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Most favored hearing aid for audiophiles
This question was addressed a few years ago, I think in the forums here. ┬áThe consensus seemed to be that the one remaining analog provider of hearing aids was making the only hearing aid that sounded musical, but, I don't recall the name of that ... 
new product: Audience AU24 SE XLR ICcable
Does Audience AU24 SE play well with Cardas Golden Reference? My system is all tube and all CGR. I need longer speaker cables and am considering AU24 SE instead of CGR.Cary SLI-80EAR 834 tube phono stageBasis 2000 turntable with Van Den Hull FrogC... 
Logitech Squeezebox v7.9 works with Mac Yosemite
Ps: here is URL of the LMS downloads for various platforms shows a list of latest v7.9 installs for various platforms. 
Logitech Squeezebox v7.9 works with Mac Yosemite
After posting this I heard about a company called Bluesound. Seems like they are ex-NAD people trying to fill the gap left by Squeezebox, and starting to get fine reviews and good retail exposure. But with Squeezebox Touch working so well for me, ... 
The future for a current Squeezebox user
headsup: LMS runs on Mac Yosemite, but you need to get the latest "beta" version 7.9 at downloads.slimdevices.comMy two Logitech Touches sound great (one using internal DAC, one external) and are easy use for internal home purposes, driving a loca... 
Popcorn Ceiling vs Smooth
Is there a fashionable modern form of popcorn ceiling? I have not seen it but perhaps there is. I would have a hard time wanting popcorn these days due to dated appearance. I suspect it would have a sonic impact only if ceiling is low, and even th... 
amp for Silverline minuet supreme plus?
Class D amplification appears to be a work in progress. I keep trying them, ever hopeful, and keep getting shot down. The ones I have tried just don't sound realistic. Usually cold and hollow, greyish, lacking color. It is such an attractive packa... 
Cardas: Clear vs. Golden Reference
Thanks Rfogel. I never thought of the Siltech. Need to look into it. Do you have any idea how Clear Light compares to Clear? 
Cardas: Clear vs. Golden Reference
Maybe "Clear" is a breakthrough? 
Cardas: Clear vs. Golden Reference
wow. Thanks. That does leave open the question of why. For example, years ago they used to sell a Golden Reference power strip. I own one. Excellent. When I asked they why they discontinued it, they cited cost of production. 
Others opinions on the new MHDT Stockholm DAC?
Interesting review suggests there are differing versions of firmware and long breakin needed: 
Cost of running a tube amp.
Yes, it was a great relief to realize that the amp is not costing an arm and a leg to run! (as for tubes, just take a deep breath and budget an annual number....)I had looked at the manual for the SLI-80 which says, as you suggest, a much lower ra... 
Ascend Sierra-1 vs LSA-1 ??
Personally I love the LSA-1. Used to own the base model and found it naturally musical. It is not hyper revealing. It is more forgiving of flaws than many audiophile speakers. I have not heard the higher end versions of the LSA-1 (statement or sig... 
Caution Monster XP Spkr Wire
I periodically try to downgrade components in my main system. Why keep all that capital tied up? I have tried Monster XP and Blue Jeans interconnects and Canare speaker cable in my main rig and found them to sound not remotely as good as cables su... 
Squeezebox Server work with latest Apple OS?
Thanks for the feedback. I did find some forums suggesting problems w Mac sleep. There is a beta version of server now to address that. See