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Would like to try a tube preamp after years of solid state and hybrid
I have the same speakers in one of my systems.  I’m using a Manley Shrimp preamp paired with a W4S ST500 amp.  The Manley has more of a tube sound than my VAC Renaissance but less than my Cary integrated.  No remote with the standard Shrimp but th... 
I can’t get hi Rez audio from Quobuz
I believe the HD designation on the Qobuz files includes 24/44.1 along with what would normally be considered high rez files.  
integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new
The measurements you list are in “mm” not meters, so I would say they are in reference to the size of the binding post a spade lug fits, thus does the speaker binding post measure 3.5 or 5mm in diameter.  Wrong size spade lugs = a big problem.  
What happened to my room acoustics
I agree with newbee.  Your chair is too far away.  You are hearing more of the room and less of the direct sound from the speakers.  Setup is critical.  Forget adhering to a specific formula.  They can be useful for sure but are not absolute. In ... 
Cambridge Azur 851A Problem! Help!!
I have a 651A integrated and it remains cold when not powered and the rear panel switch is on.  So, I think you have a problem.  
Radical toe in once more
I have ESP loudspeakers in one of my systems.  These speakers are specifically designed for a 45 degree toe in.  In my summer home they are setup in a spare bedroom 10x13x8, technically too small of a room according to the instruction manual.  The... 
What new gear have you just bought?
toddsyr, I also recently purchased the Rotel Tribute cd player.  I’ve been using it quite a bit this summer.  I wasn’t too impressed, finding the sound basically blah and not involving.  I gave it plenty of run in time but it just sounded like a n... 
Integrated suggestions
The one integrated in that price range that I find interesting is the Gato Audio Amp 150.  I have no personal experience.  The reviews have been positive and the sonic trait’s described in the reviews align with my values of reproduction.  
Small, Effective Subwoofers?
Gallo TR3d sub fits your dimensions.  
Wadia 8 transport CD drawer will not open or close on its own
Since it plays fine, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with the transport.  There is likely a pulley/belt system utilized to open/close the tray.  I suspect a worn, slipping drive belt.  Sometimes you can get by simply removing the belt and t... 
So Weird- No Stylus Contact Woofer Pumping with Hana ML and Elac PPA-2
One or several  points on the platter that are magnetic, not the whole platter.  The effect would be a similar to a Hall effect sensor.  Your MC cartridge is acting as the pickup.  Yes, the platter needs to rotate to make it work.  I’d venture a g... 
So Weird- No Stylus Contact Woofer Pumping with Hana ML and Elac PPA-2
I would be inclined to take a small magnet and run it over the platter to see if there is some point of attraction within the platter itself.  Simple test to do.  Very odd problem indeed.  
Tone arm holder fell off
The arm rest/holder has one Allen bolt from the bottom.  So either the bolt fell out or someone is really heavy handed with the feather duster.  It sure doesn’t look like a cheaply made part at least on my table.  So I guess you will need the hold... 
Hum on Tube Amp - Can't find source
A shot in the dark here, have your output tubes been cryogenic treated?  I had a set of cryogenic treated KT88’s develop loud hum.  
My Amp is good but probably the weak point
I recommend you revisit your setup first.  Setup accounts for a large percentage of the sound you hear.  Small changes in speaker position and any acoustic treatments can result in significant improvement.   If your listening room is a shared spac...