I Think We Can All Agree...

Now, here's something I think we can all agree is very much needed for survival of our kind. (In case you didn't catch it, I'm being facetious!)

kenmason….."Is this thread an oxymoron or what? One group of excess consumers questioning another! Only in America!"  

Hah, totally funny, I was thinking the same thing.  Up here in Vermont, tons of full size pickup trucks.  Can't put a snowplow on anything smaller.  Ok, the movie screen is a little over the top for Vermont, especially fall, winter, and during black and noseeum fly season, which in total is most of the year.
Is this thread an oxymoron or what? One group of excess consumers questioning another! Only in America!
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A new marketing employee obviously - first thing they do in the CPG business is change the packaging but this, LOL, will never get past the old heads. I guess there is only so much innovation in the car biz that makes you stand out.

If this is the best idea Ford can come up with it is no wonder the stock price is so pitiful. How would you like to have a boatload of money invested with them? And if you do, what would you say if they were to float this idea by you - LOL!!! I love my F150 but you gotta do better than this!
Just when I thought American car makers couldn’t get any more cheesy. It’s always gimmicks they rely on when instead they should focus on designing an interior that doesn’t become a rattle box after 20K.

Now they’re as ridiculous as Pimp my Ride.
If it doesn’t come with a popcorn popper, I’m definitely not gonna get one!

At red light a Beetle stops next to Bentley

- Excuse me sir, but do you have phone in your car?
- Yes I do
- So do I, but what about Fax?
- Yes I do
- So do I, how about TV?
- Yes I have TV
- I have TV too.  Do you have refrigerator?
- As a matter of fact I do have one.
- I have one too, over here, but do you have a double bed?
- No, I don't
- But I do !!!

Owner of the Bentley got very upset and went to dealership ordering them to install double bed no matter what it takes.  After that he started looking for the same Beetle and found it on the empty parking lot, with all the windows fogged up and engine running.  He knocked on the window.

- What do you want?
- Now I have double bed 
- And for that you took me out of the shower??!!

Sorry, I know this forum is not for jokes, but I'm trying to make a point.  This idea is next to insanity.  Would you take it to National Parks, State Parks, Camping sites etc. to pollute them with noise?  Even one addicted to TV can still compromise  buying smaller portable screen.
Maybe you could set up in the local park, set out a few chairs, a few 24 packs and charge admission.

Quick payback.
Wonder what the power draw is on the five channel surround sound? Better get a good battery.
Now just get Thule and Yakima to make their own versions; by putting it on the roof you could have an even larger screen!
C'mon down to Texas. We got trucks so badXXX that they have tandem wheels in front!!
(PS- I personally don't like driving trucks because they handle like... trucks). 

No shelter. Bunker. :)

Agreed that this is atypical of all that is wrong with modern America.

That's quite neat as all Fords end up being rather stationary.....lol
Next, they'll come equipped with Barcaloungers.

Heck yes, and kept about 40k in my pocket on purchase too... lol
340hp in less than 3000lb equals MASSIVE grins.
No other soundtrack required.....
See, there's this thing called a tailgate party, typically in the parking lot at concerts and games, where something like this would be just one more really cool thing to go with the barbecue, stereo, and booze. Boy there really is a disconnect in America....and I thought I led a sheltered life.... 
Here's how I see it-- somebody driving that thing with a film running, preferably an auto chase movie. 

Now all I need do is figure out how to pay for a vastly over priced and over sized vehicle that the vast majority of owners have no need of whatsoever.

Sorry rant over.

Quite happy with my Focus RS thank you, nowhere to even consider any of that malarkey fortunately ... Lol.