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The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
My God!  Even through the hundreds of standard fuses, thousands of miles of cheap ethernet cables, and hundreds of vendor-supplied power cables between your system and mine I can hear the improvement wrought from the SR Purple Fuses!  
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
@coralkong I am happy that your $200 fuse made such an improvement in your system.  Now take that one out and put in a $3 Littelfuse and re-evaluate.  Chances are you won't hear a difference.  The lack of any form of common-sense regarding boutiqu... 
Tornado and Thunder Power Cables
+1 @barjohnYou’re wasting good money on these questionable power cables. I get the need to improve on a system that you undoubtedly feel is pretty good (regardless of @riley804’s comments). You should look to spend that money elsewhere in the syst... 
16 bit vs 24 bit vs 35 bit vs 36 bit vs 64 bit DAC sampling
Whatever you're hearing, it's not the bit depth.  If indeed you have a 35 bit DAC, which I doubt (regardless of manufacturers claims), I guarantee the bottom 20 bits are lost in the room noise. 
Measuring "Stylus Drag" with the RPM Speed and Wow app
You're kidding me, right?  Idler is the best?  You must listen to a lot of cassettes, too.As for stylus drag, you can see it on a turntable with a strobe. 
If you are a real customer, I'm sure your arrogance and blatant lack of education has something to do with your not being taken seriously.  I don't like Apple, but I was forced to use an iPhone by my employer while my wife and daughter got a Samsu... 
A turntable that plays all types of music well
I use a Luxman PD-277 for classical, a Thorens TD-150 for rock, a Sony PS-X5 for country, and a Crosley for pop.  Oddly enough, if I move the cartridge from one to the other, then the Luxman becomes good for rock and the Thorens plays classical we... 
My New Magnepan 1.7i's sound dull and lifeless on the top end...why?
The question is did you listen to these before purchasing them, and, if you did, what kind of electronics were used.  Also, what kind of speakers did you have before?  My take is that the somewhat soft PrimaLuna, combined with the somewhat soft Ma... 
Power cord choice?
@thyname, you got any ranch dressing for that word salad?  Those quotes are complete and utter nonsense.  And that bit about the PC being the first 3 feet as seen by the component is classic slick advertising. 
Audiophile Loudness Wars—Too Much again!?
I have to wonder if the excess gain is in response to the jokers who think an amp is underpowered if they have to turn the volume control to 2:00 before their ears start to bleed. 
Vintage vs New
I thought that with millercarbon shilling for Tekton that we finally caught a break from his constant promoting of Synergistic Research.  I guess I was wrong..." Maybe someone so sure there was great wire back then can name me the 1970's era powe... 
warmest speaker cables you've heard?
I believe the new (as yet unseen) Loki will support balanced cables.  Better to wait for that then flush your money away on tricks.  To be honest, any cable that has any kind of audible effect with the miniscule length you're considering MUST be d... 
warmest speaker cables you've heard?
Schiit Loki, $150, very effective.  Fancy snake oil wires, $700, no effect at all.  You pays your money, you takes your chances.  The only way a speaker cable will make the kind of changes you want is if it is 100' long. 
Money Well spent
The OP probably thought he was sounding cool in a William Faulkner kind of way.  
Help with first cable upgrade.
It is a nice system, but not at the level of resolution required to perceive any difference whatsoever attributable to cables.  These guys are leading you down a primrose path that will only lead to disappointment.  You would be far, FAR better of...