Oregon Audiophiles...

How many Oregonians are there here on Audiogon?
Hi there! Dave here in the Portland area. Just moving
out of Adcom separates into McIntosh separates.
Hififile here....Salem Oregon.

I make a hifi product that is stereophile recommended, and Love great hifi gear both new and classic/vintage!
Let's start one. I have a number of audiophile freinds that would love to participate as well.

Please contact me through email, with your name and number, and I will be happy to set it up.


I live in Cornelius, OR, between Hillsboro and Forest Grove. I run four or five different systems in my house at any given time.

Please count me as one of the audiophiles.

In case anybody is interested a Portland, Oregon group will most likely be formed. More details here:
Corvallis here --- anyone in my area these days ? If so you can send me an E-mail....
The first meeting of the Portland Audiophile Society will be at 10:00 AM on Saturday August 21st. Rangers Audio will be hosting. See website www.rangersaudio.com for details and directions.
Did you ever get a club started? I would be interested to correspond with you, I am the president of Pacific Northwest Audio Society in Seattle (audiosociety.org) we meet once a month on Mercer Island, maybe I can give you some pointers.
Ah the lonely world of Audiophilia. My co workers don't understand, my wife pities me (just kidding). I live in Albany, Oregon home of no respectable audio stores. I lived in Corvallis for 21 yrs where there is only one credible audio store (I do not consider an audio store with car stereo junk and decibel contests credible). We only had Northwest Audio Labs and it's proprietor Jim Ott. Jim is a true audiophile and gentleman. Unfortunately due to the the size of his store he can only carry a couple of brands NAD, Marantz, Paradigm, and Boston Acoustics. 40 miles to the south in Eugene is Bradford's Home Entertainment whose proprietors Geoff and Tim are great to work with and they have a great range of products from Vandersteen to Magnepan, form Musical Fidelity and Creek to Denon and Marantz, as well as Rotel, Paradigm, and B&W. It's a great store. 80 miles north is Portland and several great stores but my personal fave is stereotypes they are laid back and thaey have great equipment. Anyway it would be graet to have a local audio club. Anyone interested!
Good sounding stereo is alive in Medford - at least in my house.

20 years ago I lived in Southern California and had the very fortunate opportunity to participate in an audio club which counted among it's members Albert von Schweikert. At that time he would trundle his hand-made 'experimental' loudspeakers to the various members homes. His home-brewed devices sounded superior to any of the high-end loudspeakers which could be audioned in the high-end rooms around the Claremont area. His loudspeakers sounded like live music. Remarkable.

Any Medford-area stereophiles 'out there'?

Cody Grayland
Live in Albany.......guess that makes 2, hey! Have done much business with Jim @ NWAL and also Stereotypes up in Portland. When first getting into high end audio 25 years ago, I spent most of my time at Corner Audio (Joe Weber). Might be interested in some kind of get togethers.

live in the Portland area and would be interested in joining a club. Where is stereotype? I have been hanging around echohifi in Portland
Live in Albany have been doin' business with Jim at NWAL for 20 yrs, also Bradford's in Eugene and Stereotypes in Portland (gotta love Teri). I too would be interested in get togethers.
SE Portland. It would be nice to meet people that have audio as a common ground.
Eugene based Superphon Inc. Is offering private auditions of thier new product line if you are interested contact Chuck Jones. 541-579-1374 I would also be willing to bring our products to your club meeting if you chose to invite us.
HI, I would like to connect with some audiophiles in the Portland, Or. area. My audio pasion are tubes because I find them magical in both sound reproduction and in collecting them, not to mention the fun of "tube rolling". I use two large and highly modifed Altec Lansing theatre amps that put out around 150w of DHT Triode in P-P mode. They are great match with my Coincident speakers.

So, if this sound familar and there are more people here in town and would like to get together to pass along thier experiences or like to trade,etc. Then drop me a line.

Well there are a few of us in the valley. I have been into audio for 32 years. I don't have a high end system but it does a great job of conveying my music in a way that I can feel it.

Art in Albany
Any stereo enthusiasts in the Medford area? Or, is it just me and the crickets?

There is a club that just got underway last month in Medford, Oregon that's meeting monthly, so if you're in the vicinity, shoot me an e-mail.

Gary (Ashland)
We have a very active audio club in Seattle, you can get on our newsletter distribution list if you contact me. there are samples on line. You can find us on the web.
Jerry, President of
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
I'm interested in a Portland Club or maybe "listening Parties". I was a member of the Seattle club several years ago and it was fun. It's fun to listen to your music on other systems, and it's fun to listen to other people's musical picks. I'd like to do that here in Portland. Please contact me.
Hey from out in Sandyland.
I have long thought about getting together with people in the area and would welcome the chance to see other's rigs. I am always up for some good tunes.
E-mail me please!
email me too and maybe we can have a system setup party, would appreciate any help in setting up my system
I would be very interested in participating in an audio club for the Portland area, you can send me an email through here if anything begins to materialize.
Sorry it has taken so long to respond. I was out for a while recovering from minor knee surgery.

I contacted a couple of people in the area about this with sparse results.
One fellow and I have traded visits and another communicated via e-mail for a while but haven't heard from him lately.
Where are you located?
I am in the Sandy area.
I would look forward to mutual listening sessions.

I have had the curse/pleasure of being an audiophile for 35+ years.

Cary SLI-80 tube integrated amp
McIntosh 7270
Martin Logan Aeon I speakers
Pioneer Elite DVD/CD
Music Hall MMF-7 turntable with Project Tube Box pre-amp
AKG 701 headphones
Contact me at: mvflores@jps.net

Our group, audiofoos of Portland, would like to be invited to new, prospective members' homes as an introduction. There would only be 2 folks from the group. This is just to get to know you.
Then we'd like to have you join us for listening sessions at our homes which happen once a month or so.
If this is acceptable to anyone in the Portland area, please shoot me an email.
Happy listening.
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Hi from Chris Chris in Portland. I'd love to meet other audiophiles in the area!
I would enjoy getting together to listen to each others systems.
I have been in sporadic contact with a few others in the past but not recently.
Art in Albany still interested in meeting Oregon audio folk! I have met some from Audiokarma and Ecoustics...step up Agon!