and the song and artist show briefly when first connecting and continually if you touch on the radio icon in the upper left corner of V4.

Artist and song also show on the SuperStereo stations but each of those stations cut out after a minute or two of play.  Zappa Radio (FLAC) also shows artist and song title but the bit rate seems low (e.g., poor quality audio).  

@hgeifman  it’s my understanding that V4 is a general release, not beta.  Only the Vtuner option is beta.  If V4 is beta, it is not indicated so in the app.  You are correct that issues should be reported.  I don’t work for Aurender, I’m just a satisfied user of their products. 

I can’t figure out how to re-order the songs in a playlist in v4. In v3 you put it in edit mode and the icon on the far right like 4-5 lines (not sure what you call it) would appear and you could drag to re-order the songs .. not available in v4. Using v3 still

They seemed to have changed things in V4 that worked fine in V3. whoever is in charge of their product management should be fired. You don’t fix what isn’t broken. And I haven’t seen any real-worthwhile improvements either. someone there doesn’t know how to product manage or upgrade-enhance software. 
I own the N200 by the way and use an iPad.
They will be getting a lot of feedback from me. But publicly calling them out for being stupid might help. 

I’ve downloaded Conductor 4. It’s terrible. I load songs into the queue and they are played in a random order even though I don’t want random play. What used to be easy to do is now not intuitive. Conductor 3 was much better. Why break a product that works. Someone needs to yank this app and fix it!

“I load songs into the queue and they are played in a random order even though I don’t want random play”

That’s sounds like a user error….lol. Take a look at random icon, next to forward icon, very likely it’s highlighted. I have been using V4 app over a month now and never had this issue. Took me little time getting used to menu/sub menus but overall I’m very pleased with the ‘fresh’ appearance and how everything is layered intuitively.

This is a bump to try to get a new feature added to Conductor - Album Favorite. I had an N20 which I thought sounded very good. This year I upgraded to an N20 which sounds excellent, and will be my final server. I listen exclusively to local files. 

I found Conductor to be somewhat clunky compared to BluOS which I had used for years. BluOS has two features which should be standard on every player - favorite album (along with song) and access to Amazon Music. These two are lacking on Conductor, although support tells me they are on the future feature list. When you ID a song as a favorite, it also shows up on the fave album list - but not the whole album, just the song. I find it overly clicky to have to navigate from the album list to the song then to the album to play the entire album. Favorite album is obviously a standard feature, and should be very easy to replicate from the code for favorite song.

Aurender: bring you standard feature set up to industry standards!

+1 @lalitk 

been using V4 for months and I find it worth the slight struggle to get used to it for the automatic suggestions in the queue alone. I love all the new music I’m hearing for sure.

would like it if tracks could be reordered in a playlist like in V3. Maybe that is possible but haven’t figured it out yet.

N10 is sounding amazing and digging on V4.

@pokey77 reordering in queue is easy - just press on the song and slide it either up or down. And in playlist to do this edit it then grab the song and move it. 

On iPad you have to edit the queue then hold your finger on the song you want to move for like 2 secs until it highlights, then slide up or down. Do not lift your finger off the selection until you are done moving it. Same in playlist.