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CAF 2023 Music List

Let us know which song you like the most and if you want to recommend more music for our next show, please share here and let us know why. 


I love when people tell me why this music piece is special for them; whether it is personal experience, just sound great to test audio gear, one thinks this is the greatest music artist, or the simply the best band. 


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Billy Barber - Surfer Joe 

(full spectrum) Billy is the one that got away. 2 fantastic solo albums in the 80's, then done recording.

Richie Cole - Dear Hearts And Gentle People

("in the studio" SQ)

Keiko Matsui - High Brow Country Affair

(demo quality multitrack recording)

Capathia Jenkins - Preacher Don't

(female vocals ala mode)

The Necks "Aether".

Single track is over an hour long.

The Necks "Mosquito" -- half-hour track

The Necks "See Through" another half-hour track. 

I’m picturing a scene similar to the one in Wayne’s World, where the the music shop employee stops Wayne while he’s auditioning a Strat and points to the sign, “NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN”

Perhaps analogous here would be:

If I was the list maker I’d consider Mahavishnu Orchestra cuts from Visions of the Emerald Beyond:

Eternity’s Breath - Part 1 (plus Part 2, time permitting)

Lila’s Dance

Can’t Stand Your Funk



In essence, all of side one has a similar virtuoso musical feel comparable to the Victor Wooten stuff, with Jean-Luc  Ponty added for good measure.

@roadwhorerecords ...a 'blast from my past', once upon a time in Oakland, CA....

Late night listen to KSAN, SF legendary AOR station....'bout 2~3am-ish, don't remember Why I was 'up' @ that time....but, obviously, old habits tend to 'beg to stick around'....

DJ between cuts has a fit on air....

"NO!  I am NOT going to play Freebird Again this morning!  Once is Enough....If you're that drunk or f'd up that you need to engage in some sort of 'my girl just broke it off on me and I need to go get in my car and go smack it into an oak... DO IT AND STOP CALLING!  This is radio...not psycho therapy!"

...and launched an entire side of an album...

Don't remember Exactly what that album was, too busy laughing...

(Not an exact quote either, it was +/- 50 yrs. ago...)

Freebird....The perfect song for a drunk punk to get all whiney and pissed off at every thing and anything within a roundhouse swing....can't resist singing to it off-key and badly rendered....

"Ah kan't pants are staiiiinnned e aaannndddd..." Etc. you get the pic? ;)

Dissolved Girl - Massive Attack

Yulinga - Dead Can Dance

This Twilight Garden - The Cure

Super Session- Season of the Witch why; Mike Bloomfield, Al Cooper, Stephen Stills,why; a classic.

Jimmy Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower why; Hendrix at his best.


Dee Dee Bridgewater, album Live in Paris, song All Blues. One of the most realistic sounding live performances in my collection.

Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, album self titled, song Yield Not to Temptation. Big sounding rock song live.

Yoshi Horikawa "Bubbles" and Dominique Fils-Amime "Birds",,,, both brilliant.

I'd also sudjest:

"Celestial Echo" by Malia, Boris Blank

"Car Guy" by Sonny Emory

"HYbr:ID oval blackhole" by Alva Noto

"You and your Friend" by Dire Straits

"Keith don't Go (live)" by Nils Lofgren

"Drum Solo" by Gojira

"Lost with out You" by Freya Ridings




Goodbye Porkpie Hat from Three or Four Shades of Blue with Philip Catherine and Larry Cornell on guitar.

Alabama from Jack DeJohnette’s In Movement with Ravi Coltrane on sax.


both tracks are the definition of realism. 

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WRECKING BALL by Emmylou Harris

BAHIA by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd

Saint-Saens:  SYMPHONY No. 3, Mvt II by Boston Symphony/Charles Munch

Amen on Goose. Those boys can jam. A great studio track is Andrew Gold's Lonely Boy. So crisp on vinyl. 

KD Lang Constant Craving

Chris Isaak Wicked Game

Roxy Music Avalon

Alice In Chains MTV Live - Bunch of songs

Natalie Merchant MTV Live - Bunch of songs

Eagles Hell Freezes Over - Bunch of songs

Paul Simon Graceland & You Can Call Me Al

Little Feat Spanish Moon - Waiting For Columbus

Al Stewart Year of The Cat

Dave Matthews American Baby Live

The Civil Wars Barton Hollow & Billie Jean

Gorillaz Demon Days - Bunch of songs

Supertramp Crime of The Century & Even in The Quietest Moments - Bunch of songs

Springsteen Streets of Philadelphia

Radiohead National Anthem

Johnny Cash Hurt

Amy Winehouse Rehab

Paul Yound Tear Your Playhouse Down

Poi Dog Pondering Complicated

Stevie Wonder Superstition

Patti Labelle Lady Marmalade

Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter - Live Bridges to Babylon

Dean Peers.


