Would owning Hoover Dam improve the midrange?

Saw this article about buying your own  power pole and transformer.  Guess this ups the dedication bar until the Signature pole comes out.
You simply must wait for the Signature version. All the glaring problems with the original version are completely and perfectly fixed.

It also comes with a new proprietary quantum entangled, photon blocking insulator that prevents light and squirrels from interfering with the sound while simultaneously guiding the electron wave functions towards even ordered resonance. New proprietary cross section prevents the wind from disturbing the enjoyment either.

Further, with a Google account, you'll be able to trade in your original pole and transformer by just pointing and clicking at it on the satellite view for a modest surcharge.
OP, Thanks for sharing.  Can you imagine your own utility pole...I can hardly wait. 
How the transformer is mounted to the pole, the material of the pole--wood v metal and if wood, what type of wood, plus the type of cable from the transformer down stream all make a difference. I have my eye on a pole up the road with three 250 kWA transformers mounted to it. The weight of them has bent the pole. Nearby is the new Tappan Zee bridge construction project as well. The transformer/switching room was brought in on two overwide load 18 wheelers and assembled like a modular home. It has substantial cooling units and is very robust. Security does give me the eye when i walk by en route to the gym, because I seem to be fascinated by this stuff. (The 750kWa bundle has nothing to do with the bridge, I think it feeds some condominium units on the waterfront, I don't know how much power the bridge system is getting fed, but I'm sure it is substantial). 
Be careful Whart,
They just erected a few new transformers around the block from me (I passed it on my daily walk) and each one weighed just over 1,730 lbs. 
You might want to workout just a bit more before you get one. Or at least have someone spot you. :-)

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New power pole? Sheesh amateur.... 
Next week construction begins on my very own nuclear pile! And it will be replete with the best volume control possible. Pull the graphite control rods out for more sound, push 'em in for late night sessions.... or yank 'em all the way out when you just need to get all the way to '11'!

One man spends $40K on a power upgrade and all audiophiles are insane. Thousands of men drive around in $100K-300K autos and nobody bats an eye. I wonder if car fans could pass a Point A-Point B test? 
This in no way assures that the system will be fantastic, or even sound state of the art. 

Great point-darkj. The truth is mainstream people accept the expense of a vehicle that is disproportionate with income and wealth. How many people driving a $60k Suburban can logically afford it? Many of these people would sneer at a $2k suit-fine automatic watch or even a $100 bottle of wine. With audio anything over the price of a Bose Wave Radio or Beats headphones is considered a ticket to the mental ward!
I actually would like to see the rest of his system actually. I wonder if he's another of these Japanese fans with a closet sized listening room with giant JBL monitors in them? :)


Watch the video

The first gentleman
small room  250 sq foot apartment
has to move couch to open fridge

my kind of guy
....sounds like just another power trip to me. *L*

Having just seen Star Trek Beyond and it's use of the Beastie Boys as a weapon makes me want some warp coils driving gawd knows what sort of speakers....volume to 10 to the tenth.....

...but then, the dilemma:  Can I use it terrestrially without seriously damaging the planet?  Would I be considered a terrorist, or simply another nut case with too much time and money in hand?   Potential penile perversion problem perhaps?  A concert by Disaster Area (see: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)?

I missed it when audiophiles obtained a sense of humour.  (I've been at this game, in and out, since...I bought the MoFi Lp of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars when it first came out.)

But, a battery based power supply will always beat AC that has traveled....more that 10 feet. Call up Tesla, maybe?