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What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?
Thanks again for everyone's response. We will do our best to create an informative and interesting website. We are including: MSRP, Specs, Dimensions, Descriptions and photos. Our speakers are OB so there really are no inside photos. Product opt... 
What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?
Many thanks to everyone for the input.  
Tube tester
That's not good. Try a search on Orange Essentials. It's under Audio Accessories.  BTW, The link works on my end.  
Experiencing music with our entire body not just our ears.
Thanks for sharing another example of human perseverance and how adaptive and resilient people can be.      
North Carolina Audio Club
Sounds like a great club! I wish we were closer.  
Dd67000 crossover points?
Analysis Audio Planar Ribbon speakers use a first order crossover at 600 Hz. Arion Audio Apollo speakers use fourth order filters at 120 Hz. If the drivers and system are designed for it and the drivers have the headroom it can work very well. T... 
Happy Audiophile Day!
Take a moment and listen to some of your favorite music and remember how fortunate we are to be able to. Happy Audiophile Day!  
300b lovers
Has anyone that is using Linlai E-6SN7 tubes in 300B amps found them to be noisy? Kind of like a ground hum but not very loud. The system was quiet with the previous RCA VT231 tubes. Sorry if I'm off topic a little. They were favorably mentioned h... 
DSP Active Crossover
@erik_squires LOL @jaytor I believe the Trinnov Nova retails for about $3500 for 2 channels and $500 for each additional pair of channels so $4500 for a 6 channel unit. I view digital crossovers, room correction, time domain corrections and ampl... 
DSP Active Crossover
BTW, the Trinnov units all come with excellent room correction and use a very unique mic. They do an excellent job in the amplitude domain and more importantly in the time domain.  
DSP Active Crossover
I suggest you investigate the new Trinnov Nova. Is has up to 6 channels. We supply a Trinnov DSP unit with all our Apollo and Athena series speaker systems. They are excellent and very easy to set up. Check out some of the show reports about our s... 
Listen with your skin.
I had the honor of meeting Bob at the PAF 2022 show. I did not know of him prior to our meeting. We were exhibiting there. While playing music for a room full of people I noticed someone waiting for a front row seat. He was caring a large bag. Onc... 
Do Your Speakers have LEVEL CONTROLS or EQUALIZERS? (Vintage or Modern) ???
My Apollo speakers are very adjustable in both the time domain and the amplitude domain via digital crossovers. All crossover parameters are easily adjustable. Adjustments can be made on the fly via tablet and multiple setting can be saved. I can ... 
horn or line array?
@larryi  Thanks for the kind words. My guess about the comment "sounding like a cross between planars and horns" has something to do with the Apollo's lively, dynamic sound coming from a line array? We will be exhibiting at Capital Audiofest ag... 
horn or line array?
As others have correctly said "the implementation matters". The room in which they will be used in is very important. How directional the speakers are and how reverberant/damped the room is will largely impact the sound. Will the setup yield a mor...