Outlet - Shunyata vs Hubble 20 amp

Trying to decide between these two 20 amp outlets.

Shunyata SR-Z1 is cryogenically treated and built well, cost $100.

Hubble makes a hospital grade outlet HBL 8300 for about $30-$40.

Should I stick with Shunyata since I use their Power cords and cables? Anybody know anything about these outlets?




The Shunyata SR-Z1 is a Hubbell HBL 5362 Extra Heavy Duty Specification grade 20 amp Duplex Receptacle.

Face Nylon
Base PBT
By-Pass Power Contacts .036". (.9) Brass
Ground Contacts .031 in. (.8) Brass
Clamping Plate Nickel plated brass
Terminal Screws Plated brass
Mounting Strap .050 in. (1.3) Brass
Automatic Self-grounding Clip Stainless steel
Mounting Screws Zinc plated steel



Shunyata - SR-Z1 AC Outlet - Music Direct


Hubbell makes a hospital grade outlet HBL 8300 for about $30-$40.

  Hubbell HBL 8300 20 amp Hospital Grade outlets  built in resent years are not good for the sound of audio equipment.

Specs for the deep body outlet:

Wiring HBL8300 Specification Sheet

Note: Contacts and supporting back strap are nickle plated. Both can cause graininess in the sound.

Slender/Compact design Hubbell 8300 hospital grade outlet.




Same problem. Nickel plated brass contacts.



So because of the nickel plating which causes graininess, The shunyata outlet made by Hubble it’s not very good. Heavy duty Hubble version it's only $30!!!

Very disappointing Shunyata would do this.

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Hubbel is same as shunyata, so I'm not sure why it's different.


Where is the maestro outlet from, this sounds like it's better.

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Is the outlet from shunyata nickel plated?

They don’t say on their website, it’s very limited they only say brass.

Seems like the same product as Hubble, except they stick it in the freezer for a few days.


I use and like these Hubbell 5362 outlets. Very natural midrange to my ears. 

I would like to hear the Shunyata Copperconn which is available through dealers but are very expensive at $300 or more per duplex.


The current manufacture 8300 Hubbell is apparently not as good as the 5362.

Is this isolated grounding what's the model number ? I read above the nickel plating is not a good idea

Is this isolated grounding what's the model number ?

No. Model number Catalog ID:  HBL8300WMRI


shouldn’t it be isolated, that is grounded back to the panel ...

If we’re talking about power in the US, an isolated ground is bonded to the service panel’s (load center) ground bus bar, or to the sub panel's ground bus bar.

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onlinecomponents.com - Octopart

Go to page 6:

HBL5362 outlet. Brass contacts. Brass supporting back strap. Not nickel plated...

/ /

Next go to page 8:

HBL8300 Hospital Grade outlet.

Nickel plated contacts.

Nickel plated supporting back strap.

Compare the images of the Hubbell , PS Audio and Shunyata ,

now look at the images of Cardas , Audioquest , Furutech and Oyaide .

I have a PS Audio which I replaced ( moved to the TV ) and moved up to an AudioQuest ( at the time Cardas looked like they used Hubbell , they are different now ) .


@jumia If you want to spend less than $100 per outlet I recommend you purchase porterports from member albertporter assuming he is still selling them.

My routine warning that most audio outlets don't meet NEC guidelines for installation in the home.  These outlets should be tamper resistant (TR).

Hospital grade TR outlets are however easy to find.



I can also personally recommend these hospital grade plugs.  Even with "merely" commercial grade outlets they offer an iron grip.


I purchased the shunyata outlet and was satisfied with the upgrade. I don’t know if it’s better than the Hubbel outlet but it did seem to have a positive impact on sound and it wasn’t insanely expensive.



Not a good choice, imo.

From the specs:

Line Contacts: Nickel Plated Phosphor Bronze

Strap Material: Nickel Plated Steel

^ ^ ^ ^ Ferrous steel Not Good.


