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You've run some pretty fancy MC's, but the _______ MM cartridge really impressed me
London Decca, though you need the right arm to tame it, or a damping trough. A Naim Aro was only any good with original mono cuts, an 18g eff mass Schröder Reference makes it behave itself but could be considered overkill. I’m waiting to see what ... 
What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
I don’t think I’ve met one, perhaps I’ve been lucky.  
Anyone Using Apple Music Classical?
Have they finally got around to doing something with Primephonics?  
Something strange with imaging
Image position follows the tweeter, as I found out when one of mine failed. You’ve established that the issue is somewhere before the phonostage, a dameged cable with a higher capacitance on one channel might be involved but I think it a long sho... 
Something strange with imaging
The image was pulled to the right but centred when the cables were reversed, not pulled to the left? Which cables and what happens when they’re returned to the original way round? Could be that swapping them cleaned the connections.  
What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
They learned their trade playing rock and roll in Hamburg before they became a pop band and towards the end of their career there are some distinctly rocky tracks, on the White album particularly. Fitting rigid categories to bands isn’t always eas... 
Second MC Cartridge Choice.....Tokyo
“While I love detail it is an organic sound I am after.....with a liquid mid-range.“ This does rather point to an SPU, does the Luxman have, or can you add,  enough counterweight to balance one? The Royal N was suggested above and of the cartridg... 
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
With only two tracks to listen to I’d give up, audio drag racing just isn’t the point.  
what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?
Townshend Rock mk2, also known as the Elite Rock. Bought for £500 in 1990. I’ve run a Rega 300 (with the damping trough) and a Naim Aro and now a Schröder Reference (without) since my Artemis is playing up again. The Rock is more resolving but may... 
Phono Pre Gain
My phono stage has 64dB gain and it’s enough for an SPU Royal N quoted at 0.2mV. you won’t have a problem with the similar output from the AT beyond maybe remembering to turn the volume down a little when switching to a digital input.  
SPU People: I love my Royal N. Which SPU will I like even better?
That was where I got the idea to try the Royal N in the first place but note his comments on SUT matching with it. A classic N or EN would be a better match to the stageline or wait for the Korf and try a G series pickup. Meanwhile there’s the ser... 
SPU People: I love my Royal N. Which SPU will I like even better?
I’m not using a SUT, though it’s something I’ll try in the future. I use a Naim MC only Superline upgraded with their supercap power supply. I load the Royal N with 220Ω and the Proteus with 100Ω, The arm is a Schröder Reference. I do have Naim’s ... 
SPU People: I love my Royal N. Which SPU will I like even better?
I had a Transfiguration Proteus before the Royal N and bought the Royal N because I expected it to be so different from the Proteus that I wouldn’t forever be comparing unfavourably, as I would had I gone back to my DV17D3. I ended up preferring t... 
SPU People: I love my Royal N. Which SPU will I like even better?
Did the 95 live up to your hopes for it? I’ve also fallen for the SPU Royal N but not heard any other SPUs. I have a heavy arm with removable headshell on the way to explore further.  
Relative Importance of Analog Components
I’d want the best turntable I could afford to start with even if compromising on the rest, I don’t want to be changing it very often, I don’t mind swapping in a better arm and particularly cartridge later, though sometimes the arm choice is more o...