Most annoying song, period.

Sorry if I'm replicating a thread.    I've been wanting to say this for years:  Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up.  What's yours?
A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie
That Cher song where her voice gets an eleotronic modulation.
That's two for now...
Joe Cocker's live version of the Beatles' "With a Little Help from my Friends."
Feliz Navidad in English and Spanish.

As someone raised bilingual, this song is an abomination in both languages.
The live version of Hotel California. I just cringe every time. It is just so over.
Just Google "worst song ever" and it appears there are many choices. Something I wasn't familiar with is Chinese Food by Alison Gold. It's extremely bad, but for something I know, it would have to be Paul Anka - Having My Baby. Play that one nowadays in a public place with a crowd of people and no doubt there would be a backlash.

Wildfire. “She ran calling wildfire”! We’ll be riding wildfire! Now I won’t be able to sleep. Thx 
One was "Surfer Bird" by The Trashmen.  The other was a version of "Summertime" by I don't remember who, but it was in the late '60s.  There were others, but these two stand out.
The song was Surfing Bird by the Trashmen.  I kind of liked that song.

Big plus 1 for any Yoko Ono song, especially the one that was very long and consisted of her caterwauling.  I have repressed the name of it. 
@boxer12, how could you hate Mandy? It is beautiful in the world that it exists in.
I always thought of "Surfin' Bird" as a satire, and found it to be kind of funny in a likable sort of way.  Although I don't know how serious or satirical it was intended to be.

Among songs that are well known and were huge commercial successes, my pet dislike is "Hey Jude," by The Beatles of course.  And I say that as one who is a fan of much of The Beatles' music. 

-- Al

Sunshine Day by Osibisa.

Most annoying mostly because once it gets in your ear it does not come out for decades. I am still trying to shake it off.

Shouldn't have read this thread.Now I have a playlist of earworms to sing to myself for days.We'll have joy we'll have fun we'll have seasons in the sun.....oh honey da da da da da da oh sugar sugar......
As for a top 40 song, one that has haunted me since the 70s was the Carpenters “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day)”. Are we trying to drive aliens away?
Higher Love by Steve Winwood. In large part because it was on a loop of about 8 songs that played at an Arby's I worked at one summer in high school.  
So easy to drive a stake into the heart of Yoko Ono, but take a moment to reconsider "Walking On Thin Ice" (Elvis Costello did).
I've always considered "we built this city" by jefferson starship the worst song ever.
“ Long tall glasses” You know I can’t dance... By Leo Sayer. Pretty much any song by Leo Sayer.
Kinda cheating here - sorry, but can't resist a 4 part reply. Paul McCartney - "Wonderful Christmas Time", "Yes I'm Ready" by Barbara Mason, and ANYTHING by Taylor Swift or Rascal Flatts.
Ok, 16f4 wins for a moment (and we all lose). 1-877-KARS...must be the ultimate parasite of a song but it has been done so well that it crossed into the art.

For anyone annoyed by Seasons in the Sun (by Terry Jacks, I suppose), try Le moribond by Jacques Brel. The same song that Brel actually wrote.
But Joe Queenan may have said it best:

“For years, I'd been vaguely aware of Michael Bolton's existence, just as I'd been vaguely aware that there was an ebola virus plague in Africa. Horrible tragedies, yes, but they had nothing to do with me. All that changed when I purchased a copy of The Classics. When you work up the gumption to put a record like The Classics on your CD player, it's not much different from deliberately inoculating yourself with rabies. With his heart-on-my-sleeve appeals to every emotion no decent human being should even dream of possessing, Michael Bolton is the only person in history who has figured out a way to make "Yesterday" sound worse than the original. He's Mandy Patinkin squared. His sacrilegious version of Sam Cooke's "Bring It on Home to Me" is a premeditated act of cultural ghoulism, a crime of musical genocide tantamount to a Jerry Vale rerecording of the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK" And having to sit there, and listen while this Kmart Joe Cocker mutilates "You Send Me" is like sitting through a performance of King Lear with Don Knotts in the title role. Which leads to the inevitable question: If it's a crime to deface the Statue of Liberty or to spraypaint swastikas on Mount Rushmore or to burn the American flag, why isn't it a crime for Michael Bolton to butcher Irving Berlin's "White Christmas"?”
almarg: "I always thought of "Surfin’ Bird" as a satire, and found it to be kind of funny in a likable sort of way. Although I don’t know how serious or satirical it was intended to be."

Hello Al,

     I’ve always thought the same about "Surfin’ Bird" by the Trashmen being a satire.  I love that song but always thought the words were "Bird, bird, bird, bird is a whale" until I discovered he was actually singing "Bird, bird, bird, bird is the word".
     It’s a fairly common sight when surfing with whales around. From a distance when paddling out, a seagull standing on a surfaced whale looks like the bird’s standing on the water. I like my version of the lyrics better, which are almost as cool as this old classic video of the Trashmen performing the song live:


     Speaking of cool, here’s another newer video classic of Christopher Walken dancing cool to Fat Boy Slim’s "Weapon of Choice":

Ignoring obvious earworms like Disney's "It's a Small World" that need a good week to get out of your head, lots of truly annoying songs are relics of the best-forgotten Disco era. Others should appear on a "never-play-any-of-these-songs-ever-again" list signed under penalty of death by every DJ hired for a wedding or other function. (And of course, some of the very worst fit into both categories!)

For example, here are a few songs I'd be happy to never hear again:
  • 'Celebration' - Kool & the Gang
  • 'We Are Family' - Sister Sledge
  • 'Love Shack' - B52's
  • 'YMCA' - Village People
  • 'Macarena' - Los Del Rio
  • 'Brick House' - The Commodores
  • 'Electric Slide' - Marcia Griffiths
And my all-time favorite: 'The Time of My Life' by Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley -- a hugely overplayed song that's expanded from weddings to TV commercials, where it easily crosses that fine line between 'memorable' and 'annoying'...
Surfin’ Bird was one of the period songs on soundtrack of Full Metal Jacket. Here’s the YouTube clip of the Trashmen,

Funny thread, I'll vote later,

luckily it led me to something good, and back to something I already knew was good

geoffkait , after viewing the very funny Surfin Bird video, thanks for that, this video just popped up next:

Ram Jam - Black Betty video.

I didn't know a thing about it, head down, paying college loans for 8 years, I missed a lot.

I found this 'Story of Black Betty'.

Main speaker is Myke Scavone,

I just happen to know these guys, a great NJ Band called the Doughboys.

I haven't seen them in a while, I was surprised to see Myke was/is? now touring with the Yardbirds

Gar Francis, aka Plainfield Slim is terrific as are the others.

The Birdie Song by The Tweets was pretty irritating but there is rather a lot of competition.
John Cage's 4 minutes 33 seconds is annoying by its very existance.
Bobby McFerrin - "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
I like it.  EVERYONE I've played it for has stuck their finger in their throat and made the "I'm gagging" face.
Paul Anka - Having My Baby.

My brother in law, back in 1979... as a projectionist at a theater... played that over and over and over, for the opening of every showing of ’Alien’.

No one in the audience knew why, at first...but they soon found out.

Higher Love by Steve Winwood.

I changed that one to "Bring me a rye and coke"....."think about it...there must be rye and coke"

My Sharona-The Knack

Cheech Marin redid that song

And to the op, the Foo Fighters rickrolled some +30k people. With Rick’s personal help...

That such fun can be had in this world...