/ / / / / /

Better Leviton outlet:




From specs:

Line Contacts: Brass Triple-Wipe
Strap Material: Brass




@jea48  What exactly is the alternative and is it rated for residential use??

Also, nickel plated steel is extra protection against corrosion. 


@erik_squires Said:

What exactly is the alternative and is it rated for residential use??

Yes it meets, exceeds, NEC requirements.

Constructional Feature: Impact Resistant, Tamper Resistant


Also, nickel plated steel is extra protection against corrosion.

Not good for feeding audio equipment.



I use both 5362 and 8300.

Two 5362's in wall and 8300's in my power conditioners.

They were all manufactured 20+ years ago.

When trying them in wall the 5362 was slightly richer sounding with the 8300 sounding a little lighter/brighter.

I use the 8300's in my power conditioners which are fed by the 5362.

I purchased a bunch (24 I think) of the 8300's as used pulls for $30/shipped which is partly why I went with them.

Back then the 5362 retailed for <$20, but you could find them for <$8 at electrical supply houses.

There were also different versions of the 8300 with some being plated brass and some being plain brass (some of those in my bulk purchase were plated).

I used the plain version for HiFi.

I'll add that in my city using 20 amp units in a 15 amp system is against code.




The hubbel outlets are plated in nickel.  Isn't this a really really bad thing?

It's all about the metal bridging the wire to the Metal touching the plug.  It's not rocket science people.

The alloy should probably be beryllium copper, and the coating is left to the imagination who's selling it. And then they stretch it by saying Its dipped in liquid nitrogen and they call it Cryo.

So that's it, and leave extra space around the metal so it stays cool.

It's not rocket science people.

Most of my 8300's are not plated (there were different versions).

Pretty certain the 5362's are not plated, but not 100% sure.

Also, as mentioned, mine were purchased 20 years ago.

The plain 8300's may have a letter following the #, but I can't locate the box of extra's to check.



If it’s brass, it’s ass.  +1 Maestro, Furutech, Porter Ports.  Enjoy the Music did a shootout of several outlets years ago and Maestro did very well if I recall and was less expensive than other top outlets (Oyaide, etc.) so might be worth searching that review out.  Best of luck. 

I read the shunyata company description and they do not say what metals are being used in their outlets. They say solid brass. That’s it

Is this copper is this beryllium is the silver why don’t they say??

I think they use straight stock outlets from Hubble. Very very misleading

Maestro only being sold by one place in the US. This does not paint a favorable picture of this outlet.

@dekay said:

I use both 5362 and 8300.

Two 5362’s in wall and 8300’s in my power conditioners.

They were all manufactured 20+ years ago.

The HBL5362 Extra Heavy duty industrial deep Body outlets are still the same.


The 8300 20A hospital grade Deep Body outlets are not, as I describe above in various posts. And worse Hubbell makes an even cheaper 8300H hospital grade outlet that uses a galvanized steel supporting back strap. Any one buying Hubbell outlets today really needs to do their home work. AND DON"T assume the picture shown is what you are buying...

They were all manufactured 20+ years ago.

When trying them in wall the 5362 was slightly richer sounding with the 8300 sounding a little lighter/brighter.

A lot of audiophiles posted HBL5362 Deep Body outlets had a slightly warmer sound to them. As for the 8300 hospital grade outlet the ones I used had a neutral sound to them.

20 years ago Hubbell was manufacturing two types of 8200/8300 hospital grade outlets.

The Deep Body HBL8300 and the Slender/Compact body HBL8300H. Just going from memory the Deep Body HBL8300 hospital grade outlet used nickel plating on the brass supporting back strap as well on the brass contacts. Imo, and others, the outlet sounded a little grainy which probably sounded bright.

The Slender/Compact body HBL8300H Hospital Grade outlet did not use nickel plating on the brass supporting back strap nor nickel plating on the brass contacts.

I tried both and the Slender/Compact HBL8300H hospital grade outlet won hands down.

