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Top 3 BT Earbuds??
Jabra Elite Active 85 or 75, great seal and these are highly sweat resistant. I’m 3 years using mine on a daily basis and no issues.   
Turntable Isolation
Another thumbs up for the Townshend platforms. The Symposium Segue ISO shelf was the one that finally eliminated footfall issues for my Xerxes tt and eventually led me to Townshend. My next purchase was the Townshend  Podiums for my speakers and w... 
How best to arrange cables in this room...
If it was me, I would move my listening chair to near the fireplace! On the uneven cables, my bedroom system’s speaker cables are unequal by about 6’ and I hear no effects.   
Nice vintage $2k Turntable, cartridge, and phono stage
If you are in the Oregon area I have an original Xerxes table listed on US Audiomart that May interest you.       
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
Late entry: Still using TG Audio HSR speaker cables, SLVR pc and High Purity i/c’s.   
Interesting videos about sounds and music
  Not sure if I posted this link correctly but the story is called “Story of deaf audiophile Bob Lichtenberg”.    
Power Regen/Conditioner for single Amp
I use Jena Labs Model One on my cdp.   
Vinyl Lovers
Occasionally after VPI cleaning I have encountered a skip and after close inspection was able to remove a stubborn spec of debris carefully using a sharp plastic toothpick or similar.   
Most amusing album or song titles
“You Can’t Beat Your Brain For Entertainment” - Stretch   
Speaker platform
I have and love the Townshend Podiums, but I also love TAOC products and they make isolation platforms specifically for under loudspeakers.  
Occasional Sound Imbalance Issue
Hey, great to see you found the culprit. Just revisiting this thread after a couple months.  
Your thoughts on wireless iem's
Have not heard many others but love my Jabra earbuds and use them every day for cycling. I wore foam earplugs at work for over 40 years and so maybe I am more tolerant of the “in ear” type.  
Townshend Podiums
Maybe a little wax on the gliders before you install them would help.   
Townshend Podiums
Personally, think it’s a good idea and if I ever feel the need to reposition mine then this is the plan. Nice to see someone has done this already, with success.   
Has anyone heard the SimAudio 650D?
Have used my 650D for 6 or 7 years now. Previously ran a Simaudio Nova cdp for about 10 yrs. The 650D blew away the Nova. Not even close.