Axpona 2024 who is going and why?


AXPONA - Audio Expo North America

Join music lovers and audiophiles from around the world as they descend upon the nation’s largest showcase of manufacturers and retailers ever assembled in one venue only at AXPONA.

I booked flight and hotel reservation for Axpona 2024 last night.

This is my first time to Axpona.

My prime target will be

1. Aris Cerat which I had not listend myself.

How good is Aurora and theire Dac and elextronice?

2. MBL

I like theiir 101E which sounds very musical but wish to listen to therir larger model.

3. Martin Logan

It had been a while since I listened to Martin Logan, thus want to have update on their electrostatic speakers.

4. Clarisis speakeer

I wnat to find out how good this planar speaker is.

5. Wof von Langa

I wish to get a filed coild speakers most likely original or replica of Western Electric.

But I als want to find out how good it is.

I had also got very good impression of Songer Audio field coil units.

It will be nice if Voxactive also display field coil unts.

.6 Bcach-SP

Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH-SP adio Stereo Purifier - The Absolute Sound

Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH-SP adio Stereo Purifier - A Princeton professor of physics has spent decades figuring out how to make stereo sound more realistic. Now, with the “Band-Assembled Crosstalk Cancellation Hierarchy” (BACCH) processor, you can hear stereo imaging as never before...

I have serious interest in this cross talke cancelling unit and Dac.

I wish to find out the effect myself.

There could be unexpected suprise as ohter audio show. ;)

I had lived in Chicago from 1998 to 2001 whete my son was born.

I had enjoyed nice audio shops over there.

I bought my Apogee Duetta Sig driven by Krell KSA 150.

It is one of the most musical audio system through my 45 years of Audiophile.

I went a few years back and enjoyed it. I may try to attend in 2024.




I  booked early to save trip cost.


How is your Clarisis speaker going?



Funny you ask. I bought the Clarisys speakers based on the many positive reviews they received from the Axpona show.

Just imagine what I might buy if I actually attend next year?

On second thought maybe... I better stay home? LOL!


Hifi shows are a great way to see lots of gear. Be aware that the listening environments can be less than optimal. 



I understand that show condition may not be optimal for some speakers.


Nevertheless, I could find out valuable information through it.


I enjoy attending audio show.

I live in Chicago and attended one of the earlier shows when it was in Rosemont.  My primary memory was hearing Bob Stuart demonstrate MQA in a hotel room where the speakers were flush up against the wall.  I couldn’t tell a thing from the setup.  I’ve just retired and have the time to go during the week, so perhaps I might attend



It is complete waste of time and money to change speaker every year.


You shall use the speaker for at least 3-4 yearas or for rest of your life.


It is still good idea to go there to compare ths sound of Clarisis in your room and the display there.


If you like the sound in your room better, it is fine.


But if the sound of the show is better than that in your room, you can find why,


Room accoustics, better front component as Dac or better pre and power amplifier.


Good luck!


I may see you there next April.





Without optimal room accoustics, some system may sound bad, nevertheless you may be able to find some good soundging room Axpona.


As Ozzy mentioned, you may get temptation to change your major components, but if you refrain from spending too much money, it would be fun.


I find them all competing to play louder than the other rooms for fear you will like the lounder speaker better.

Would anyone know whether Rockport or KEF Blade speakers will be demonstrated at AXPONA 2024?

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I go every year to buy music cd and vynil. I also try to listen to some system I like. It’s fun . I live close so no need to book for a hotel.

Ozzy if we write  our Agon name on the pass . Yes you will meet Agon members there. I saw Robert Harley because his name is written on the pass. I met Ralph from atmasphere as well demoing the system.

In one week Axpona will here in Schaumburg , Illinois. Skhong I will going Friday and maybe Saturday too.



I am going to arrive on Friday morning.


If it is fine with you we can have lunch together.




My name tag will be "Thomas Kong"

Hey guys, I’ll be attending for both a business and pleasure. I’ll arrive on Thursday afternoon to help with some setup, attend the industry mixer, and then be at the show from Fri-Sun morning, driving back to Minnesota mid day. I’d love to meet any of you in person!

A good part of the time, I’ll be helping Greg of DH Labs in his booth at the expo hall as he travels by himself from Florida and needs help at times. A portion of the rest of my time will be visiting my distributors and brands to network, hear their rooms. A third goal is to discover and network with new brands I may have interest in taking on in my dealership, and the remainder of the time will be spent exploring for fun with friends and peers.

@shkong78 I’ve heard a lot of what is in your list, and much of it is very, very good.

Looks like Aries Cerat (and @worldwidewholesales overall) will have a larger room than they’ve had in previous years. This should be exciting as I’ve only heard Rob’s setups in the smaller rooms, but they are always fantastic.

I wish MBL would have the Extremes set up, but I haven’t heard. I think they are in the same room as last year, which wasn’t huge. 

Bacch-SP and Theoretica as whole is fantastic. Not for every system, but I’ve heard this first hand many times at a good friend’s house here in MN and have learned how to configure it. It’s a lot of fun, and if I could be a dealer, I would. 

Thomas yes lunch would be good. I know good restaurant around the area.Google Min Hin restaurant if you like it? I’lll will treat you there, since you already spend plane ticket and hotel. I am excited to meet you.



Thanks for kind word.


I wish you good luck in setting up your friend's system.


I am very curious about Bach Sp, thus I would like to listen to it in person.







Thanks a lot for your hospitality.


I sent you a message.


It would be nice if Ozzy could join us.





I could not leave my phone no in Audiogon messager.


Could you contact me "thomask"  through WBF message which has no ristriction?





