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A Sanely Priced Power Conditioner That Actually Works - OnFilter PDU
One needs to measure the DC on the mains to really know if DC blockers is actually needed. If it's not sufficiently large then it's not a problem.   Whereas EMI is a real problem. Given that we have LEDs all over the house then Washing Machines,... 
A Sanely Priced Power Conditioner That Actually Works - OnFilter PDU
helomech - surge protection is real. My furnace died b/c of the surge. Now I have surge protection for it and the entire house. EMI? Not really, IMO. We don’t do critical listening in an industrial environment... Surge protection is an entirely... 
Don't do anything!
What this forum needs is more click-bait thread titles.   
Do No Harm ... well the least harm anyway
The only way to do it with least detriment is digitally. And even then you’ll need to carefully choose the product.   
Help me build out my first system
Buy pre-owned gear  
A Sanely Priced Power Conditioner That Actually Works - OnFilter PDU
The only type of power conditioner that actually does something is a DC blocker. All others are designed to drain the wallets of the gullible.   
Preamp or DAC
You already have a top-flight DAC. The Coda pres are not nearly as good as their amps. As such, I think you’re better off going with a new preamp.  
Differences between Harbeth, Spendor, Graham, etc. ?
Hmmm….the only time I’ve heard Harbeth do vocals “exceedingly well” was when I hadn’t yet experienced lower distortion, higher resolution speakers. In more recent years I simply fail to hear what all the fuss is about with regard to their purporte... 
Borresen X3."Hi Fi" or High End as in natural realistic sound ?
Yeah in my audition the Axxess integrated produced some of those typical Class D traits, especially the roll-off of the lowest two octaves. Class D is leaps better than it was decades ago but I’ve still yet to encounter an amp of that topology tha... 
Borresen X3."Hi Fi" or High End as in natural realistic sound ?
The X3s are some of the most natural sounding speakers I’ve encountered if they are setup well and driven with decent (not necessarily expensive or esoteric) equipment. Both their midrange and treble is more refined than you’ll get from any of the... 
My new Borresen X3's
  The X3’s have two woofers, the two drivers under the tweeter.   The one above the tweeter is a mid-range driver. You probably read in the PTA review that the X3s are a 3-way speaker. That is incorrect however, they are 2.5-way, so the top ... 
My new Borresen X3's
@Steve59, Michael Børresen was the chief designer for both Raidho and its sister company, Scansonic, until a few years back when he left to do his own thing under his own name. It’s surprising you would ask such a question, considering this post ... 
My new Borresen X3's
I have recently added the Axxess Noir Resonance Control footers to my X3’s Brings the speakers to a different level, pricy but my dealer gave me a 30% discount, well worth it at full retail (-;   How much if any did they alter the soundstage?... 
My new Borresen X3's
Say What ? 30 yr. old speakers sound as good as any $11K speaker today...That’s quite a statement.....It’s too early in the day to be drinkin’...... Perhaps it was you who was “drinkin” since you completely misinterpreted my post, presumably du... 
Changing a speaker color
Vinyl wrap is a great idea if the cabinets are conducive to it. There are also products like 3M Dinoc that can produce a textured finish like faux carbon fiber (wouldn’t be my choice but it’s an option).