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Carbon Fiber Brush with Milty Gun?
I respectfully disagree. The static pistol should be used last. There's a possibility that friction from the brush could cause some static electrical charge. Pistol always used last in any cleaning protocol. 
Why Listen To FM Radio For Music Anymore At Home?
I grew up with radio. It's part of my DNA. From AM top forty in the 1950's through progressive rock FM in the 70's and 80's, radio has always been there to introduce me to new types of music and new artists. Throw in also that I live in the NYC li... 
bryston 28bsst2 / mag's 3.7
Not true. Their top of the line BP26 is an overlooked and ignored gem. No treble grit or grain with a solid bass and a clean midrange. Contrary to the untrue belief that Bryston doesn't do soundstaging and depth, this will portray it beautifully i... 
You know you're an audiophile if--
You give your girlfriend an old receiver from your early days in audio. 
Wireworld Silver Starlight
Before you spring for big bucks famous brand cables, try this: Apollo AV Lightning v2. It's a flat design like Wireworld stuff and has 5% silver content. I have two of them. One from Blu-ray to monitor and the other from Fios box to monitor. My gu... 
Ken Bernacky Stereo Surgeons
Something wrong is going on with Stereo Surgeons. Website lists the same problem warning those who need repairs to proceed with caution, if at all. 
Linda Ronstadt/Nelson Riddle
I saw her at Radio City Music Hall in NYC with Nelson Riddle conducting. Great show with one embarrassing gaffe. In the middle of one tune, Linda went silent: she forgot the lyrics. Riddle gently saved her by playing some holding chords that segue... 
"Warm Sounding" Solid State Amplifiers
I changed my mind. Earlier I posted that the Bedini BA-801 is the most tube-like amplifier I've ever heard.Nope, not anymore. My recently acquired Audio Research 100.2 takes the prize. Not even close, the 100.2 exudes warm bass, vivid vocals, and ... 
Parasound Halo A52 keeps shutting off / protection
Before you bring it in for repair, try the straight RCA hook-up. I've had problems using a XLR to RCA configuration. For some reason this XLR/RCA caused my Benchmark DAC1 to overheat and fail. 
Tell us your worst audio dealer or mfr. experience.
Cleeds: Who at CSA did you deal with back then? Was it a guy named Dale?In all fairness to CSA, it should be noted that the ownership changed many years ago. 
Best older universal for CD playback??
Pioneer DV-79AVi. Great universal player. Built like a tank. Reliable. Good sound. 
Tell us your worst audio dealer or mfr. experience.
Jtinn, what did the guy at Audio Research say to you? 
HDMI Audioquest vs Bluejean
Check out the Apollo AV Lightning v.2 HDMI cable. Flat cable design with 5% silver content. I don't know if it bests the WW cables but it is better than any other cable I have tried. Price is $49.95 for 1 meter. I don't have any connection with Ap... 
Funny and clever Axpona Ad
The guy in this ad is miscast. He should be a very balding guy over fifty and twenty-five pounds overweight with glasses and wearing garishly colored sneakers. 
Which component video cable should I buy?
Back when composite video was the standard, my Signalcable composite was easily the best I used. True 75 ohm Canare connectors properly fitted is all the magic you need and the Signalcables did it right at a right price.