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Upgrade from WIlson Sabrina
@audphile1  I noticed you included the puritan 156 in your system. I have the Sabrinas but with McIntosh SS amplification. Are you pleased with the results of the puritan? I'm considering installing it on my system.  
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
I got my first stereo from the BX in England RAF base.  I ordered on ' layaway ' from AAFEES a Crown IC150. DC150 and an EQ2 with a pair of Norman Labs with a Thorens TD126.  Rocked the barracks 😆  
sending signal wireless from Mac to DAC- whats the best way ?
What he said.  
Are You a Swifty?
She revitalized the record industry but I'm not a fan 😆.   
Better cd SQ
I just purchased a Denefrips Pontus ll. It's still settling in but it's a treat so far.  Remember this if a CD is not done well it won't make silk out of a sows ear. A good CD sounds wonderful 👍  
Denafrips Terminator 2 bs. ?
I have the Pontus ll 12th anniversary. It's still breaking in but I'm really enjoying it so far.   Happy listening 🎶.  
Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?
I have a Prime and eventually added their synchronous drive system and finally the outer ring as I was able to. Beautiful combination especially when I use the 2 dimes.  Greg   
Advice regarding separate DAC purchase
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  Seems there's a consensus among you that this may be closer to a lateral move for the results I desire and would require much more expense than I initially intended to raise my experience with my CD collection. ... 
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I traveled to next state and bought a pair of W Sabrina speakers from original owner. He did demo for me but they were not set up properly in his home theater room. His price made it possible to scratch the surface of audiophile quality.  Love the... 
Transport Recommendations
+1 on the audiolab 6000CDT. It's been very good. Price is right 👍  
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
There's no way to delay that trouble coming every day   
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
I once worked in a service department of Toyota.  It's true that there are ' pajama people '.   
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
@immatthewj   I decided I'm gonna quit drinkin.....unless I'm by myself or with someone.    
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
Sometimes my toe in is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol I've consumed.  
Help us build our playlist for our next show in November!
Space Truckin. happy listening 🎶