How Long Ago Since You Cried Listening To Music?

For me is was last weekend, The group "Sugarland" singing "Stay".
Shawn Colvin's "I've Never Seen Blue Like That Before" always brings me to tears...just beautiful.
When I realized I'd blown my right tweeter while listening to Miles Davis...

Seriously, Patty Griffith's "Rain" always makes me well up.
Actually happens every once in a while to me, esp if I sing along to Jackson Browne's Before the Deluge.
Music makes you cry? It might be time to see a shrink, sounds like you could be depressed or something.
Last week- Yo Yo Ma playing Morricone, last 2 cuts on the album- gets me every time.

Oh, as for Tp reaves' comment- you're kidding right? Music possesses emotive power- a fact recognized by nearly every culture. Lighten up..or better still, listen to better music.
Opening song at a concert last month.

It suddenly became clear that the sound reproduction was going to be awful, the opening act was nothing to write home about, the line to get beer was long and arduous, the large proportioned person in front of me was not going to sit down the whole evening, the gas pains recently developed would need to be tolerated rather than risk offense to the rather tough looking guy on my left, and my brother in law who drove and paid for the tickets was not going to be willing to leave early.

Didn't actually cry cause I'm not a sissy Mary but I sort of wanted to.
Only when LWP (listening while plastered). Yo Yo Ma doing Morricone? Got to check that one out, thanks Danlib.
09-01-11: Danlib1
Last week- Yo Yo Ma playing Morricone, last 2 cuts on the album- gets me every time.

Oh, as for Tp reaves' comment- you're kidding right? Music possesses emotive power- a fact recognized by nearly every culture. Lighten up..or better still, listen to better music.
No, I'm not kidding. If music makes you cry, that's fine. I just find the concept a little, shall we say, girlie-man!!! So cry on guys and gals and enjoy yourselves.
Ditto Josh Groban's "you raise me up" My mother's favorite song I had actually had someone sing it at her Funeral. Bless her sole.
Paul, if it was that Sugerland song with the incipiently-hysterical-woman-in-a-state-of-self-obsessed-desperation video you mean, I cried (or cried out), too -- although probably not for the same reason :).

But here was a surprising classic show-stopper for me: I volunteer-ushered some years back at the road troupe presentation of "Jesus Christ, Superstar" at the Palace Theater because a friend asked me to help out. In CONTEXT (and please try to forget all about the point-missing Helen Reddy version), the song "I Don't Know How to Love Him" was simply spellbinding. For human, not religious reasons.
This summer when hearing k.d. lang sing Hallelujah live at Wolftrap. The crowd gave her a six minute standing ovation.
Cummon you Testosterone-driven, Macho WWF-lovin', emotionless cage fighters! You gotta have a soft spot SOMEWHERE in your heart? No one song, ever? Have you never thought a song was sung, or performed so awesome that it touches your soul? No harm done having a good cry once in a while even if it seems to signal the presence of "GIRLIE-MAN" syndrome.

The only time I don't feel any emotion is when I am at a Death Metal concert, in the mosh-pit, watch groups like Slipknot and Slayer incite a friggin riot with songs like "Reign in Blood", or "Mandatory Suicide"...then I feel a compulsion to beat the shit out of some random stranger just for the fun of it. No emotion there!
(Just kidding! I'm being a smartass and pulling your chain), If music doesn't sometimes make you cry, that's ok too. Just feel free to beat hell out of your wife and go an a 3 state killing spree.
Crying no, but once I shit myself when I forgot that my amp's volume was at 12 and I started playing Machine Head.
It was so loud and so sudden. Oh boy..
Whenever I listen to the beginning of Nathan Milstein playing the Chaconne from Bach's Violin Partita #2. For me, this piece captures a life's experience, and it is the beginning, Birth, that brings tears to my eyes.

As for live performances, about two years ago, I heard Angela Hewitt play Book 1 of Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier, and her playing also brought tears to my eyes.

I cannot explain why Bach, that most logical of composers, affects me so.

Jim Crane
I apologize for somewhat inappropriate comment, but the OP really pissed me off in another thread. Also, I didn't quite do what I said I did but that was close.
Now, music can evoke very strong emotions and can have an incredible cathartic power. That's good. And the better the sound the more the power. The language of music is universal and to various degree understood by everyone.
I recall a past post from another member. Something like: (he) was listening to his system with a friend when the couch began to shake. He turned toward his friend only to find him silently crying. Of course, he took this as high compliment of his system's resolve!!:) Yes, certain music has always had power to move me, tho not to that type level and not in a sad way. It can help explain how we are all connected. I am inside their head and understand what/why those particular notes etc. Music is the truest art form.
Example: When I was five years old, I heard Louis Armstrong. I immediatly KNEW was he was doing. A true EPIPHANY!
09-04-11: Isochronism
I recall a past post from another member. Something like: (he) was listening to his system with a friend when the couch began to shake. He turned toward his friend only to find him silently crying. Of course, he took this as high compliment of his system's resolve!!:)

He probably just had gas !!!!!!!
Surprised by the posters who, apparently, don't find music to be emotionally moving. Makes me wonder why they bother with this hobby/pursuit in the 1st place.

