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SS amp mosfet 'haze' - ever experienced this?
This is all idle talk.  Typical of audiophiles.  Not worth a plugged nickel I fear.  
How to bias Audio Research VT100 MKIII?
Shipping is very expensive, more so if you ship from Canada.  Very few dealers left here with proper service.   To all thinking of DIY tube replacement: don't!  Let a qualified technician with experience on tube amps do the work.   Don't mess ... 
Audio Research VT100 MKII retubing blew resistors
Cheap shot!  
Speaker brands known to use first class internal components
Being obsessive usually ruins the pleasures of life.Build your own seems the only solution to me in your case.  
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
Does resale value enter the picture?Very expensive speakers appear to depreciate the most based on what I have seen over many years.So I would go with greatly depreciated iconic models of years ago.Based on casual listening at shops and shows here... 
Down to 2 speakers & I can't decide, ProAc D48R vs Spendor D9
With what you listen to either would do very nicely and may even open your ears to other types of music. 
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
Rega RS 10s are remarkable speakers if you can find a pair.  Extremely detailed fine textured sound and they give correct tone and weight to instruments such as cello and double bass and clarinet. 
Audio web site
Would be nice to be able to search for equipment by zip code/postal code and by price range for any given type of component. 
does temperature affect speaker performance?
Maybe your ears are affected by the weather? 
Can tubes ever be as quiet Solid State
The days of NOS tubes are gone. How many old shops and basements can be gone through in search of tubes? Good quality present production tubes are the way to go, unless you have a reliable source and deep pockets for NOS tubes. I find that older t... 
Wise audio aphorisms
Never trust a dealer. 
I've $4k to spend on used speakers for big room
A pair of Thiel 7s or 7.2s can be gotten for around that kind of money these days, but it would require a real hefty ss amp for sure.Anthony Cordesman has made many changes to his systems over the years but has always kept his 7.2s, telling me tha... 
Mitsubishi Linear Tracking Turntables
Linear tracking arms hold a theoretical advantage over pivoted arms, but are not easy to design, build or maintain. Aside from making sure that the cartridge used is compatible and properly mounted and that any tracking force adjustment has been p... 
leave power on?
With tube equipment it simply has to do with the cost of retubing. Better to turn off tube equipment and warm it up for a short while prior to listening, unless you will be doing a lot of listening during the course of two or three days, such as w... 
best 4.5" midrange drivers under $1K
Well I always believed that paper was a good material for cones insofar as the weight of the material itself is concerned, but that it was more subject to temperature changes and would distort more than metal or plastics. In my second system I hav...