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Kinergetics Chiro C-500
Can you give me an email address so we can talk. Mine continues to destroy capacitors. Some were replaced but I prior to my possession so I want to verify the capacitor values. 
whats my preamp worth?
Audiogon really would prefer that you pay for a "bluebook" subscription to find that out rather than ask. You can always check completed auction listing on a well know auction site that starts with "E".As with all things it is worth what someone w... 
Just Turned 50...
56 and looking for senior discounts in audio stores and audio web sites. 
Meridian / Wadia / Audio Aero describe sound
Smooth as in no digital edge. Solid well articulated bass. More relaxed than in your face - Sounds like music rather than a collection of notes. 
Meridian / Wadia / Audio Aero describe sound
I will also praise the 508.24 which is still in my main system. The price/performance is hard to beat. The sound is "smooth at budda". Natural well rounded, detailed but not etched with a very relaxed delivery. I have owned CAL, Audiomeca, and Mus... 
Live Performances Gone Awry
Unsound, in the examples you cite it seems at classical perfomances it is the audience that goes awry not the performers. Imagine Perlman to drunk to play or Pavarotti forgetting lyrics because the is stoned. 
Live Performances Gone Awry
Notice that none of these disasters involve a classical musician or performance? 
Live Performances Gone Awry
Jerry Jeff Walker in show in Mississippi was so drunk he could not remember the words to his songs. Fell over after the third song and was carried off. Back up band did one more song and it was over since he was the headliner. No refunds for a thi... 
Small monitors for tv/music
You can occassionally find Ruark Epilogues or Icons in the $200-$300 range that are great small monitors. 
Steve Jobs we will miss you
It is a free country - however not a respectful one. Feel how you like about a person but show a little class at their time of death. Ever notice how no one seems to say at a wake "What an asshole!" but offers some positive aspect of even the most... 
Steve Jobs we will miss you
I am just wondering about the "angles" in heaven Tom6897 mentions - Jobs could be obtuse but he did always seem to have an angle. 
Why aren't the older members still active ?
I do not blame the economy as some have done but redundancy as the killer of posting for long time posters and lurkers. So many posts as have been pointed out are not worth a response because they have been beaten to death. Is it PRAT - posting re... 
The Audiophile's Wife
Well written,humorous,and all to true. A pleasure to be harpooned by her incisive wit. The spousal unit was sincerely amused. 
If your whole system costs $40,000....
Impromptu - given at a moments notice without significant thought like naming all the costs of your components with referring to any documentsGiving you a break - not being pilloried for inane, assinine or pointless meandering in your comments or ... 
What does it take to qualify as a reviewer?
Most needed reviewer quality:Never say anything directly bad about any gear. Rather damn it with faint praise while being able to defend the notion that the sonic pithing it delivers can be palatable in the correct room.