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Where I can find acoustically clear foam?
Great idea! Thank you. 
Best Frank Zappa┬┤s Recordings
Many don't know it, but classical music was Frank's first love. If you want to understand the man, listen to " The Barking Pumkin Overture". 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
You are so right! If you look at Horowitz, you can't help but wonder how such a little man produced such enormous sounds from the piano. The Deutsche Grammaphone recording does a fine job of capturing this live performance. 
Oregon Audiophiles...
Hi,I live in Cornelius, OR, between Hillsboro and Forest Grove. I run four or five different systems in my house at any given time.Please count me as one of the audiophiles.Mark 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Paul Machlis has several CD's out with world class fiddler Alasdair Fraser, and a few solo recordings. The Bright Field and The Magic Horse are the two most memorable solo efforts. For traditional Scottish music, check out the team's two titles; T... 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Have you tried Pail Machlis? He is a scottish Pianist who freaquently plays with Alasdair Fraser. I think his best album is "The Bright Field". The baby grand piano he plays has a unique and prononced tonality to it. 
Best female vocals on CD
Connie Dover is the most under appreciated female artist of our time. She has four albums out. Her musical style includes Scottish, Irish, and early American music.I recommend you try the title "Somebody" and pay attention to her rendition of "Can... 
Impulsive audio purchase
You are not alone. Once in a while my sensibilities take a vacation and I bid on an auction that looks like it might be a good deal. I have hit some real winners (Linn Index Monitors), and a few pieces of **** (AMC amp). Don't give up, most people... 
High End and Classical Music
Many of the audiophiles I know are like myself, they have a wide range of tastes. I truly love fine classical such as, Mozart, Dvorak, and my favorite, Banntok. However, I also invest time listening to Lionel Hampton, John Lee Hooker, la Vienta, B... 
Buying "Sound Unheard"
For more than 20 years I lived in the mountains of southern Oregon. Curcumstances dictated that I buy equipment on faith. BIG MISTAKE! Have you ever heard an AMC amp? Don't fall for the sales fluff like I did. Take my advice and listen before you ... 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
I started in the wood products industry about 25 years ago. The equipment used produces high noise levels and while I am religous about hearing protection, I started to crave beautiful music after being exposed to this sound. Over the years, my cr... 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
A lot has to do with marketing. Discount stereo stores, top 40 radio stations, and movie theaters all promote the myth that volume equals quality. As audiophiles can tell you, any idiot can make a loud noise, but it is beautiful sound that people ...