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Small footprint subwoofer
B&W ASW608, fantastic sub. I’m using two and completely satisfied. The subs include some basic DSP options to help with integration.   Cheers, Scott https://www.bowerswilkins.com/en-us/product/subwoofers/asw-series/asw608/150058.html  
Need a new integrated, what say you?
@jsbach1685  You might want to check out the Yamaha R-N1000A. If I was in the market for an integrated I would definitely have this on the list. Exciting time for you. Lots of great stuff out there. Good luck in your search. https://usa.yamaha.c... 
Warm Up Time/Cost of Operation
@tonywinga That is a great story. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed that. Cheers, Scott  
Speaker Recommendations
@terrapin77    You have great components. Your taste in music is much like mine. With the size of your room I believe I’d check out the Polk Reserve R700 or Klipsch RP-8000f ll. Good luck with your search. Cheers, Scott    
Inexpensive but decent 8" subwoofers
@resveratrol3    +1 For the small B&W subs. I’m using two ASW608 8” subs. They are great subs. Good luck with your search. Check out my system page to get an idea of how they look. https://www.bowerswilkins.com/en-us/product/loudspeakers/as... 
Subwoofer Choice
@pinthrift  Great post, pinthrift. Looking forward to your impressions. I bet it’s going to be fantastic.   Cheers, Scott  
Small, Effective Subwoofers?
I added two of these a couple months ago, they are fantastic; Bowers and Wilkins ASW608. I believe you would be very please adding two subs to your setup. Good luck with your search. https://www.bowerswilkins.com/en-us/product/loudspeakers/asw608... 
Audio in Movies and TV Shows
  Cheers, Scott  
Audio in Movies and TV Shows
The sit-com 30 Rock features the big Revels with a stack of Levinson gear in the dressing room of one of the characters. I believe they start showing up in season three.   Cheers,   Scott  
Best amp for B&W 603 S3
@indio77  The B&W 603 S3 likes to have some power behind it. The Yamaha has a great power supply and would drive the 603s well. Yamaha makes fantastic gear and give you a lot for your money.   Great speakers , enjoy. Good luck with your sear... 
Are you getting the bass you deserve?
@sounds_real_audio  “Every speaker and every sub have to be set up to the room, to row music you listen.” +1 Cheers, Scott   
Are you getting the bass you deserve?
  @sounds_real_audio Only by adding two subs did I get the bass I was looking for and also the overall sound I wanted to achieve. I could have avoided a lot of frustration over the years by adding subs. I also found that using them in a way th... 
My Home Theatre Room Challenges - Is It Worth It To Upgrade Speakers
@hikerneil  +1 For soix’s suggestion of adding a sub to your setup. Cheers, Scott  
Herron VTPH-2 added to system (almost)
@islandmandan  Exciting times ahead I’m sure, Dan. Nothing like a new piece of gear, enjoy.   Cheers, Scott  
What was the most impactful addition to your system?
@wfowenmd  In nearly twenty years of hanging out at Audiogon I can’t recall ever browsing the Best Of category. So I kinda stumbled on to this thread. I want to simply say that like you adding a pair of subs has been the most impactful addition ...