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Help with fatiguing sound in my PC system
There are so many variables. Impossible to say exactly what your problem is. However, in my experience, I've found the connection between the computer and the dac is a big deal. A poor connection equals jitter. Jitter equals fatiguing sound. I use... 
Which USB Cable?
I tried many and felt that ridge street audio offered the best for my system. He has a trial period so you can return if you don't like. 
audiophilleo 2
I've been leery of the off ramp bc (it seems) every message board I go to re: computer audio Steve is pushing his products under the guise of objective advice. It just gets so annoying. But I imagine it's probably a good product. I will say that t... 
audiophilleo 2
I preferred the ap2 to the hi face. I use the ap2 in my current set up. 
all about pc and audio thoughts ...
I think Decible is the best player for Mac. 
What Power Cord can improve clarity and bass slam?
I added reality cables to my system and they improved both. For what it's worth. 
Power Cables - Which component first?
No way to know unless you try. For me it was dac and CPU and then amp. The preamp he'd the least effect. If I only had one cord it would probably go on dac. 
Does the Quality of the USB cable matter?
I just got done auditioning USB cables. I always noticed a difference between cables. A couple were worse than stock. System synergy. But the rsad cabling made a huge positive impact. You're system has to be resolving enough, and the cabling has t... 
Best USB cable +/- $500
I tried a few cables. Then demoed a ridge street audio USB. It was and is awesome. There is a trial period so you can return if you don't like. 
Glass v.s. Plastic Toslink
Glass is definitely better. 
Your jaw dropping cables
I replaced the stock pc on my Mac mini. Just screwing around. Used an adapter and put an after market cable on it. Made a huge positive difference. It makes no sense. But it's true. 
Which Cables Are of Most Importance?
System dependant. However, for me: 1. Power (by far), 2. Interconnect, 3. Speaker. 
Warm Interconnect....
I found reality cables to be warm and detailed with great tonality. 
What Product Did You Overspend On?
a couple of eight gauge inductors from North Creek Music. 
If you could bring back one great artist that has
there are so many, but I'll say Jeff Buckley. and, i'll also say jimi hendrix too. I could go on. and on.