Instead of a thread about whether or not a turntable makes one an audiophile, perhaps it should be; "if yr system doesn't make you cry, yr not an audiophile!?" ;)
I'm DEFINETLY NOT a "girlie man" but to make a statement like that is shallow IMO. Crying is NOT a weakness, I've cried at funerals, painful situations w/ personal life matters, movies, and many other things... and YES....some "MUSIC" can bring you to tears. I think perhaps it is "U" that need a shrink or "Something"....
Swell! As if the discord over tubes vs. solid state, analog vs. digital wasn’t enough; now we have macho men vs. crybabies.:-)
If you gotta put "I'm definetly not a girlie man" in caps....well, I'm just sayin'
"If your system doesn't make you cry, you're not an audiophile."

I'm not an audiophile. I have no problems accepting that.
I feel sorry for those who have never been brought to tears. I feel those that are brought to tears experience the music on a much higher level, are more involved with what the artist is trying to convey. Feeling more than just hearing. Those that get involved enough to tear up are hearing in color. Those that don't are hearing in black and white. Girlie-man? Sounds like a mannish-boy.
Just as having full range speakers are desirable to hear all of the music, so it is with full range emotions to feel all of the music.
Okay, I cried last night listening to Justin Bieber. Actually, I wanted to kill myself !!!! BTW,what's a Bieber?
"Music is the truest art form". Agreed. Even the best poetry read well sounds like music too. So do some dialogues or monologues in films.
This thread is amazing. Not only does music make me cry, but it also can also put a lump in my throat and control my heart rate and respirations. Not infrequently, I will sob uncontrollably. It's just that beautiful.

Heck, listening to Shostakovich #11 makes it difficult to even breath. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest - absolutely devastating.
Listen to Tom Harrell's song; 'Wise Children' on THIS day. If you feel nothing perhaps it's time for a new hobby!
There's a difference between "feeling nothing" and crying. You cryers think you have a monopoly on an emotional connection to the music?
We're talking about crying. Crying.
Do you cry when you drive a beautiful automobile? When you see a beautiful woman?
We're talking about crying.
Ever get a rush that starts as just a tingle, then increases, and envelopes your whole body until you can barely stand it? My first flight did that. Once I moved, the rush subsided. Since then, music has done it a few times. I've learned to sit still and enjoy.
Never cried while listening, but I'll bet the op was referring to music bringing tears. If it doesn't happen to you it's one of those things you'll just never know. Are you missing anything? Who knows?
Thanks Sebrof. Exactly what I was thinking, yet more articulate and nicer too.

Just because I don't cry to music or movies, or some other type of entertainment that makes others cry doesn't mean I'm some emotionless/soul-less douche bag that's not in tune with his emotions.

Music brings about a whole host of emotions for me - gets adrenaline flowing right before a workout and keeps me going when I'm contemplating calling it quits. It puts a huge smile on my face when I'm alone and randomly hear a song my 9 month old daughter has recently started to bop around to. I feel loss when I hear a song that reminds me of a loved one who's passed on.

So not crying tears of joy nor sorrow isn't a real connection to the music? I guess I'm not enlightened enough. Well, at least my friends won't make fun of me for crying, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
Why would anyone make fun of somebody for crying? I don't understand. I guess if someone you loved dearly passed on and you cried, people would accept this as being OK. But if you were brought to tears while listening to music, your friends might think you were a sissy? Sounds shallow.
For me last night listening to some folk music The Brothers Four , Ian and Silva and many more I heard this style of music as a kid with my parents. I don't know i play folk music all the time and love it but last night thinking about mom and dad [ they passed many years ago ] it just hit me very hard I played records very late in to the night I had tears just flowing down my cheeks for hours music is my link to those memories of a wonderful childhood. Writing this has those feeling over coming me again ……………. I can't write anymore thanks for the thread
The other evening listening to The Guess Who "Live at the Paramount" (which by the way, newest remastered CD from "Master Tapes" is awesome sound and music). Just poured a large, cool bottle of Allagash Curieux ($12) into a beautiful Triple something-or-other crystal goblet a friend gave me as a gift from his tour of Belgium. As I reached for the remote I tipped the glass, knocking it off the side table, and it crashed to the floor. Spent the next 20 minutes picking shards off of and mopping/cleaning the wood floor. First time I ever cried to Burton Cummings.
"Fiddler On the Roof" soundtrack and Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker usually bring a tear to my eye.
Burton Cummings can make you cry with his solo hit "Stand Tall". That is if you allow yourself to laugh hard enough.