Financial bind and need a nice XLR

Hey guys, I am in a financial bind but in a pinch I need a good set of detailed XLR cables that can get me thru a few months.I was using Audioquest Colorado but had to sell. What can get me thru this period for about 1/4 cost? Thanks
Check out Cullen Cable. I have two of their power cords and Digital Coax cable. They are excellent. And not just good for the money but excellent, period.




I will still try looking for used Audioquest cables.  Music Direct has a demo pair of Audioquest King Cobra for $155.  Or check US Audio Mart for used ads.
Make your own. Parts Connexion sells a very nice line of pure silver, balanced, shielded cables.

They ARE brittle, but also perfect.


I would contact Ralph Karsten at Atma-Sphere. He sells a nice inexpensive cable. I use it with my Atma amp and pre and can't complain.
These are fantastic studio grade cables! For buget cash! Spend all you want on those brand names. Actually buy a pair and make the comparison! You might be shocked! 😀 Mogami 2549 cable, gold neutik connectors.

Morrow audio MA4 sounds fantastic in my summer system.  I'll be trying it out in the winter system in another week.
Be sure to go for at least the five day burn in if you decide to try this cable.  
It is the best XLR cable I have tried including a super expensive WEL set of Audioquest.
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Emotiva has a closeout sale going on at 50% discount. They are quite good cables. Go check them out. $8.50 for 1 meter cable. Been using their cable between a krell prepro and emotiva amp with great success

Mogami Gold Studio cables are available at Guitar Center. 3', 5', 10', 15', 20', 50' lengths for a pittance. Pro recording studios use them for their microphones.