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Soft dome tweeter replacement for Thiel 3.6s
If you haven't already, you should post this on jafant's Thiel Owners thread.  Lots of experience there.  
What are the circular discs people use on components?
Are you referring to the Combak tuning disks that were popular back in the 80s and 90s (and for all I know, today)?  They were gold-colored circular discs.  They did not damp things, but supposedly tuned resonances to a different frequency.  
If the preamp has a tape out or a second set of outputs, you could use those, provided that your sub has a separate volume control.  
Classical Music for Aficionados
I've always liked Pinnock's Brandenbergs with the English Concert, although there are many fine ones out there.  I like the energy they project in their performances.  It's interesting to me how much the original instruments versions that now seem... 
Songs that reference audio equipment
Billy Joel, It's Still Rock and Roll to Me.  
Limiting a full range driver
It seems to me that you're running the Ref 3As full range without a sub.  Before you go adding filters and subs, have you experimented with moving the speakers around in the room to see if you can smooth out the tonal balance that way?  
My Four Favorite SS Amps
I believe he was referring to Vandersteen amps driven by a CAT preamp; I initially did ther same doubletake as you.  
The Sound Quality Of Commercially Pre-Recorded Reel-To-Reel Albums
My main experience with a pre-recorded tape was when Harry Weisfeld played the Mercury recording of Gershwin's Concerto in F, which I owned in its original vinyl version.  It was the first time I had heard the conclusion of the piece without any d... 
Anyone Here Ever Purchased A Tube Tester?
I have a Hickock tube tester I bought years ago from Andy Bouwman at Vintage Tube Services.  He had calibrated it, which I believe to be important with the older testers.  In addition to the drawbacks that larryi mentions, another drawback to an o... 
Why don't they record in ‘surround stereo’?
A good number of SACDs (many by sadly now-defunct Telarc) were recorded in multi-channel versions.  While they sound tremendous when done well, they really never caught on, and I have not seen that many done recently.  Kal Rubinson at Stereophile ... 
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
Ozzy--the Rennaissance amps use 300B tubes, a lot different sound than the PA10/100s..  
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
Bluethinker--yes, I would be a little concerned about an older CJ amplifier.  I'd probably send the unit to CJ if I got it used to have them check it out, Another possibility is VAC.  You might like their older amps like the Renaissance 70/70.  V... 
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
One of the early Conrad Johnson Premier amplifiers, like the Premier 3, would be a good fit (I know you tried the ART, this is much different).  Or a pair of older Jadis JA 80s using KT88 or EL34 tubes.  
Duntech Sovereign, Dunlavy IV, V, VI purchase make sense today?
As a practical matter I think it would be easier to get replacement drivers for the Duntechs, as they're Dynaudios and it is quite possible that Duntech has replacements (they did for my Princesses years ago when I had to replace the woofers on on... 
John Williams audiophile vinyl
The Williams /BPO sounds great through my system in the 24/48 digital stream, I would expect the record is at least as good.  It's clear Williams and the orchestra were having a ball, and the audience gave virtually every piece a standing ovation.