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SOS! Suddenly have a high-end turntable, need to upgrade Amp + Speakers
Speaker options you may consider... Erin's #1 choice on this list are the  Kali Audio IN-8 v2, which are powered monitors so they would be eliminate the need for an amp - could be a great option for you - as long as you have your phono preamp in ... 
London Grammar?
I love help me lose my mind (Disclosure/London Grammar), one of the best songs of the 2010's  
electronic music
@petar3 : hope this exploration is proving to be enjoyable.  Please add to your list Stars of the Lid, specifically their albums The Tired Sounds of... and And Their Refinement of the Decline.    
electronic music
Gonna have to stretch a bit since most are not strictly "classical" music with electronic instruments, but I second the list by @acman3  Apex Twin is the arguably the grandaddy of modern electronic music, and an excellent place to start. he range... 
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
Nice thread. I bought some used Shure KSE1500 IEM electrostatics, a few years back.  They have a decent DAC built into the eStat amplifier provided that can be bypassed when listening via the line out (2.5mm single ended) output, if you have a DA... 
A Serious Subwoofer
Fun weekend project  
like Jubilees only much smaller... like standmount or towers
Danley SH50 - smaller than jubilees, horn clarity & sensitivity and constant directivity 37Hz-24KHz @ -10dB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuUFmJ2etI4 There are a used pair on Reverb right now for ~$4500. Getting down to 20Hz, you might ne... 
Klipsch Jubilee & Klipschorn Experience
@ditusa @phusis @mrdecibel @johnk : ...Loving this discussion and hope to hear the new jubes at some point soon.  Do you have plans to hear the new Jubilee's? Would love to hear your thoughts on them. @phusis - can expand upon your criticism of t... 
Huge difference in sustain in a single string?
Are you sure the string isn't too low to the fretboard and fretting out? maybe just as an experiment, raise the action on the bridge and try again. Also, try replacing that string, with another, maybe you got a dud...  
Ohio - Over the Rhine
But how does the cassette sound?!! Nice thread. That specific song reminds me of The Delines (2014-present) from Portland, OR, they're excellent.  Check out their song "Calling In." Also, Jason Molina from Lorain Co., OH (mid 90's-2013), he had t... 
Cleveland, OH
Thanks! See you there  
Cleveland, OH
@reubent, not a bad seat in the house. We were front and center 2nd row at the war on drugs concert a month back, and we were so far in we weren’t getting much information from the main line arrays, we were hearing the onstage sound almost equally... 
Cleveland, OH
@reubent Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica is set against the Cuyahoga River in the flats district, you'll regularly have large ship/boat traffic floating by behind the band which makes for a fun background while watching concerts, and usually there is a... 
Cleveland, OH
Sounds good, thanks 2psyop  
Cleveland, OH
Hey 2psyop, I'm available the 17th, and 22nd-24th, we can meet anywhere between Cleveland and Akron.  Nervous Dog in Fairlawn or Stow for coffee? Dinner or alcohol is good with me too, depending on what we ant to do. Thanks for coordinating.