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Power Cord for Accuphase Amplifier
I like WireWorld Power cables, silver electra 7 with reference ends. They give me the sound i am looking for.  
Wish to Upgrade Phono Stage and Cart
I have a Goldring Ethos SE cart. For $2500.00 it is an amazing cart. I have a Goldring Eroica XL cart on my P3. It is a great pairing. As for phono stages, I Have a Saturn Audio on my main system with a Marantz clear audio table, and the basement ... 
Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable
Speaker cables can make or break a system. My main system, i have Dynaudio Speakers and Sugden Amps. I found that WireWorld is a great pairing for that equipment. My Second system in the basement, I am running Another Sugden amp, with PMC Twenty5.... 
Dedicated mains supply unexpected result
It is not your imagination. My system sounded bolder and more pronounced, after I ran a dedicated 20 amp CCT  
Looking for a line conditioner
I bought a Saturn Audio 103C power conditioner. I opened it up, and there are 3 boards full of capacitors. 6 plugs and #14 awg wire. Out of the box it was incredible, zero noise, enhanced soundstage everything sounded richer and bolder. So I bough... 
PMC Twenty5.22i
After listening for a while, I noticed how nice and rich the tone is, it is not thin at all, the tweeters are not fatiguing. These are an amazing speaker, I wish they were available when I was first looking for speakers.  
SS Amp Choices
The Kinki studio EX-M1 is an amazing amp. Worth looking into, I had one for a short time, I should have kept it.  
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
My First experience with power cords was back in the early 90's Being in the electrical field I was sceptical at the same time open minded because all wire is not created equally. The Store had the exact same system as mine, Amp speakers and CD pl... 
New Synergistic Master Fuse
I am done with fuses, stopped at the Orange ones.  
Dedicated mains supply unexpected result
As an Electrician, I can say cable size increases with the demand on a new house service. The old houses were 70 amp, then the standard was 100 amp, now we are at 200 amp.That is a lot of load, at the same time the houses are becoming mansions and... 
I need a recommendation on Class D amp
Look at Bel Canto they make great Class d amps.  
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
Find yourself a dealer selling one year old demo gear, it usually goes for 50% I got my Dynaudio confidence 30 speakers for half of retail asking.   
New phono stage arrived
I have it for sale, I just want it out of my life. Pretty much seems to me it was hyped up and not all that good to begin with.  
New phono stage arrived
New phono stage arrived
I have good equipment on this system, and cables etc. The room is treated. This components just doesn’t pair with my cartridge and system . The new phono stage is twice the unit at half the cost and size. The sound from the Charisma box is incredi...