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why not contact the company ?  
Room treatment ideas for annoying external noises
how best to do it?? move  
David Crosby  
mark levinson 380s
How do I turn off the power completely pull the plug.   what is wrong with having the unit in standby ?  
Anyone that is familiar with or owns Lumley Megavox 150s? I have questions.
might want to sign a few posts so you can send these members a pm and see if you can get some info  
Sensitivity wilson sophia 2 vs 3 ?
@matias1979    not sure how including a link to the speaker specs / sensitivity so you can see for  yourself is not helpful ?    
Sensitivity wilson sophia 2 vs 3 ?
@matias1979    I wonder if the new sophia 3 is more sensitive? (i see 89db vs 87 for new S3 ? ) so when when reads that, it looks like  you are asking a question ( hence the ?) i provided the link to the  manual of the speaker and ther... 
Sensitivity wilson sophia 2 vs 3 ?
@matias1979    if you would look at the manual on page 53 it gives the speaker specs  
Sensitivity wilson sophia 2 vs 3 ?
you have asked this question already.....and you could have looked this up    page 53  
Jay's Audio CDT3-MK3 CD Transport  
1990 Klipsch Fotes ll
might have better luck if you go over to the Klipsch site as they have a forum / classified section.            
Mains sockets and star earth - can anyone explain?
@dpop   Not fair and not deserved. if he would have kept the DM between him and i , this wouldnt have happened, but he decided to bring it to the forums .   i am not experiencing a bad day....but i am not going to sit here and take this fr... 
Mains sockets and star earth - can anyone explain?
@lollipopguild   Are you being sarcastic? If you are, please have the balls to be public about it on the thread.     maybe if you weren’t so lazy, you could have looked this up yourself and learned something   better ?  
Downloading Audio from YouTube?
@stuartk    i have....a long time ago.        guess you dont check your pm's ?  
Potential upgrade path…
@kota1    while room treatments can make a great improvement in the sound.....i think  you have to look at the bigger picture here when it comes to this and this is the OP better half.     I highly doubt she is going to let him do this. there w...