Tornado and Thunder Power Cables

Hi all,

I am going to be upgrading my power cables for my preamp, 2 channel power amp and 5 channel power amp and I have chosen the following power cables to use in my setup:

1m Tornado(source)- preamp
2m Tornado(high current)- 2 channel power amp
1m Tornado( high current)- 5 channel power amp

In terms of bringing the cost down, if I used a 1m Thunder power cable for the 5 channel amp instead of the 1m Tornado(high current) would I be missing anything sonically by not using a Tornado HC power cable? Does anyone in the forum have a similar setup or are using a Thunder HC power cable as well mixed with the Tornado power cables? If so, what are your thoughts? Would it be better to just keep it all the same brand of power cable consistent or is there a huge sonic difference between the two power cables that would warrant me to stay with the Tornado HC power cable for my 5 channel amp?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Much appreciated.


@bewgow. See below:

Preamp- Marantz AV8805
Power amp(2 channel)- Rotel RB1590
Power amp(5 channel)- Rotel RMB1585

Thanks bewgow.
Power amp(2 channel)- Rotel RB1590
Power amp(5 channel)- Rotel RMB1585

Rotel amps are definitely not one that is recommended for 2 channel listening .   tend to be be cold / sterile sound and give the listener fatigue.
seems you are trying to make a sub par amp better by putting an expensive power cord on it.

if you want better 2 channel sound, then i would look at getting a preamp with home theater bypass and a better 2 channel amp.
Rotel RB-1590 is more than adequate for most 2-channel applications. Can one do better? Absolutely! But for a lot more money. I know, I owned it as soon as about three years ago. 
As for the power cords, Audioquest Storm series are very good. For two channel I would however select Hurricane or higher, if the budget allows. Also, there are other power cords out there, other brands, that perhaps offer better value for the dollar. Examples: Triode Wire Labs, Zavfino Prima or even Majestic, Shunyata Delta v2 NR, or even Venom NR v10
2007, Those audioquest cables seem like a disproportionate cost with the gear you already own. You might wish to consider going with the monsoon power cords. I use monsoons on my LuminT2 streamer-dac and my integrated tube amplifier. Those cords are high performers IMO. What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with power cords?
If you can hear the difference caused by any power cable your amp/pre-amp is crap.  A good power supply will easily filter out any possible noise far better tan any cable can by changing its capacitance/inductance or both.  Have someone change the stock cables randomly with the new ones and you are blindfolded and not told which cable is being used.  have them do this about 10 times and each time you mark which sounded best, A or B.  If you do no better than chance, it isn't the cables.
I run Tornados on a pair of Bryston 28B3 monoblocks and they seem to not be creating any issues. I have also used one on a tube integrated. Again no issue. Just good performance from my gear. I can’t speak to the AQ Thunder. But I went with the Tornado based on the better specs, and I found them used for less than MSRP. 
+1 @barjohn

You’re wasting good money on these questionable power cables. I get the need to improve on a system that you undoubtedly feel is pretty good (regardless of @riley804’s comments). You should look to spend that money elsewhere in the system to elicit the kind of improvement you’re seeking.

The Rotels that you own are 'beasts' of an amp. Rotel engineers will have designed a wonderful and suitable power supply inside them, one that does all the mains power filtering needed. An (overly) expensive power cable won't / shouldn't be able to add much to that. If Rotel didn't do a good job, you wouldn't have bought them in the first place.

My guess is you could spend your money on other nice or fun things because you're probably not going to hear a difference, besides maybe the psychological effect that your brain wants to hear a difference after you made a serious investment.

If to you such power cables fall in the category of nice / fun things to have then to answer your question: your 2x350 Watts amp, delivered via 110V requires 7A, or or 3A if you're on 240V. The cable should be rated for those 7 Amperes.
It’s just that home theater receivers aren’t exactly known for being low noise / distortion enough for some to be considered ‘hi-fi’ at least for clean 2ch music listening (but Marantz is def good consumer-level stuff)… So if this is about lowering noise or cleaning up distortions, you may get better results going with lower distortion ICs first. This will also help aftermarket power cords have a bigger perceived difference. 
 But even better money spent is the recommendation to get a good hifi 2ch preamp, with HT bypass function, for 2ch music listening. Then you’ll be stepping into the lower noise / cleaner signal realm and ICs and PCs will make a greater difference. 
 Just as an example: Not affiliated but I recently tried some Hapa Audio copper cables and was amazed at how clean of a sound and less distorted they were over my other similarly priced IC options.
The AQ thunders are great. I have one on my regenerator and it makes a huge difference. The ones above who think that power cables don't make a difference when you have a "good" power supply, is severely mistaken and hasn't bothered to attempt it on his equipment. Cables definitely impact sound. 

