Audioquest Robin Hood silver or Audioquest Thunderbird zero?

I need new single-wire speaker cables (no bi-wiring for me) for my Luxman 509X amp. I am thinking of the Audioquest Thunderbird zero and the Robin Hood silver, which are in the same price range. However, I can not find many reviews on the Robin Hood silver cables. Anyone who can tell from his or her own experience what the differences are and what he or she does prefer? Thanks for your input.


Have you considered triode wire labs speaker cables and interconnects? High quality, very natural sound and fairly priced. As many others have said, it’s a real good idea to do an in-home trial of whatever you are considering. Good luck, many of us consider cables to be something you add once you have your amp and speakers and room sorted out
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Did your Thunderbird sound harsh or just (too) bright? Depth is quite important indeed. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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That is interesting. I am also thinking of replacing the power cord. Is that something that can really improve the sound?
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Sounds like I will have to replace some other cables also. Thanks, always good to learn.
I am a dealer for AQ and I have tested a bunch of AQ cables and I have found their copper cables are very similar, just with an increasing gauge. They are pretty transparent/revealing with a noteworthy level of detail and have a distinct emphasis on bass.  I would not call them bright but they certainly are not warm.  This is across Robin Hood, William Tell and Thunderbird.  Not bad, just what I have experienced.  I have not tested the silver Robin Hoods and have no POV on them.  

I recently swapped in Clarus Crimson.  The manufacturer sent me a bunch of cables on demo.  I found them to be more neutral.  Treble and detail level was similar but the bass bloat I was experiencing in my system went away entirely but I wouldn't call them lean.  I was pleased enough that I am now a Clarus dealer and am planning to use the Crimsons at NY Audio Show.  

To be clear, not saying the Clarus is better, just more balanced in my system.  I am running an AVM Evolution A5.2 integrated into Vivid Kaya 45 speakers.  
Thanks for your reply. So there is not that much difference in the copper AQ cables. Does it mean that the Rocket 88 its as good as the Thunderbird.

Unfortunately it seems that there are not many reviews on the Robin Hood silver cables.
the biggest difference is the amount of current these cables carry.  Their gauge increases and that is the biggest difference to me.  There are much bigger differences between Rocket 88 and Robin Hood than Robin Hood and thunderbird in terms of structure and quality of cable.