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Oregon Audiophiles...
Hi, I live in Cottage Grove, count me as an Oregon audiophile 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
whiskey Makers Mark or beer Bombay bomber from the Steelhead brewpub 
Best bargain find ever ?
Almst forgot this, While walking the dog one day I spotted a older Kenwood integrated amplifier in someones trash can.Was in nice shape, figured it was DOA but took it home anyway and It worked perfectly. Took it to a local used audio shop and sol... 
High End Equipment Security and Insurance???
I got robbed blind stole my whole system except my jbl s410 tower speakers. They even took all my food, laundry soap and toilet paper. My system was only 6 months old and all I got back was 1 vcr, a 27" tv and a 30 year old Kenwood integrated amp. 
Best bargain find ever ?
Hafler DH100 preamp 50$ at a yard sale and he threw in 3 pairs of 15 foot canare wire custom Interconnects. All are in use now.