As much as I want to attend, it looks like I won't be able to make it this year.


having been to Chicago 3 times this year already, it's almost weird to miss it. But I will be excited to watch and read the reports.

Shkong ( Thomas) Ok 1 pm Saturday 2nd floor lobby across those elevators and bars. I will put  Jayctoy on my right chest .





Just in case my phone no is


three 6 zero

nine 4 one

four 0 six 0

I look forward to seeing you then.





If you have the time, go and listen to the RAAL 1995 Magna and Immanis headphones at Axpona. I just heard it earlier today. The same headphone that is going to Axpona. I took my RAAL VM-1a amp to hear them and this same model amp was shipped to Axpona yesterday. I have 1 tube that is different, but what will be at Axpona is almost the same as what I heard.

This thing was so good that I am trying to figure out what to put up for sale tonight to get this phone. I need to get another job.

I am a 2-channel person, and headphones were never my thing, however, go have a listen and judge for yourself. The phones I heard today are going to The Absolute Sound and Stereophile after Axpona. Just spectacular sound.



I will be attending this year. I have never been to an audio show, so I want to see the spectacle. But the main reason is to hear the signature sound of more equipment, especially speakers. I have been living in the KEF world for a long time, and I am satisfied, but I have a list of speakers I want to hear when I am there. I realize that you can't get a true demo of speakers in that environment, but just looking to get a feel for the sound of the ones on my list and probably a few I don't know about. 

@blisshifi I will be driving down from Duluth, I will try to stop by the DH booth and say hi!


Zlone you will enjoy it.. it’s a good experience from buying music to listening.Its worth the drive . I know a guy from Alberta come to Axpona yearly , He drives.

First on my list is to visit the Aries Cerat and Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH rooms. I have first hand experience with the Aries Cerat Kassandra DAC and Impera preamp and I now have my sights on their triodeFET amplifiers. No one else is offering an amplifier with a triode single stage topography while implementing a single ended triode and field effect transistor technology.

@zlone If I’m not there, feel free to text me and we can coordinate. Same goes for anyone else that has interest in meeting throughout the weekend. My mobile number can be found on this page. Please just text, no calls, as my phone will likely be on silent most of the time. 


I'm going for the third year, but it's definitely a mixed bag.  I have a Bacch4Mac on order so I'll go to the Theoretica room first thing to meet Edgar in person.

Room acoustics can ruin an experience.   Last year I heard Vandersteen and Fritz speakers that sounded poor, even though I know these are great products.  On the other hand MBL, Tannoy, Cabasse all sounded good despite the rooms.

@yyzsantabarbara I will make sure to listen to the RAAL headphones.  Thanks for the heads-up.

@treepmeyer Tell Danny from RAAL that the Santa Barbara guy pointed you to his booth. Maybe I can get a discount 😀

If anyone wants to hear a full Aries Cerat system and is visiting the Phoenix area I have Essentia, Ageto, Kassandra, and Aurora in the house.

Very excited to see the Aries Cerat and Epiphany room, love their equipment!! Never disappoints!

Hey Guys,
I’m going to AXPONA for the first time and I’m so excited! I’m particularly interested in the Aries Cerat room. Over the past few years I’ve had a number of the elite brands and my current AC rig (Essentia mono blocks, Impera signature pre, and Kassandra Signature DAC, Kharma midi speakers and Pink Faun server) is by far the best sound I’ve ever had in 45 years in this hobby. I’m especially excited about hearing the new Quintessence amps. See you in Chicago fellow audiophiles!

Hi Everyone,

The Epiphany room will be featuring the following brands. (2nd floor)

Aries Cerat electronics with matching Aries Cerat custom white Aurora speakers.

Pink Faun 2.16 Ultra server/streamer with new Ultra USB bridge.

Inakustik cables will be premiering their new 8005 series speaker cables and 4005 series interconnects.

Wellfloat newest custom built audio rack.

Arya Delta footers and their newest AirBlade.

Reiki Audio new super switch.

I hope everyone has a great time at the show.

Robert Neill


Worldwide Wholesales 


Hey Robert! 

Long time! Thanks for sharing will definitely see you there to catch up!  Looking forward to see what you bring to the show especially the Aurora speakers!

see you there!




Hello, Everyone,

I am quite excited and privileged to have a pair of Aurora's singing for us  in our room for 4 days! Let's not forget all the other fantastic gear, it's quite a setup!

This year we will be hosting in a larger room which will translate in a much more confortable and enjoyable experience.

I will be coming from Montreal to help with show duties as we work with Robert in Estern Canada exclusively with the product exposed in the Epiphany Room.

Looking forward to have you all over!



I went to Axpona a couple years ago.  The best sounding speakers there had minimal room interaction.  Hotel rooms are too small for most speakers.

I am not going, but, my older daughter who lives in the Chicago area may make it to the show for a day, it appears.

She’s interested in a 1 box solution (streamer+dac+amp) upgrade from what she currently has. I suggested that she check out the new AGDenmark’s Axxess stuff.

If you all may have other suggestions for what one may audit w.r.t a 1 box solution in the 5k price bracket, let me know.

I'll definitely be going on Sunday, as I'm on vacation and can't cut it wife would kill me. She has not beaten me up for buying 2 amps, a preamp, and a pair of speakers; I really do owe her

I want to get to know Clayton Shaw and Doug Dale at CODA, wish Aric Kimball was going....but he said he's WAY backed up on production

@vthokie83 I've actually made tons of progress in catching up! Some late nights at the shop, and the next thing you know 3 weeks are pushed aside. I'm actually testing your ML XL right now! Unfortunately though, the trip to Chicago and Axpona still isn't happening this year, but I did have a lot of fun and met some great people last year. I hope to meet you at a show!


Best wishes, Aric