Passing of an Audiogon Member

Posting this on behalf of another member and for those forum members who knew Ezra.

Yesterday, I received the sad news of the passing of Ezra (@audioezra) suddenly, post surgery. He is survived by his wife, Vernecia, and members of his family and his Pastoral flock.

Ezra graciously and with open arms invited me to his home, despite not knowing me personally, to audition speakers I was interested in. That visit remains strong in my memories and senses and was a wonderful experience.

I encourage members in the greater Chicagoland area, who knew him well, to add more.

Dormit In Pace, Ezra.

What can you say he was a character 

I sadly found out this weekend. :-(

He was my friend.

Every time I called him which was about once a month, to see what new system or components he had, as we all knew.

I would get on the phone and he would say, "Mario my friend", with such a warm happiness to hear from me. He always made me feel like he was so truly happy to talk to me, and asked me to come visit all the time.

We would proceed to discuss what was new in audio for each other and he would tell me about how Magnificent his system was sounding. Telling me about all different companies and manufacturers and how they make or design the finest equipment in the world. Then next month it was gone and there was always something new. LOL Loved him made me laugh.

He never spoke negatively about anyone to me, he was always positive.

Ezra I will truly miss you and I was your friend and will always be your friend.

Enjoy the Music in heaven I am sure it sounds truly Magnificent.

Your friend Mario
Ezra, a kind and trusting man who now is in a far better place and is now wearing a big smile!
Wow, I did not know Ezra but by the comments made here I sure wish I had. As I think about all the positive things people say about him, shouldn't we all strive to be like Ezra?
Sorry for you loss david_ten and all others who knew him.
Rest peacefully Ezra.
Sounds like a great guy. Thanks for sharing his story and passion. Like Jimi said, “see you in the next world, and don’t be late...”
Sounds like a great guy. Thanks for sharing his story and passion. Like Jimi said, “see you in the next world, and don’t be late...”
I have known Ezra (never met him)but
had numerous telephone conversation with
him for over 30 years.
great human being 
will certainly miss him.
RIP Brother 
Ezra, rest in peace.  Our thoughts are of course with his surviving wife, immediate family and music-loving family.  Ezra was a truly outstanding customer of Revelation Audio Labs - first serving his upgrade needs in 2007 with umbilical power cables for his Supratek units following up with an umbilical for his Metronome Kalista, all the way through 2015 when he commissioned an upgrade umbilical for his Melos gear.  In those 9 years, Ezra was always gracious, one of the very nicest and most kind gentleman I have dealt with in my entire life.  We owe people like him a tribute. The world needs more Ezras, not less of them.  I will miss Ezra.
nice to read these touching tributes to the man and fellow audiophile Ezra was. thank you. never had the pleasure of any contact. i can certainly relate to Ezra on a number of levels, so it feels like i know him.

R.I.P. Ezra.
I felt quite shaken about hearing of Ezra’s death. Ezra was so full of life that it is hard to reconcile that he is no longer with us. He was quite a character who seemed to always need new Toys every few months. After being told that this was the finest equipment we ever heard we would establish an Over and Under line about how long the gear would stay in his system. I am quite sure there a few audio salons that are flying their flags at half mast upon his passing! Like Teajay, I saw more audio gear at Ezra’s place than anywhere else. He had mostly top of the line gear including many exotics. He also liked fine cars and even talked about this at his first wife’s funeral! Anyway, Ezra welcomed almost any audiophile near and far into his home. He welcomed everyone with a graciousness that is uncommon in todays world. He will be truly missed. Shalom Audioezra!
Ezra and I did not cross paths in this hobby, but may he have everlasting peace.
Ezra called me several times to discuss our products and we would end up having lengthy conversations about audio. He was obviously extremely passionate about audio and always had kind words to say about everything. RIP Ezra...
Teajay I remember telling me  about Him, when I visited you and Mark...RIP Ezra...
I have been a friend of Ezra for about ten years. He often came to my home to hear new gear and I often visited his home to hear his new "toys" and help him setup or fine tune his system. The next statement is not an EXAGGERATION. He literally had hundreds of different, normally the latest/greatest pieces of stereo equipment coming and going in his system! J. Gordon Holt and Harry Pearson in their entire careers never heard as much gear that the my friend Ezra did in his life!

No piece of gear was ever a permanent addition to Ezra’s collection. He had more high-end gear coming through his doors on a yearly basis then all the Stereo Salons in the greater Chicago land area. I really never had to attend Stereo Shows to hear the current crop of front-ends, line-stages, amplifiers, wires, and speakers because I had heard them at my good friend’s house already.

When I and the rest of Ezra’s listening posse (Nick the judge-Mike-Mike-Allan-Bob) received that phone call from him to come over to hear what he just got in-house, we all waited for his "famous" statement, "this is the finest and best sounding-fill-in-the-blank I have ever heard. We rolled are eyes in a good natured way because we had heard this thousands of times before!

Ezra was a big hearted man, by the way he looked very much like Count Basie, and his wife and family members are warm gracious people, my sorrows to their lose, and you were welcomed to his house in the warmest and kind fashion you could imagine.

Yes, Ezra was a good soul who was a "meshuggeneh" (meaning a screwball in a joking way) when it came to his passion regarding having to have the latest and "BEST" stereo system in the civilized world!

I, therefore nominate Ezra as the "GOAT" and he belongs in the Hall Of High End Stereo Fame. I’m sure if there is an afterlife, my man is already putting together the best system he ever heard in this or any life, indeed.
J.S. Bach reportedly said, "don't cry for me as I'm going to where music come's from" Ezra was much appreciated here.
Sad news, indeed.  I hope that he lived a long and comfortable life.  I wish the best to his spouse and and all of his extended family.
Peace be with you, brother!
David, a nice post.  I remember your post after visiting Ezra.  A good memory.  

Let this be a valuable reminder to focus on what is important in our lives. Especially in a time when COVID, politics, and so many strong willed opinions consume our days.
Thank you everyone... for your thoughtful and gracious wishes.

Service is on Saturday, the 29th.

@tooblue  Yes, he remarried.

He had feedback from a Seller on August 19th. Our situations can change so suddenly and with such finality.
RIP Ezra.  I bet there is a well balanced stereo playing right now for his soul!
Grace and Peace - God Speed Ezra

@David_Ten you represent the best of audiogon 
So very sorry for the loss of your friend.Kind thoughts to Ezra's family and friends.
Sad to hear of the passing of someone who shares in this hobby with us.
We are, after all, a community. My thoughts are with you and his family.

All the best,
This is terrible news about Ezra, bought a brand new set of Quicksilver M120s from him almost three years ago, after the passing of his wife. We stayed in contact for the 3 years after by phone as he would just call out of the blue and we would talk for hours, what a gentleman. Did he get remarried? If so he never mentioned it. I will miss our talks for sure. I will toast him tonight and thanks for the update. Here is to you Ezra
Sorry to hear that David
I do not believe I ever had any interaction with him but sad indeed.
RIP Ezra