Am I the only one that finds the "Round thumbnail frames" irritating on classifieds?

I’ve never sold on AG, I’m not certain that is an AG listing option or not...however, It’s quite irritating. I generally skip those listings.
I buy and sell on Audiogon, and have also been skipping past those listings. Even when viewing the classifieds in "Classic" mode, thumbnails and featured ads display the porthole photos. 

It's a terrible design and I'll bet some sales are being lost due to this format. 

there are a lot of issues when it comes to this site and you can email them your concerns and it will get mentioned in a meeting and that is about as far as it will go.           

might have been better if this was posted in the Misc Audio category....vs Amps and preamps.
I think more people view this forum. I will send a note to AG. I really enjoy looking at the ads. I'm looking for a possible amp purchase early next year and currently searching for speaker bases and plinths. The Portholes are a terrible feature IMO
Is the porthole an option when listing a classified? I don't see how any seller finds this attractive
There were lots of hate threads on the portholes when they were rolled out.  I’m amazed they are still around. They are just terrible.  
You can get rid of the porthole view.  Go to Browse, on the right you'll see a "sort by" box and another icon plus a green icon.  Click on the middle icon and it will give you an option for Classic View.  Click on that and you go back to the way things used to be.
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It is designed to make sellers pay more to get their message through to you.

It’s not about your dislike, it’s about beating up sellers.

It’s a forced shakedown of sellers, who have to pay more to get rid of the porthole view.

The whole thing is very against the buyer and the seller, for the purposes of revenue.

It is difficult to be more wrong than this method, when it comes to making yourself effective and complimentary in growing your own chosen marketplace.
@rcprince , did u see my comments? Even in Classic view, featured ads still display the porthole view. Very annoying.

That's funny, they don't have the porthole views for me anymore.

I do agree that the portholes are annoying.  Maybe we're not easily agitated, as mentioned (tongue-in-cheek) earlier, just resistant to change?

We are designed to be resistant to change, yes. Part of our basic wiring. For better or for worse. Natural selection had it become ingrained into the design. Overall, probably a good thing, in most cases of natural world living.
Remember that the porthole idea was brought to you by the same greedy minds that initiated the “Insider” club here on Audiogon. By now you probably realize that no amount of complaining on this forum will change it. Fortunately, there is a workaround that is explained above by one of the previous responders.
So you are saying the sellers have to pay not to have it? Really? I’ve never sold anything before on AG. If anything, I would think it’s an option to pay to make your ads stand out. 
There's no way around it, all private sellers get the porthole on their items.
Only the  listing display can be changed to Classic view. 
I find the new user interface annoying and hard to look at. I've been shopping around for HT processors there and it's really hard on me to sort through what I'm looking at compared to the previous design.
I was wondering why USA Tube Audio has no ports on their listings. So like lowrider says, only private sellers. 
"High End" Agon is apparently very comfortable with embarrassing format ads compared to most everyone else on the Internet even Craigslist.
If AGon are like many businesses, they may have got stiffed on the design by overcharging consultants and would get ripped off again making further changes out of scope.
I contacted them when the bubbles first appeared. i also noted that the left column price range did not allow me to put in my price range

AFAIK, neither has bebn resolved, though they assured me it was

OMG, and Edit button. Progress
Tell Audiogon as they think its great.Nobody likes them as they are stupid!!
You are certainly not the only one that finds the "Round thumbnail frames" irritating on classifieds. I hate them.