Why is it so much more civil over here on Agon?

A member on another forum site asked an honest question, check out his question and some of the responses. Is it because of the moderators here on Audiogon, or is it because the members here would not put up with it?
Was I justified in giving my response? I have no idea what the follow up response will be.

I'm not sure if there are more beginners on AgoN, but a lot of basic questions do get asked here over and over again. And that's OK.

Sometimes my reaction is "Oh, let someone else answer that this time," but I would never make fun of somebody just because they asked a question that I'm sure we all asked once upon a time.

Threads on both forums are prone to take off on sarcastic tangents now and then. Sometimes they are a lot of fun to read.
The key is to remember that it is not worthwhile to get upset when a jest strikes you wrong. IMHO.
Either that or just don't post topics that could later start out with "You might be a redneck if" or end with "Here's your sign".
Happy Listening!
That is a funny thread! They were being a little cruel but very funny.

I guess I'm aging myself but in the mid to late 1980's on rec.audio.highend, there were a few people that were I think were truly hateful, downright psychotic. If you heard any difference at all between different amps, you caught hell. And the moderators put up with that; in fact one of them was the worst of all.

A'gon sometimes gets a bit cruel if a newbie posts a shallow sounding rave of a new product. Generally it's remarkably civil and quite a relief, IMHO. But I'd say the same of audioasylum.

There were a few people that flamed around here on occasion. Two things happened. One was the moderators which not only would remove their comments if they were too far out of line, but would remove that person's moniker from the site. Of course, they could come back with a new moniker, and some did, but after a while--why go somewhere if you aren't welcome. The other aspect, which is far more effective, are the other users of the site. You can see a thread where one person makes a cruel comment (particularly if it's to a newbe) and you'll find the next five comments are people talking about what a jerk the guy that made the cruel comment was and that there are no stupid questions---etc. The people here seem to really care about the hobby and encourage others to participate, whether they own NAD or Marantz equipment, or the top Krell and Levinson equipment. Some other sites (and sometimes retail outlets unfortunately) have people that feel the need to show how smart they are and how superior they are because they own better equipment than the new guy can afford (or maybe he can afford it, just hasn't experienced it and found the desire to buy higher end equipment). I think most would agree that this type of attitude has had a significant effect on the market size of this hobby.
I thinks it's a combination of the moderators and also the further effect of the moderators in that there seems to be a certain class of internet rabble rouser that just won't post in a "moderated" forum and sees all moderation as a draconian imposition on his rights. I say let those folks stay over at AA.
One gives the benefit of the doubt to free expression, the other only wants its own version of what the audio world should be where more money always equals better sound. You probably will not be able to read this. This post is sort of like the tree that falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it.
I do see a few situations arise like that one on audiogon, but never to that extreme. It's not about being a newbie. Some people believe strongly that if you aren't sending a load through the tube amp, you shouldn't leave it on. That's not exaclty newbie knowledge. That's a reason not to hang out at AA. I never did like that site. The layout, and the members like that just plain suck.
im with jond,leave em over at AA,i dont go to AA much just beacuse i dont care for the format of the whole site.

i also agree with rives,guys who post responses like that always remind me of the sissy's in high school who always had to try to make others look stupid in order so they could look good then go tell the teacher after you wear em out.

FWIW, while there may be some JD's with bad manners and a poor sense of humor at AA (and of course there are none on this site) there are some extremely knowlegable people who post there and share their knowlege and experience generously. Lurking on the site is worthwhile for this if no other reason. You might just learn something of value.
You are in big trouble now...you should have never posted that link...didn't you know that here at Audiogon we are all extremely sensitive to things like that? I already can envision the beating you are now going to have to endure from our more conservative members...you know...the ultra stuffy ever so serious ones...you had better start running now...very fast...I'll even let you know who's gonna be coming after you full force.

Watch out for Marco (Jax2), Dean (Gunbei) and especially Chris (Slappy)...I really hope that they don't ever see this thread because if they do...I think that not only will they be so offended by the crass subject matter, they will initiate the movement from having you banned from the audiophile community forever.

I'm telling you...these guys mean business!!!

Consider yourself warned.
Blkadr, to "Because we got class" - you might add 'and we have equipment to sell'. No reward if being offensive to potential customers is there? :-)
It's the yellow ochre, and the pale peach in the background here on the 'Gon. That black and white screen over at the asylum will eventually make an inmate go crazy with anger. At least that's what my audio therapist says.
Wow, that background looks like pale peach on my laptop, but here it is a light yellow. Must be the Blackgates in this CPU.
Crapezoids, Jea48!!

All this time I've been lurking at the wrong audio site!

