Is there any fan of Mettalica here?



But it is not easy to reproduce the sound of Mettalica due to very high dynamics and bass.




I enjoy Metallica!  Their music is dynamic for rock not other genres such as some classical, jazz and opera music

Case in point is on the S&M album - with the San Francisco symphony - I understand they had to use their typical concern amp set up to match the sound of the symphony. 

 Big fan of Metallica, but mostly the first five albums.  I have a couple of tracks from Master of Puppets on a playlist that I have rolling most of the time.  I just got done listening to a bit of the Black album.


That is quite a Loudspeaker set-up. Yes, big fan of the band here.


Happy Listening!



Thanks for your compliment.


I enjoy Metalicca through my system.

Have a nice weekend!


I was at that original S&M concert conducted by Michael Kamen at Berkeley Community Theater way back when..... 

I  started paying attention to Metallica after reading the NY Village Voice review of MOP back in 1984. It was several years before I found the Elektra LP at my local Goodwill for $3. I already had the CD and did a comparison. I noticed an irritating high frequency grunge on the CD that wasn't present on the LP. The LP was way better sounding! Through the late 1980's and into the 90's Metallica became a staple on Rock FM radio. The band reached its peak with the Black album in 1993. From there it's been downhill with cr*p like Load/Reload, St. Anger, Death Magnetic ... up to the present day.

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Death Magnetic was the focus of a NY Times article about the Loudness Wars in present day pop/rock music. A dynamic range of 3 db! I had the CD and found it sounded awful. Of course most death/black metal/thrash over the past few decades sounds equally limited in dynamic range. 

Sandman - Mexico City

I do dig that song, but would rather be in an audience like the above getting ratcheted up to "tilt."

No on any and all counts.....but will not hold it against anyone, nor try to use it for ransoms... ;) *LOL*

Nor can one use my odd tastes in forms amusically related against me.

I will become obscurely vindictive.....

"OMG, it's locked up my streamer and it sounds like barnyard animals in Hell...

...and I can't turn The volume just...keeps going ....Up....!?"

I have always loved Metallica.  Until "Death Magnetic" came out.  I found it unlistenable.  I had my system adjusted to my usual volume setting and found myself continually getting up and turning the volume down further and further. The extreme compression and overdone equalization was more than I could take.  I stopped listening about 3/4 of the way through.  It went back in the case and straight to Goodwill..  

An old friend of mine here in San Francisco, Ron, came up with the name 'Metallica' for them.... 

Big fan! Just saw them live in August for their no repeat weekend show at Met Life. They still kick ass!

In addition to writing awesome music, their covers are superb! Here’s one of their latest covers…an old Deep Purple classic…


I like Metallica. Never heard of Mettalica.
Metallica’s first 4 albums are classics. I’m particularly fond of Master of Puppets.
Side note: if unfamiliar, check out Motörhead’s cover of “Whiplash.” Awesome.


Several Metallica recordings have gotten butchered/botched by the mastering guy on crack. It's unfortunate indeed. I've had to go to great lengths to salvage some Metallica, Maiden, Testament, etc.. their recordings.

If you're looking for a surprisingly high quality metal recording to test a hifi rig (for metal that is, in recent times), get the hirez master for a fairly new, but seemingly popular indian folk metal band called "Bloodywood". The album's name appears to be "Rakshak".

(Crank it up and don't forget to fasten the seatbelt on this one)


Opeth (Swedish prog metal band) is another decent option that didn't get all their recordings butchered by mastering guy on crack.


Demos, early live shows. They lost me after Justice. Then on a whim I picked up, the last 3-4 used. Pleasantly surprised. No respect earned, but descent enough releases.  

I enjoyed saint anger. Am I only one? I like the thin demo garagy flat sound, reminds me of tape trading in the 80’s.  Only prob w that release and many, WHERE ARE THE SOLOS KIRK?. buttpirate 


I liked St Anger as well, garage sound and all.


Happy Listening!

Long time. 

super busy, lots going on. 

im behind on releases, must catch up soon.  
will list purchases tomorrow, it’s 3 am

Certainly! Although I don’t actually want to reproduce concert sound at all. My goal, is, in fact, the opposite.