The HBL8300H hospital grade outlet is the outlet that Albert Porter used in his Porter Ports until Hubbell stopped making the non nickel plated outlet version.

Scroll down to page 10. Page 10 is a picture of the old, (no longer made), Slender/Compact HBL8300H outlet. Is this the hospital grade outlet you use/used?


I find it odd Hubbell still shows the old HBL8300H outlet but when you look at the current Compact 8300H hospital grade outlet you can see the supporting back strap is not unplated brass.

Here is the current Compact design HBL8300H hospital grade outlet:

Here is the spec sheet. Notice the supporting back strap is galvanized steel.




Here's are pics of a Porterport using a Hubbell 8300HI (per the ad).

I recall that Albert also used 5262 & 5362 as a base for the Porterport. 

Beryllium is typically used in small quantities to enhance/strengthen copper (it's extremely toxic when allowed to "float" around).

Yes, enhanced/stronger copper would "seem" to be ideal, but I've never listened to an outlet using such.




There are few Audiogon members whose opinion I respect as much as @jea48.

As I have posted on other threads, you can do what you want.

But, when you post here, asking for information/opinions, I often see many not accepting the opinions of those who have validated/invalidated the specs/design of the equipment that was being questioned.

So, again, do as you wish. Disregard what others have posted..

But, hey, we tried to warn you.



Great info, thanks.

As the OP just brought up copper content I recall that the early 5262 and/or 5263 used a high percentage of copper in the brass used.

This said, many things have changed since then (so many design/material changes).

Tried researching old posts on the mentioned receptacles (I was involved in a few of them), but it’s way too much reading for me.

Need to save my good eye for watching TV and maybe driving the car.



The $30 Hubble plugs are ok, I had a PASS & SEYMOUR hospital grade plug and the sound was decent. I bought a Cardas Audio 4181US plug for $187 CDN and was surprised at how much better the sound was overall. 

@dekay said:

I recall that Albert also used 5262 & 5362 as a base for the Porterport. 

Ya, I recall after Hubbell changed the HBL8300H Hospital Grade outlet Albert had to find something else that sounded as good. He ended using the Hubbell Slender/Compact body IG5362 outlet. There were threads on AA from members stating the IG5362 was a good sounding outlet that sounded the same as the HBL8300H outlet. I tried one and I couldn't hear any difference between the two. You can still buy the Slender/Compact body Hubbell IG5362 pretty cheap on eBay. Just wire the outlet as regular non IG grounding type outlet.

Example of the Slender/Compact body Hubbell IG5362 duplex receptacle:






Not this one though... The photo shows the supporting back strap is galvanized steel... Look at the box. It's not a Hubbell, it's a Pass & Seymour.




I purchased a TOTL P&S orange outlet back then (maybe $20+ years ago) and it sucked for HiFi use.

I gave it to a neighbor to use in his cellar located wood shop.

This thread has been a positive mental exorcise for me as I have not thought of these particulars for years.

Thanks jumia.


This thread is getting really confusing and the hospital grade Hubbel outlets contain nickel plating. Nickel plating it’s not used by audio grade outlets.

higher end outlet sellers don’t use nickel and say negative things about it. So anything to do with Hubble it’s not a good idea unless you like to look at stars and galaxies and things really really far away.

@jea48 has it right. Albert had to go to a different outlet, still custom ordered, I got some of the last of them in gray (use red nylon cover plates that were like .99 cents), I think it got to a point where it wasn’t worth the trouble to Albert.

I’m hoping to see him in a few days; we’ve known each other a pretty long time and though I’ve been in Texas now 10 years, we haven’t met. Mea Culpa. I’m fixin to rectify that shortly. Albert is a good guy.

Have fun.


The link to Take Five Audio seems to have what you may be looking for, just confirm that it is as pictured.

I've purchased from them before and my only comment is that shipping was fairly high, but in these times I really don't care about such as I prefer to not go out locally to shop aside from food/meds (delivery is a good thing for now).

If you instead want to spend hundreds on a receptacle - fine - I don't have a problem with that.