I will agree with the others to where your cables are outclassing your amp. You might get more of a benefit putting that +$4k into an amp. 
Rotel amps are definitely not one that is recommended for 2 channel listening
Preamp- Marantz AV8805: $4500
Power amp(2 channel)- Rotel RB1590: $3700
Power amp(5 channel)- Rotel RMB1585: $3700

I’m a little bit confused ? What am I missing here? The OP got $11,900 worth of gear and his gear is NOT recommended for 2 channel listening!? We all should be so lucky!

I say go for exactly what you want - the Audio Quest Thunder at around $900 each is perfectly reasonably priced - for YOUR budget. And do NOT believe the naysayers that say there will be no improvement in sound quality. You will get quieter and blacker backgrounds and better and less fatiguing sound coming from your speakers.

Also, I think it maybe a good idea using all Audio Quest PC’s as they will have the same sound signature and blend in well with each other, especially if you are planning to get a Audio Quest conditioner at a later date.

And one more thing, don’t stop with other upgrades and tweaks. Damping, IC's, speaker wire and fuses to name a few.

Sheesh! What a tough crowd!
As an electrical engineer I always wonder about the choices people make in searching for better sound. 

I will state that the power supply is where the magic begins. 

A robust well designed PS is key. 

Most quality equipment has that. 

What happens before the power supply is moot. 

If this was the case,  why not replace the wires from the outlet receptical to the fuss box?

Then back from there? 

There is no downside from upgrading a power cable,  more secure connection and getting the perfect length but don't expect it to affect the sound quality. 

Invest your money into good speakers first.  Then a good source Then compatible equipment in between. 

Room acoustics and maybe room correction software. 

Just my 2cents.
As an electrical engineer I always wonder about the choices people make in searching for better sound.

Have you tried using a better PC than the supplied stock cable?
Room correction software does work but many software packages not only color but degrade the sound quality also. Just my 2 cents.
yogi42:  I use Cullen power cables in 2 AV systems and 1 two ch. system.  I have his speaker cables in my 2 channel system, too.  Highly recommended!
This is something I am familiar with. If this is just for home theater then please do not go to this level of power cord. Their is so much sound manipulation via the DSP in the Marantz. I would ask the group here to help you find a good quality cable at a modest price. I did upgrade my cable on my marantz 
To a Nordost Blue Heaven. The amps I would go to a cheap 12 gage power cable. Also, If this is for two channel in any way I would check out the Emotiva XSP 2 channel preamp. It has home theater bypass. You can use your 2 channel Rotel amp with it. 
if you are keeping your existing gear: Thunder on both amps & Blizzard on the preamp: If you are upgrading in future, then you might look at the Tornados or Hurricanes: I use a mixture of Hurricane, Thunder, Blizzard. I never tried the Tornado: Putting Tornados on Rotel amps, while good amps, seems your money would be better served buying better amps first."
Hey OP, another typical cable thread. My advice is to ignore most replies and try some different cables at various price points and hear for yourself, in your system. The cables do make a difference and should be considered along with other tweaks to enhance the performance.

It is also to be noted that members who proclaim in their first sentence " I am an electrical engineer" and go on to deny, probably without ever trying some cables, that there can possibly be any difference, are to be regarded as inexperienced in matters audio.

I see the EE above suggesting room acoustics and correction software.

This I totally agree with and encourage. A properly treated room will do more than any tweak or component swap, however room correction to me is a band-aid.

This band-aid is of limited value if any. Sure it can radically alter the sound but is it better? The reason for room treatment is all about reducing overly long decay to a certain level within a certain time frame which is dictated by the volume of the room. For that absorption is needed. Room correction software can not anticipate and reduce the decay and fill in the nulls resulting from cancellation. Consider that if you drive more power into a null it will just cancel with the same power.

Last bit of advice, promise 😁   Any room  treatment you consider adding and which I thoroughly recommend should prefereably be done first as you may be for example trying to tame a bright sytem by using 'warmer' cables etc. which will take you in the wrong direction. Room first will also allow you to better hear and choose the best for the job.

I have Hurricanes throughout my system and can't say enough good things about them.  
Do you have a Niagara Power Conditioner?  If yes, AQ is superb.  If not, you may find that treble extension could be a challenge.  Particularly with Thunder.  This gets less pronounced if you rise a bit in terms of quality.  for example, Hurricanes, though those are much pricier.  

I would look at Clarus Crimson or Puritan Ultimate if you do not have a Niagara Power conditioner.  

To OP if your heart is telling you those tornado power cord will improved your system performance, audition them first, Music direct has 60 days trial, might as well try the hurricane too.
I can't recall the model, but the entry level Cullen cables aren't well shielded.
The pair that I ordered to power my ML Spires, lite up my hand held voltage tester like a Xmas tree when they was juiced up. Some of the better power amp manufactures and even the cheaper Pangea cords, nary a flicker.