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wandering azimuth on Well Tempered Table
I’ve had the Amadeus MKII for years. The arm takes time to settle if you adjust azimuth, like maybe a few minutes. I always adjust and then wait and check, repeat, but once it is set there really isn’t anything that can move on its own. My guess i... 
Who's attending the Dallas Audiofest?
I plan to go with a few friends.  This is the first time this show will be in Dallas, here’s to many more. Link to the Southwest Audio Show  
Software to inventory vinyl collection
Collectorz  http://Collectorz.com  
Wayne Kramer of the MC5 Passed Away
I was unfamiliar with this band so fired up the Kick Out the Jams album on Qobuz. Interesting stuff, way more energy than what I normally listen to with my morning coffee :)  
InnuOS Sense 2.6.0.
I upgraded without issue, but didn’t notice any audible difference from the previous version and the only functional difference I’ve noticed is the volume slider now has +/- so you can fine adjust volume. Otherwise same same for me.   
New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport
I just received a new RS130 a few days ago so here are my impressions. First off, this thing is very cool. I’ve made many upgrades to my system over the years and all for better sound. This is the first “upgrade” I made for something fun/interest... 
Herron Audio...Still in business
Last email keith@herronaudio.com  
Active Speakers - Anything new coming?
A couple of weeks ago I bought/brought in a pair of J Porter Studios Waterloo Signature speakers, made by a local Austin guy just launching this new model.  These use the Hypex Ncore FA503 amplifiers that provide 500w to a 9” transmission line loa... 
Problem With Innuos Sense - Won't Play Selected Song?
No clue...Mine works fine as does 2 friends', I'm on version 2.4.1  
Does anyone have any experience with a Sutherland Little Loco?
Hello Lewm, I don't know what he did exactly. He did nothing to the LL, but made the Sussurro low impedance somehow. My understanding is that the canti, stylus, suspension, and body are all the same, not sure about the wire/coils/generator, etc.  
Does anyone have any experience with a Sutherland Little Loco?
I wish there were a list of recommended cartridges for these types of stages, I'd start experimenting Quoting myself, there's a long and short version of my findings. I ended up with a Soundsmith Sussurro cartridge, but the Low Z (Low impedanc... 
Auditioning The Fyne 703 Soon
I went to listen to the F703s a few weeks ago and also bought them on the spot, although the fact the proprietor offered to sell me the demos at a nice discount didn’t hurt. Still dialing them in and really liking what I am hearing and so far my o... 
More news on the Herron Line Stage
Which Herron? I recently got a used VTSP-3A Rev03 and feel the same way.  
A cartridge that mates well with the Sutherland Loco phono preamp?
FYI here is a review of the Little Loco MK II (the MK II probably being the subject of this thread) from stereophile Jan 2022. He says "But now, with the Ultra Eminent Ex driving Sutherland Engineering's Little Loco, I never want to change cartrid... 
A cartridge that mates well with the Sutherland Loco phono preamp?
The My sonic labs cartridges have 1 ohm impedance My Ortofon has 6 ohms and I believe most of the MC Ortofons have around that as well The Audiotechnica ART series have about 12 ohms as does my ART-9  Many spec sheets don't list so you need to ...