What components are you using to drive your speakers?

We have a listening room in New Jersey where we get over 100 people each quarter to come listen to our systems. If you are interested in having us demonstrate your speakers we would be happy to set-up a system with your speakers for you. We have DHT 101D tube R2R DAC, dual chassis 6SN7 preamp, custom Class A mono block amplifiers. NJ Audio Society, NY Audio Society, PA, Long Island NY groups will come to hear your speakers.

PM me in you are interested.

Happy Listening.



Just Like Love -- Steve Strauss

After Midnight -- Hanne Boel

Driftn' Man -- Nils Lofgren

The Peacocks -- Cava Menzies, Nick Phillips

Beat -- Tingvall Trio

Nachtfahrten -- Michael Wollny Trio

@fuzztone I cannot find them on tidal. I may have to search on similar records on vinyl or something. Only Keiko's piece I found.

@czarivey Not coming up on tidal, either. I got other tracks of "The Nekcs", though. 

@tylermunns They are classic pieces, I will be bring Diana's lp to the show for sure. 

@noromance I will be listening this piece, this week. Thank you! 

@rettrussell you recommended a bunch that I am not familar with. I added them to try them all. Thank you.

@asvjerry it's not sad, it's a good piece. There are bunch of pieces I love, but trying different songs that I haven't played at the show. We played this at AXPONA 2023. Maybe I will at CAF 2023 as well. 

@re-lar-kvothe New to me, but interesting piece. I am playing this on my headphones. 😀

@tomaswv you read my mind. 

@dekay Not sure about the screen. We usually play our product videos on the screen. 

@rumblestrip Maybe I will add Yulunga to my list. 

@8th-note I think I will add Dee Dee's Duke Ellington album pieces; Bli Blip. I just loved the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra's performance of the album. 

 @tunehead I think you and I have similar taste haha. I like listening to Celesial Echo on headphones than my speakers. Sounds more intimate. Haha. Freya is amazing. One of my favorites of 21st Century. 

@clydeactor Saint-Saens for sure. Why the particular album with Boston Symphony? I have a couple of my favorite pieces; Chung Kyung Wha version is great too.


@arafiq I dig any Nils Lofgren music. Tingvall Trio's album is beautiful. I am not familiar with Michael Wollny's music, I will make myself aquainted this week. Thank you so much for your recommendation.  

I agree that "Aja" has reached cliche status as a demo song. After I obtained either Japanese imports (SHM's) or hybrid SACD's of Steely Dan's first 7 albums ("Can't Buy a Thrill ' - "Gaucho"), I decided to come up with a playlist of the 20 most "sonically interesting" Steely Dan songs. The only rule was "Aja" is excluded. I won't bore anyone with the whole list; but, I've listed one track from each of those albums that made my list:

1) Change of The Guard; 2) Razor Boy; 3) Night By Night; 4) Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More 5) Sign in Stranger 6) Home at Last  7) Babylon Sisters.  

It was a fun and interesting challenge for me; and, I'd recommend any serious Steely Dan fan to give it a shot.

Nickle Creek, self titled album, especially

Ode to a Butterfly

I'm going to see them on Friday in Oakland. It's the most I've 

ever spent on a ticket. 

After looking at your 2023 playlist, I suggest  you check out the soundtrack to "Crossing Jordan," as it contains great cover versions of the following songs:

"Season Of the Witch" - RICHARD THOMPSON

"Can't Find My Way Home" - ALISON KRAUSE

"The Wind Cries Mary" - CASSANDRA WILSON

@bander Just listened to "Ode to a butterfly, very nice recording. Hope you had a great time listening to them. Glad they are not BTS concert ticket. 

@mitchagain I love Eric Clapton version of "Can't find my way home". The live version from Royal Albert Hall. I wish I was there. I will try the rest of them. 

@jafant Thank you for the recommendation. 


I'd love to see the final list you came up with! Could you post it here like you posted the previous list on Tidal? Thanks!