AA is a good audio forum site. I have learned alot over there. You just have to be a little careful where and when you post. "General", can get a little wild at times. There is some big name people that post on AA. I have wondered why they do not post here on Audiogon. And of course there is Sean's buddy se. I have got alot of respect for Sean. I think he really enjoys a good fight. He must, I have seen him jump right in the middle of a hornets nest..More guts than I have got.
I don't like jumping in the middle of hornet's nests, but I do get a big kick out of driving up and dousing 'em with a fire extinguisher, then driving off before they know what hit 'em.
I'm cracking up from reading these posts. It goes to show that you can have a great time without stomping on someone! Maybe we just figured that out here.

But don't rave about Bose or A/B testing ;-)
civil...you wanna see civil...lol


I think we may be worse over here.

let's get readdddy to rummmmbbbbllllleeeeee!!!!!!

thank God I stayed out of that one...hahaha
THAT was ONE stupid question!!!

Come on!! The guy a) didn't read his manual b) didn't really think that he could just remove the ICs c) left himself open to being grilled.

Audio Asylum is a known site for flames and criticism. If you can't handle it, don't go there. Stay here.

If you can add value and contribute, it's an incredible forum. However, just as in life, you can always ignore the ass-clowns and get some real info.
I don't know how civil Audiogon is....Let me think. There is that one here who constantly corrects everyone else's spelling(he doesn't seem to like us folk for whom English is the 2nd or 3d language)...Then there is a very well-known proponent of home theater vs 2-channel who is constantly lurching and waiting for the right moment to attack... Civil or not?
Ellery I can't believe you thought that interchance was anything but civil!?!
We're just a bunch of friendly Audiophiles trying to enlighten the masses...
Boy I wish they were as smart as I am!
We are more civil here becuase Audiogon sends us free meds.

Can you provide a link to that? :-)
A few reasons that I have come up with:

a) This site is a bit of a “safe haven” compared to AA.
b) It seems more “intimate” here because I have had correspondence with many members buying and selling.
c) Reputation and ability to sell. If one is an ass on this forum, I would not buy from him as I would expect nothing but trouble.

uhurit@yahoo.com, when I see OR hear someone with an accent [written or spoken] when speaking English, I know they speak at least more language than I do. They have my respect. :-)
Some of those posts in that link were awfully asinine, but I do feel the mods here on Agon are occasionally overzealous and in my personal experience, I feel some may be too biased. For instance, they will let a childish fight break out, but they didn't let me write a funny thread about an artist I don't care for. I found that insulting.

I think there are alot of good, friendly people here on the 'Gon and that certainly helps keep the atmosphere friendly.
Dirty other than personal experience, what other kind of experience is there??? : )

Go ahead flame away, I have my asbestos suit on today!!!
Cripes, and here my flamethrower just ran out of spleen juice. Thanks for feeding me that bacteria the other day, btw. I went and bought a whole bottle of it.

What were we talking about again??
Nrchy, there's other people's experience. I always try first to learn from that, but it never seems to work ;-)
Because of the format, threads come and go more swiftly on AA and have a greater initial burst of responses. I see no other difference.
Knowledge is stored in three formats.

1... Genetic...For example: A bird knows exactly how to build it's species nest, without ever seeing one. It is hard coded in the brain.

2... Remembered from the animal's life experience. For example: Bears know when the salmon are running, and they teach their young.

3... Externally stored. Only humans do this. Books, discs, even Audiogon.

External storage, which you discount, is a powerful advantage because it means that each individual does not have to start from zero, and can build upon what prior generations knew, and recorded for posterity. Just think for one moment of all the things you know. Could you have ever figured it all out from your personal life experience?
Eldartford,Very good answer! I for one feel very comfortable with Audiogon!Very few of my friends are into audio,to the extent that audiogoners are,,so my time spent here is pretty much the only time im able to talk with likeminded folks,i get a lot of enjoyment out of my time spent here!!!Many thanks to everyone!Ray

Why is it so much more civil over here on Agon?
I think this question can be best answered by a thread a fellow member posted on 9-4-05. The outpouring of heart felt compassion and support says it all.

I think this question can be best answered by a thread a fellow member posted on 9-4-05.
Sorry I should of mentioned the thread title....

"Audio Obsession and Clinical Depression"

As a German living in Russia, speaking Russian, French and enough Spanish to get by, and participating in forums in a few of this languages, let me tell you, after three years of participating in this forum, that it is special indeed, with more knowledge and more manners than any other forum I know. There is quite a few people I got to know here on audiogon I would like to meet, but, alas, the US still is quite a few miles from Moscow.
I don't think it is. I think the format of AA causes threads to drop out of sight rapidly discourages long threads. However, the format allows diatribes between two AA members which encourages incivility. The moderators here do remove entire threads that get contentious and on AA this is less common and more visible as the moderator posts that it has been moved to a more "appropriate" site.

How is the audiophile scene in Moscow? What brands of gear can you get there that we in the West might know about? How about components Russian or anything else we might not have heard of?

We have retail stores with names like the Audio Farm over here. IF you walk through Moscow is there anything like HiFi Dascha or звуковые небеса?

Have a good one,