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dCS Bartok Apex vs any similar priced DAC
You may want to look into The Premiere DAC by MSB Technology.  I believe it’s in the same price range as the Bartok.  MSB Technology is a California based audio company with highly regarded DAC’s. I have their Discrete DAC after 2 years of owning ... 
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein.   
Curious to know your streaming and dac set up and the best recommended streamer under $15k
@woots I have a very similar set up to you and have recently changed my DAC/streamer. I own the ARC Ref 160S amp, ARC Ref 6SE preamp and Roon Nucleus. Roon is my only source and I have now stopped using my CD player. I previously had those compone... 
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
Prince- When the Lights Go Down Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars   
Looking at best option for 20-25k for DAC Streamer combo
@kairosman I found the MSB DAC to be more natural sounding, had better separation between instruments and vocals as well as less fatiguing than the Lumin X1.  Only by a small margin, but enough for me to make a change.  
Looking at best option for 20-25k for DAC Streamer combo
@tontoverde +1 on your choice of MSB. I recently made the move from a Lumin X1 to MSB Discrete DAC/Streamer with dual power supplies after having both in my home and A/B testing them. The Lumin X1 is a wonderful DAC/Streamer and I would have likel... 
Acora speakers at Axpona
@ronboco No, I have not listened to any Rockport models to compare, but have heard wonderful things about them.    
Acora speakers at Axpona
RSF507, I own the SRC-1’s supported by Audio Research 6SE pre amp and 160S amplifier. My room is 15’ wide by 22’ deep. My equipment is on the narrow side of the room and the speakers are about 1/3 into the room. I’ve owned many different speakers ... 
Decide between ARC Ref 6SE and Aesthetix Calypso Eclipse
I recently spent an hour with the ARC REF 6SE (powered by ARC 160M mono blocks) with the Vandersteen Kento speakers and was very impressed.  Like you, I listen to a lot of jazz and classic rock. Great imaging, accuracy and huge soundstage. Unfortu... 
New Audiophile going crazy
I don’t see a problem here. 
Frustrated McIntosh Owner
So @oldhvymec, after my last update where I had talked to McIntosh customer support about the status of my MC611’s, they showed up at my local AD 8 days later.  They must have sensed my waning patience...  Anyway, I’ve installed them and have been... 
Frustrated McIntosh Owner
Follow up to my original post.As suggested by some of you, especially @hgeifman, I called McIntosh today. I was connected to Chuck, presumably the production manager.  He couldn't have been more helpful. Within 3 minutes he told me exactly where m... 
Frustrated McIntosh Owner
Thank you all for your comments and advice. Cheers! 
Favorite song to demo or test drive speakers?
Just a Little Lovin’ - Shelby LynneDuende- Bozzio Levin StevensBubbles- Yosi Horikawa 
Most annoying song, period.
I’m gonna be (500 miles) - The Proclaimers