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McIntosh- Sweetest, Smoothest sounding Solid State ?
I do love mcintosh for there looks and build quality.  They are also very serviceable.  I have a old Mc2300 just sitting in my rack for fun.   Also have a Mc452 which sounds great and use it to power a 15 inch subwoofer.  However I use a JC5 t... 
Moved Audio Quest cable to my DAC. WOW
Hi Sam, Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you also found this effect.  I Audio Quest cable made zero difference on my MC452 or my Parasound JC5. Based on someone's comments,  I moved it to my D90SE. I'm doing the power supply upgrade to my no... 
Moved Audio Quest cable to my DAC. WOW
What is a digital switch?    You talking about a ethernet port?   
Moved Audio Quest cable to my DAC. WOW
Hi Mr Curious AQ cable is  1 meter length,  Don't remember the model but cost about $150 . Again middle of the line is my method. DAC is a D90SE.  My comment was concentrated on power cables and not type of equipment.    Everyone has their fav... 
Moved Audio Quest cable to my DAC. WOW
Thanks everyone for theirs comments and encouragement.    I ordered the LHY 35 watt unit.  I don't have a very expensive system so go middle of the road on most things.    BW 805d3,  mc452 JC5 amps. Some of you guys probably spend $200k Got k... 
Old days & steamers vs newer stuff?
Looks great.  I like the BlueOs software but if you can do the Apple play, go for it.   
What happened to those dreaded 1099 forms we were going to receive from Paypal?
75% of taxes are paid by individuals.    Go figure.   
Not Chinese Fakes But Not big $$$ Either
Doing it yourself is 10 times as rewarding as buying something.   
Here comes the PS Audio's streamer -- anyone excited?
PS audio does nice videos but not really make the best equipment.    Keep searching.   
BluSound Node and Node 2
Have a node 2I   Working flawlessly for me.  Use an external DAC.  Love the App   
Which ones should I choose? Tannoy Kensington Gr or B&W 804 D4
The BW speakers are brighter but the older one gets,  the more they compensate for hearing loss.   
Record collecting versus hoarding
The cure for hoarding records is streaming. .   Millions of songs with zero physical space. .   Happy   
What’s Voodoo power cords signature sounding?
Things like cables offer minimal differences,  However good a quality connection will prevent higher resistance and therefore can be justified.    Just be reasonable compared to the price of your equipment and net worth.   
Speaker cable
Better quality cable is identical wire quality,  only the connectors are red and black.  This ensures that you match the polarity of both channels.  This gives you the best bass response.    That's all.   
Its not vinyl
Fascinating conversations about Digital Sound vs Vinyl Sound.  Its been shown that a Digital recording is an almost perfect capture of the oriiginal but some like the affect that the entire process of vinyl colors the sound due to its limitation ...